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Note NI10563 :

Individuals : Jamison Margaret


Note NI10564 :

Individuals : Jamison Sarah


Note NI10565 :

Individuals : Jamison Wesley


Note NI10566 :

Individuals : Ward Elizabeth


Note NI10567 :

Individuals : Ward Rebecca


Note NI10568 :

Individuals : Helton Sophonia


Note NI10569 :

Individuals : Lockhart Susannah


Note NI10570 :

Individuals : Banks Prather


Note NI10571 :

Individuals : Hunt Loda Eugene


Note NI10572 :

Individuals : Barr Alexander


Note NI10573 :

Individuals : Andrews Nancy


Note NI10574 :

Individuals : Andrews Mary


Note NI10575 :

Individuals : Andrews Martha


Note NI10576 :

Individuals : Davenport Alice


Note NI10578 :

Individuals : Andrews Louis


Note NI10579 :

Individuals : Andrews Mae


Note NI10580 :

Individuals : Cook


Note NI10582 :

Individuals : Andrews Louella


Note NI10585 :

Individuals : Andrews Barbara Nelle


Note NI10586 :

Individuals : Nelle


Note NI10587 :

Individuals : Andrews Brenda Gail


Note NI10588 :

Individuals : Brooks Oliver 'Ollie'


Note NI10589 :

Individuals : Trisdale Janice


Note NI10590 :

Individuals : Jameson Samuel
May be Samuel Jamison since Thomas Allen was also spelled incorrectly as well.
No connect with Thomas Allen Jamison however this marriage record givenhere for reference.
venhere for reference.
Rutherford Co. Archives Marriage Index
Marriages 1804-1850
"Jameson, Samuel Brothers, Elizabeth Dec 9, 1837 Blank no no Brothers, John "


Note NI10591 :

Individuals : Jameson Sarah


Note NI10592 :

Individuals : Boyd Hugh Caswell


Note NI10593 :

Individuals : Brothers Elizabeth


Note NI10594 :

Individuals : Jamison James William
James William Jamison (shown as Jameson in marriage records)
Rutherford Co., TN
Coleman Cemetery, Rutherford Co., TN
Murfreesboro, TN
freesboro, TN
Estate of J W Jamison
Deposition of one of the distributes, Mrs. Mary Pitts, which is as follows:
Direct Examination
By Mr. C. C. Jackson:
Q. When did J. W. Jamison die?
A. In January, 1937
Q. Did he or his wife first.
A. His wife died first,
Q. Did he and his wife every have any children?
A. No.
Q. Did he have any brothers and sisters? If so, name them?
A. He had one brother named Johnnie, who died before he did, and his brother left no children . He had two sisters, Levina, who married a Sloan and who died several years before he did, and who left six children:William Sloan, who lives in Rutherford County; Nanie Hunter who has a Sloan out married a Hunter, who lives in Davidson County; Mary Pitts, who was a Sloan but married a Harnish, Boo Sloan, who lives in Indiana; Jim Sloan, who lives in Rutherford, and Sallie Harnish, who was a Sloan but married a Harnish, lives in Davidson County. His other sister, whomarried a Jones, Lizzie Jones, died several years ago and left one child, Othel Jones , but I do not know his whereabouts or where he is and have not heard anything from him, or know anything about him for a least fourteen years, and where he is none of his folks know. Whether he is living or whether he is dead, we do not know. However, he married, but he never had any children and he and his wife separated and his now remarried again. The last I ever heard from him he was living in Detroit, Michigan.
Signed: Mrs. Ross Pitts
Subscribed and sworn to before me,
this 19th day July, 1939.
e separated and his now
Siblings: Johnnie, Levina & Lizzie
J. P. Leathers, County Court Clerk
ONC Detroit, Michigan.
After payment of the court cost same should be distributed as follows:
sworn to before me,
Othel Jones one-half; William Sloan, Bob Sloan, Jim Sloan, Nannie Hunter, Mary Pitts and Sallie Harnish, one-twelfth each, and the said T.A. Jamison, Administrator, this day paid into my hands, as clerk the sumof $562.27.
I report that this all of the money or assets of said deceased's estate that went into the administrator's hands or should have gone into his hands by due diligence and has been given all just credits as such administrator.
J. P. Leathers, Clerk
of the money or assets of said deceased's
CONC estate that went into the administrator's hands or should have gone into
Name: James William Jamison
Event: Death
Event Date: 24 Jan 1937
Event Place: Murfreesboro, Rutherford, Tennessee
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Widowed
Race or Color: White
Age: 79
Birth Date: 01 Nov 1857
Birthplace: Rutherford Co., Tn
Spouse: Hanner Jane Bowling Jamison
Father: J. W. Jamison
Father's Birthplace: Rutherford Co., Tn
Mother: Sallie Coleman
Mother's Birthplace: Rutherford Co., Tn
Occupation: Farmer
Cemetery: Coleman
Burial Date: 25 Jan 1937
Digital Folder Number: 4183412
Image Number: 1567
Film Number: 1876846
Volume/Page/Certificate Number: cn 1527


Note NI10595 :

Individuals : Bowling Hannah Jane
Coleman Cemetery, Rutherford Co., TN
Rutherford Co., TN
Residence: 2 miles-Lascassas Road
Age: 87
1 CONT Age: 87
Name: Hanner Jane Bowling Jamison
Event: Death
Event Date: 29 Jun 1936
Event Place: Murfreesboro, Rutherford, Tennessee
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married
Race or Color: White
Age: 87
Estimated Birth Year:
Birth Date: 11 Nov 1848
Birthplace: Rutherford Co., Tenn.
Spouse: J. W. Jamison
Father: James Bowling
Father's Birthplace: Tennessee
Mother: Rebecca Herrod
Mother's Birthplace: Tennessee
Occupation: Housekeeper
Street Address: 2 miles-Lascassas Road
Cemetery: Coleman'S
Burial Date: 30 Jun 1936
Digital Folder Number: 4184448
Image Number: 876
Film Number: 1876840
Volume/Page/Certificate Number: cn 15868


Note NI10596 :

Individuals : Jamison Jack
No relationship to Thomas Allen Jamison family established, however,entered her as a record o f Jamison marriages in Rutherford Co., TN


Note NI10597 :

Individuals : Voss Lizzie Watkins


Note NI10598 :

Individuals : Jamison James H.


Note NI10599 :

Individuals : Ivie P. J.


Note NI10600 :

Individuals : Jamison Milton F.
No relationship established with Thomas Allen Jamison family but includedhere for reference.


Note NI10601 :

Individuals : Brown Labanna


Note NI10602 :

Individuals : Jamison Abe


Note NI10603 :

Individuals : Keeton Polly


Note NI10604 :

Individuals : Pitts Blaney
Not sure about Benjamin, John & Mary being Blaney's children.
In 1860 Blaney & Ellen were living in Freeburg Twp., St. Clair Co., IL.By 1870 Blaney & Elle n had moved near Centralia, Marion Co., IL.
ralia, Marion Co., IL.
Blaney Pitts is the oldest Pitts identified in WFT Vol. 11 #2752.


Note NI10605 :

Individuals : Carter Susan


Note NI10606 :

Individuals : Jamison William


Note NI10607 :

Individuals : Atkins Mollie


Note NI10608 :

Individuals : Boyd Kimberly


Note NI10609 :

Individuals : Daniels Bobbie


Note NI10610 :

Individuals : Pitts Anderson
No doubt related to Anderson Pitts and Pitts family


Note NI10611 :

Individuals : Lance Martha J.


Note NI10612 :

Individuals : Pitts B. M.


Note NI10613 :

Individuals : Zumbro Katie


Note NI10615 :

Individuals : Pitts J. R.


Note NI10616 :

Individuals : Helton Lizzie


Note NI10617 :

Individuals : Owen Ana


Note NI10618 :

Individuals : Pitts John


Note NI10619 :

Individuals : Freeman Susan


Note NI10622 :

Individuals : Boyd Anderson


Note NI10623 :

Individuals : Miles Mary Jane


Note NI10624 :

Individuals : Boyd James A.


Note NI10625 :

Individuals : Lusk Jack Sherwood
Blanton's Chapel Cemetery, Coffee County, Tn.


Note NI10626 :

Individuals : Farmer Joshua Benjamin
Joshua B. Farmer
United States Civil War Soldiers Index
Name Joshua B. Farmer
Event Type Military Service
Military Beginning Rank Private
Military Final Rank Private
Military Side Confederate
State or Military Term Texas
Military Unit 16th Regiment, Texas Cavalry (Fitzhugh's)
Military Company H
CENSUS: 1850 McNairy Co. TN, Eleventh District, p. 114B, ln 16, family 1592, 28th Nov. 1850.
Joshua FARMER head 25 M, farmer, b. TN, cannot RorW; NC; Harriet 21 F b. TN.
T Joshua FARMER head 25 M, farmer, b. TN, cannot RorW; NC; Harriet 21 F b.
CENSUS: 1860 Collin Co. TX; Plano Township; p. 65 line 25.
J.B. FARMER head, 33 M b. TN farmer $300 real property; Harriet 33 F b. TN; Elizabeth 10 F b. TN; Sarah 7 F b. TN; Eliza 5 F b. TN; Mary 1 F b. TX.
F b. TN; Eliza 5 F b. TN; Mary 1 F b.
CENSUS: 1870 Collin Co. TX; Plano; p. 484 line 33 family 312.
Joshua FARMER head, 41 M b. TN, farmer $1500 real property; Harriet 41 F b. TN; Eliza 14 F b. TN, in school; Mary 12 F b. TX, in school; Joshua L. 4 M b. TX; John 3 M b. TX; Alice 8/12 F b. TX.
Notes: Leroy FARMER family 130, Mark L. MORRIS family 136, Jessee FARMER family 144.
y 130, Mark L. MORRIS family 136, Jessee FARMER
CENSUS: 1880 Census Hill Co., TX, Precinct 1, page 305D, line 48, dwelling 380, family 398. Enumerated 29 June.
Farmer, J. B. , W M, 56, head, married, farmer, born TN, father born SC, mother born SC; Harriet, W F, 52, wife, married, born born TN, father born SC, mother born SC; Eliza, W F, 22, daughter, single, born TN, father born TN, mother born TN; Mollie, W F, 21,daughter, single, born TN, father born TN, mother born TN; Lindsey, W f, 17, son, single, born TN, father born TN, mother born TN; John A. W M, 13, single, born TN, father born TN, mother born TN; Martha, W F, 10, daughter, single, born TN, father born TN, mother born TN; George L. , W M, 8, single, born TN, father born TN, mother born TN.
ingle, born
CENSUS: 1900 Census Hill Co., TX, Justice Precinct 1, page 1B, line 86, dwelling 17, family 18. Enumerated 1 June.
Farmer, Joshua head, W M, born Jan 1925, 75, married 53 years, born TN, father born SC, mother born SC, farmer; Harried R. wife, W F, born Jan 1829, 71, married 53 years, mother of 9 children, 6 living, born TN, father born SC, mother born SC.


Note NI10627 :

Individuals : Boyd James H.


Note NI10628 :

Individuals : Witherspoon Fanny


Note NI10629 :

Individuals : Helton Abram H.
Assumed to be Abram Helton and wife Rebecca L. Williams.


Note NI10630 :

Individuals : Boyd Mack


Note NI10631 :

Individuals : Summars Dorinda


Note NI10632 :

Individuals : Boyd William H.


Note NI10633 :

Individuals : McKnight Isabella M.


Note NI10636 :

Individuals : Parker I. S.


Note NI10637 :

Individuals : Bowen James Clyde
Wards Grove Cemetery, Rutherford County, Tn.


Note NI10638 :

Individuals : Jamison Sarah E.
Evergreen Cemetery, Rutherford Co., TN
Sarah E. Jamison wife of James E. Bragg, 1871-1951


Note NI10639 :

Individuals : Miller C. H.
"Tennessee State Marriage Index, 1780-2002," database, FamilySearch ( : 4 December 2014), G H Miller and Tennie Jamison, 23 Jan 1879; from "Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002," database and images, Ancestry ( : 2008); citing p. 312, Rutherford, Tennessee, United States, Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, Tennessee.


Note NI10640 :

Individuals : Jamison Tennie


Note NI10641 :

Individuals : Helton Joshia


Note NI10642 :

Individuals : Smith Robert
Rutherford Co. Archives Marriage Index
Marriages 1804-1850
Smith, Robert M. Jamison, Mary J. Mar 1, 1841 Mar 4, 1841 yes no


Note NI10643 :

Individuals : Jamison Mary J.


Note NI10644 :

Individuals : Pitts Mary F.


Note NI10645 :

Individuals : Anthony Casper


Note NI10646 :

Individuals : Hill William


Note NI10647 :

Individuals : Pitts Susannah


Note NI10648 :

Individuals : Bowen Will P.


Note NI10649 :

Individuals : Pitts Susie


Note NI10650 :

Individuals : McKnight James L.


Note NI10651 :

Individuals : Word John C.


Note NI10652 :

Individuals : Wade Caroline M.


Note NI10653 :

Individuals : Helton Mary


Note NI10654 :

Individuals : Donnell Samuel


Note NI10655 :

Individuals : Andrews Jane


Note NI10656 :

Individuals : Gammon John Brawner


Note NI10657 :

Individuals : Dickson\Dixon Mary


Note NI10658 :

Individuals : Peeler Isaac


Note NI10659 :

Individuals : Bowling Emma Beatrice


Note NI10660 :

Individuals : Gilkey Mary


Note NI10661 :

Individuals : Peeler Anthony


Note NI10662 :

Individuals : Petty Nancy


Note NI10663 :

Individuals : Peeler Anthony
Information concerning Peeler Family from Sammie Jean Gregory Fairchild.


Note NI10664 :

Individuals : Gregory John Christopher


Note NI10665 :

Individuals : Word Charles Carlos
Possible Wife of Descendent of Charles Word:
Carlos Lee Vaughn WORD
Vaughn WORD
May 7, 2000
Nashville, TN
Passed from this earthly life Sunday, May 7, 2000.Born January 1,
1970. He leaves to mourn his passing a devoted mother,Maggie Blair;
sister, Kasandra Word; brother, Lawrence Jones; hismuch loved
children, Dametria, Devaughn, Tachiana, Zania,Carlysia, Andre' Word,
Troy Beddingfield; devoted cousin, Michael Word;devoted friends, Juan
Marks, Keith Haddock, Myles Owens. Family visitation6-7 P.M.
Thursday, May 11, 2000, at St. James MissionaryBaptist Church, 600
28th Ave. N. Funeral to follow, Pastor George T.Brooks officiating.
Interment 10 A.M. Friday, May 12, 2000, Hills ofCalvary Cemetery.
Melvin J. Smith, Directors, 615-726-1476.


Note NI10666 :

Individuals : Jamison Ida Louella


Note NI10667 :

Individuals : Helton James


Note NI10668 :

Individuals : Whiteside Almira Tennessee


Note NI10669 :

Individuals : Whiteside Jonathan


Note NI10670 :

Individuals : Bowen Will David


Note NI10671 :

Individuals : Coffey Elizabeth


Note NI10672 :

Individuals : Downs William


Note NI10673 :

Individuals : Gree Rachel


Note NI10674 :

Individuals : Downs Catherine "Kate"


Note NI10675 :

Individuals : Jamison James W.
No know relationship but of interest since Thomas Allen Jamison is saidto be from OH or KY:
om OH or KY:
From: "PPavel"
m: "PPavel"
Pam Pavel
Pam Pavel
James W. Jamison b. about 1828 who married Catherine 'Kate' Downs b.about 1833.. Dates of bir ths based on census records.. I have 7 childrenfor them:
ve 7 childrenfor
John W. Jamison abt. 1854
Alonzo Jamison abt. 1855
Sarah Jamison b. abt. 1856
Edgar B. Jamison b. abt. November 1857
Edwin Jamison b. abt 1862
Olive 'Ollie Jamison b. abt. 1862
James Jamison b. abt. 1866
Ollie Jamison b. abt. 1862
1880 Census La Fayette, Tippecanoe, Indiana
FHL Film 1254314 National Archives Film T9-0314 Page 379C
James Jamison 50 KY Carpenter
Kate Jamison 46 OH Keeping House OH OH
Alonzo Jamison 22 IN Carpenter KY OH
Sarah Jamison 21 IN Dress Maker KY OH
Edgar Jamison 18 IN Grocers Clerk KY OH
Ollie Jamison Dau 17 IN At School KY OH
James Jamison 14 IN At School KY OH

Do you happen to have the place and date of James W. Jamison andCatherine Downs marriage? I a m not a relation of the Jamison or Downfamilies. I just enjoy researching.
the Jamison or Downfamilies. I
From: Adina Watkins Dyer
Subject: [INTIPPEC] Picture of the Jamison brothers
Date: Mon, 04 Mar 2002 13:04:24 -0500
om: Adina Watkins Dyer
I found a Jamieson family in my Downs Family book. Catherine Downs,daughter of William Down s and Rachel Green, married John Jamieson and
they had 6 sons named: John W., Alonzo, Edgar B., Ollie, James and Edwin.These could be the m en in the picture that I uploaded.
1 CONC and


Note NI10676 :

Individuals : Jamison John W.


Note NI10677 :

Individuals : Jamison Alonzo


Note NI10678 :

Individuals : Jamison Edgar B.


Note NI10679 :

Individuals : Green Buford E.
Inscription: Our Darling Baby


Note NI10680 :

Individuals : Jamieson Olive "Ollie"


Note NI10681 :

Individuals : Bowen Mary Linda


Note NI10682 :

Individuals : Jamieson James


Note NI10683 :

Individuals : Jamieson Edwin


Note NI10684 :

Individuals : Jamison Thomas
From: Sherrie Blackman
Subject: Re: [PJ] Thomas Jamison - Sirius 1788
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 02:19:03 +1000
2:19:03 +1000
Back to my elusive Jameson/Jamieson/Jamison family....
A distant cousin claims we are descended from Thomas Jamison who arrivedin
1788. As I mentioned in my previous email, Thomas Jamison was the fatherof Sir
John Jamison.
therof Sir
Appointed Surgeon's mate of HMS Sirius in 1786. In 1787, he sailed toAustralia
and landed in March 1788. In 1788 he accompanied first settlers to Norfolk
Island, Australia and remained until 1799.
Thomas JAMISON & his mistress, Elizabeth COLLEY had 5 children, 2 boysand 3
Maria - c.4/8/1789
Thomas - c.24/11/1790 - my GGGG Grandfather supposedly
Elizabeth - c.28/03/1793
Harriett - c.22/12/1794
unnamed male - 1896
r supposedly
When Thomas JAMISON snr died, in his will he left an annuity of 20 poundsa year
to Elizabeth for the care of his son Thomas JAMESON jnr. So presumablyhis wife
(back in the UK), Rebecca, would have found out about this relationship,if she
didn't already know.
However, Thomas Jamison had another affair with Sarah PLACE (arrived onthe
'William Pitt' in 1806), and they also had a son named Thomas. ThomasTristan
JAMISON b.1808.
mison had another affair with Sarah PLACE (arrived onthe
My Thomas JAMESON c.1790 (UK, Norfolk Island or NSW ???)
Thomas Alexander JAMESON married Esther WARD/SIMPSON in Sydney 1844, theywere
both widowed. They used all variations of Jameson, Jamison & Jamieson!
1. Joseph JAMESON - b.1844 - married Mary Anne STRICKLAND 1869
2. William JAMESON - b.1848
3. Charles JAMISON - b.1849 - m. Margaret Sarah CHAPMAN 1872 - CJ d.1932
4. 1 male - to be found
5. 1 female - to be found

Esther JAMESON (WARD/SIMPSON) died at her daughter's (Mrs A Kirk) house
in Union St, Newton in 1899. Alice Kirk (nee Simpson) is a daughter from
Esther's first marriage.
Thomas JAMESON died in George Street, Sydney in November 1855. Thomas wasa
ONT in Union St, Newton in 1899. Alice Kirk (nee Simpson) is a daughter from
Esther WARD - c.1817 Manchester, England. Probably arrived in NSW around1842.
treet, Sydney in November 1855. Thomas wasa
1st Marriage of Esther:
Esther WARD married Edward SIMPSON (year?) married in Manchester, Eng.
1. Alice - c.1836-d.1908 - married William KIRK 1865 Newtown, NSW
2. John - c.1838 - married Ellen BUTLER 1865 Newtown, NSW
3. male - to be found
4. female - to be found
5. male - to be found
1865 Newtown, NSW
Alice SIMPSON (c.1836) married William KIRK in 1865, Newtown, NSW
1. Alice J - b.1868 - d.1870
2. William J- b.1871 - married May JENNINGS 1899 - no children, as WJSIMPSON
3. Allen - b.1876 (twins Allen & Edward) Allen dies 1892
4. Edward - b.1876-d.1915 - married Elizabeth V PENROSE 1897
5. James - b.&d.1877
1899 - no children, as
May SIMPSON widow of William J SIMPSON, married Clarence R MOSS in 1904.
Only child found so far:
Ryle MOSS b.1905
76-d.1915 - married Elizabeth V PENROSE 1897
Edward SIMPSON Jnr married Elizabeth V PENROSE 1897
1. Charles S - b.1898 - married Bertha M BURNS 1927
2. Edward F - b.1900 - married Dorothy E LANE 1927
3. Elizabeth V - b.1902 - married Martin GARDINER 1923
4. Catherine Euphemia - b.1905 - married Frederick G N B COOK 1928
ried Bertha M BURNS 1927
John SIMPSON (c.1838) married Ellen BUTLER 1865
1. Herbert J R - b.1866 - d.1938
2. Annie M - b.1868
3. Alice B - b.1870 - died 1871
4. Emily H - b.1872 - married George F R MAULDON 1893.
5. Frederick Charles - b.1874
6. May F - b.1877
7. Harold Sydney - b.1880
J R - b.1866 - d.1938
I would like to hear from anyone researching the above families.
1 CONT 4. Emily H - b.1872 - married George F R MAULDON 1893.
Kind regards,
Sherrie Blackman.

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