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For privacy reasons, Date of Birth and Date of Marriage for persons believed to still be living are not shown.

Fults, Polly (b. BEF. 1828, d. AFT. NOV 1844)

Death: AFT. NOV 1844 pos Harlan Co., KY

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Word, John Quincy (b. MAR 1799, d. ?)
Note: John Word was given one negro boy named Daniel in his father's will of 1821. He also stated that since the other named children had a bed and furniture and a cow and calf when they left that John and Edmond also have such.

Thomas Marshall Word was the son of T.M.Word Sr and Ella Harriette Walton The Grand parents were: Thomas and Emma Rebecca Cole The great Grand parents were: John and Elizabeth[Quarles] Wasson Word The G,G,Grand- Parents were John and Fannie[Collins] Word. I have more. - Bob Watkins

John may have lived in the 15th district since he sold almost a hundred acres there.

1823, NOV 05 SIMPSON, Polly marr. WORD, Jno

In the WILSON COUNTY, TN - MISC - Stone's River and Statesville Turnpike Company a
John Word and a Thomas Word, is mentioned:
December, 7, 1849.

Uncertain if the following record is of John Word, however, he was the only one in the county by that name as far as we know:

In each district of Tennessee a local Home Guard and Minute Men were assigned. In Wilson Co. on May 23,1861 Col. John B. Scobey was elected chairman of the Home Guard. He, John Word and B. W. G. Winford were appointed to investigate the procurement of arms. They reported on June 3, 1861, "No arm can be bought at any price." - p. 322 of Prolog to Succession, Chapter XX of History of Wilson Co., 1961.

There was also Word's Cross Road, 5 miles from Cainville, east of Murfressboro Pike between Shop Springs and Cainville.

In 1802 the Wilson Co. Tax list of Smith's Fork included Thomas Word. Thomas is believed to be the brother of John Q. Word.
Death: --Not Shown--

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Word, John (b. 22 OCT 1738, d. 1 AUG 1821)
Note: John is often noted as John Word III.
Will of John Word recorded in Wilson Co., TN Court House Wills & Inventories Book 1819 to 1824, page 167 with the following:

Wife: Fanny Collins Word with sons & daughters: Thomas, Elizabeth Dillion, Rebecca Byns, William, Mary Jennings, Fanny Jennings, James, Sarah McHaney, John & Nancy.

Will was made on May 25, 1821 and apparently probated August 1821.
John Word's will was proved Aug 1821 in Wilson co TN. In it he named the following:

Thomas (married Tabitha Tribble)
Rebecca (married James Byrnb)
William (married Jemima Cole)
Edward (married Aseneth Smith)
Frances 'Fannie" married John Jennings, my line
Elizabeth (married John Dillon)
Mary (married robert Jennings)
Sarah (married William McHaney)
Nancy (married Samuel Doak)
John (married Elizabeth Wasson)
Death: 1 AUG 1821 Wilson Co., TN

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Word, Charles (b. FEB 1709/10, d. 1792)
Note: Extracted children s name/birth/death dates from Descendants of John Word in WFT Vol 7. Charles Word was reported to be born in 1710 and died in 1792 by WFT Vol. 7 #4706.
Death: 1792 New Kent Co., VA

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Word, Cordella (Della) Elizabeth (b. 15 AUG 1888, d. 26 JUN 1930)
Source: (Name)
Title: Family Records
Author: Jamison & Andrews Family
Media: Letter

Note: Good
Source: (Name)
Title: Family Records
Author: Jamison & Andrews Family
Media: Letter

Note: Good
Text: Date of Import: Jul 27, 2001
Source: (Name)
Title: Gregory.FTW
Media: Other
Text: Date of Import: Nov 1, 2002
Source: (Name)
Title: Andrews1.FTW
Media: Other
Text: Date of Import: Oct 31, 2002
Note: Grandmother "Della" married a Pierce Patterson after Grandfather died and had a baby: Ednie V. Patterson, b. Jan 21, 1925, d. Jan 22, 1925. Della is buried in a family plot at Webb Town, between LaFayette and Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee just off the old road about 2.3 miles past the High School on the left of the new road/right of the old road between a red barn with white star and brick house (1997) at the address 4340 Red Boiling Springs Road. The plot is across the road from the house I. L. built before he died. He never finished the house. He put a coat of brown paint on it as an undercoating and was never able to paint it the final color. It became known as the Brown House on the road to Red Boiling Springs.
Death: 26 JUN 1930 Macon Co., TN in family plot at Webb Town, TN
Burial: Family plot at Webb Town, TN

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Clifton, Thomas (b. 1784, d. ?)
Death: --Not Shown--

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Quarles, Elizabeth Trigg (b. 17 NOV 1798, d. 1891)
Note: Some records: Elizabeth WASSEN via
According to in the Vaughn-Just records:

1 Elizabeth Trigg QUARLES b: 17 Nov 1798 d: 24 Oct 1870
+ Abner WASSON b: Abt. 1790 d: Abt. Jan 1821
2 John I. WASSON b: Abt. 1815
2 Locky America WASSON b: 4 Apr 1816 d: 20 Sep 1890
+ John YOUNG b: 5 May 1812 d: 20 Sep 1890
3 Charles A. YOUNG b: 25 Sep 1836
3 Mary E. YOUNG b: 29 May 1838
3 James H. YOUNG b: Abt. 1840
3 Benjamin Clayton YOUNG b: 20 Feb 1842 d: 24 Jul 1913
+ Amanda Elizabeth HALL b: 22 Aug 1844 d: 26 Sep 1887
4 John Franklin YOUNG b: 16 Nov 1870
+ Kate JONES
4 Joseph Martin YOUNG b: 27 May 1873
+ Ellen SNELL
4 Amanda Florence YOUNG b: 12 Jan 1876 d: 12 Jun 1887
+ William R. COLE
4 Lockey Elizabethl YOUNG b: 3 Oct 1877
4 Benjamin Bridges YOUNG b: 1 Mar 1880 d: 10 May 1945
+ Beulah SMITH b: 8 Feb 1882 d: 27 Aug 1965
5 David Clayton YOUNG b: 11 Apr 1902 d: 8 Mar 1904
5 Paul Clifton YOUNG b: 27 Mar 1905 d: 5 Oct 1967
+ Living LAMB
5 Ora Katie YOUNG b: 22 Aug 1907 d: 21 Sep 1992
+ Clayton Lester ESTES b: 15 Feb 1906 d: 13 Nov 1956
6 Living ESTES
+ Charles Edward SHAW b: 26 Mar 1927 d: 17 Jun 1994
6 Living ESTES
6 Living ESTES
+ Living HALL
5 Earl Benjamin YOUNG b: 3 Nov 1911 d: 12 Jul 1912
5 Allen Morris YOUNG b: 3 Jan 1917 d: 14 Jan 1918
5 B.B. YOUNG b: 4 Jun 1920 d: 9 Nov 1994
+ Living SEXTON
6 Living YOUNG
6 Living YOUNG
5 Living YOUNG
+ Living HUNTER
6 Living YOUNG
6 Living YOUNG
4 George Samuel YOUNG b: 4 Jul 1883 d: 30 Jul 1883
3 Mollie YOUNG b: Abt. 1844
3 George T. YOUNG b: May 1846
3 Robert W. YOUNG b: Abt. 1848
3 America W. YOUNG b: Abt. 1850
3 Fanny E. YOUNG b: Abt. 1852
3 John Martin YOUNG b: Abt. 1856
3 Angeline W. YOUNG b: Abt. 1858
3 Lockey YOUNG b: 11 Oct 1859
2 George I. WASSON b: 19 Sep 1819
+ Angeline B. CHILD
3 Unknown CHILD
2 Elizabeth WASSON b: 8 Apr 1821
+ John WOOD
Death: 1891 Wilson Co., TN

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Collins, Frances "Fanny" (b. 22 OCT 1758, d. ABT. 1821)
Note: Some sources indicate named as Fannie.

John Word mentions her as Fanny in his will of 1821 as well as being one of the four executors.

Fanny Collins Word was left all of John Word's land whereon they lived together with all of his household and kitchen furniture and as much stock of all kinds as she a mind to keep, with such of his plantation utensils as she thinks proper, likewise six of his negroes to wit: Dolly, Jane, Amey, Dick, Abe and Joe. If she should marry she is to keep back two of the negroes her choice of them and still hold the balance of the named property.
Death: ABT. 1821 Wilson Co., TN

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Collins, William (b. ABT. 1738, d. 1781)
Death: 1781 Pittsylvania Co., VA

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Word, John (b. 1680, d. 1790)
Note: Posted by Carolyn Word Parkman:
I would like proof of this John Word, and John Word Jr. who m. Ann Chiles. I have the book by Mary Florence Word, "John Bryson Word, his ancestors and descendants" ( he was my gr-gr-grandfather) and I also bought a Word Family Tree from the Va. Archives which was a Xerox copy in four sections that is about 28 inches by about 5 ft. very impressive but no proof for the first 2 generations from the immigrant John Wor (Word? ) in 1652 to the birth of Charles in 1710. Can anyone fill in this gap with proof for the years from 1652 to 1710?

I am a descendant of Charles Word, New Kent Co. Va. I am seeking proof that he is descended from the immigrant listed in Greer's " early Va. immigrants" as John Words, sponsored by Nathaniel Bacon, also proof of his son John being married to Ann Chiles. All published references I have found regarding this Ann Chiles spells her husband name as Ward. St. Peter's Parish records lists the birth of Charles b. 1710, and John b. 1738, Charles b. 1740. Charles is my line and he was killed in the battle of Kings Mountain. He and brother John fought under Col. Washington and survived the battle in which Gen. Braddock was slain, and most of the English and americans were wiped out. They were called the Va. Blues, and I can find nothing about that militia.

Posted by Ronald K. McHaney:
John Word III (b.1680, New Kent Co., VA) m. Ann Chiles. I show their children as Charles, William, Jasper (James?), Thomas, and John; I have no listing for Catherine, but am grateful for the info! :) I am descended by way of Charles (b. 14 Mar 1710, New Kent Co., VA; d. 1792) m. Sarah. The date which you have entered next to Charles' name (9/12/1738), is very close to what I have recorded as the birthdate of Charles' son John (b. 22 Oct 1738, New Kent Co., VA; d. 01 Aug 1821, Wilson Co., TN) m. 09 Nov 1779, VA, Frances "Fanny" Collins. It was John Word III's son William, Charles' brother, who married an "Elizabeth." I would be very interested in a copy of your Word pedigree: it looks like we are cousins! I have a great deal of info on the Words, and would be very interested in sharing it with you! Please email me!

Posted by Jan Cleave:
The bulk of my data came also from Lesbia Word Roberts and Lila Word Turner.

Lesbia's data says John III was born in New Kent, married Ann Chiles abt. 1732 in Caroline Co., Va. They resided in Spotsylvania Co. where all the children were
born. Lived there 1741-1756. Removed to Halifax Co. in 1756. He died in Halifax Co. 1790. She gives references to Spotsylvania Co., Va. records 1721-1800 --also various deeds witnessed in Spotsylvania Co. 1728 thru 1741. All these sources list the 7 children of John Word III, with the date for your Thomas being b. 1746/7. It is this Thomas who married Lockie Harrison. John III's brother, Charles b. 1710 in New Kent, married a Sarah (unk.) They had 6 children, with one of them being another Thomas, b. 1741. This Thomas married a Frances Dickinson in 1831.

I'm descended from a Charles Word, b. 9/l2/l738 d. 7/l8/l778. He was married to a Mary Culver, b. l744, d. l8l0. Their son, John, married China Renfro. He was born l0/25/l767, d. 5/2/l836. A son of this union was Samuel, b. 9/30/l805, d. 7/3l/l876. He was married to Elizabeth McHargue, b. l0/7/l8l7, d. 6/5/l852 Their son, another John, b. l0/24/l843, d. l0/l/l898, married to Margaret Coffer--my great grandmother. . My info. comes from National Portrait of Distinguished Americans, Vol. III, and Bancroft's History of U.S.Also from grandmother, Elizabeth Word's, DAR records #'s 240 and 7l8. I have pictures of Word's from John Word/Margaret Coffer period. Am willing to share any documents. Can contact me via e-mail : Thanks for any information: Jan Cleave

Posted by G.S.Kincaid:
John Word, son of Charles Word and Mary Culver Word, was born October 25, 1767, died May 2, 1836.China Renfro Word, his wife, was born April 23, 1784 and died January 6, 1854. They were married February 11, 1802. They had five sons and three daughters: James Word, born September 5,1803, Samuel, William, Nelson, Mary, John, Charity, Juda. My records indicate the Word family settled in Spotsylvania County and Bedford County, Virginia. They are in National Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Americans Vol III, and are mentioned in Bancroft's History of the United States.

Posted by Lila Genevieve Turner:
My gggrandfather was John Word, who was married to China Renfro,Feb.11,1802. My info says he died in 1836 (I have copy of a will filed in Knox Co. in 1837. My list of children are James-1803;Samuel-1805; William-1807;Nelson Pocahontas-1809; Mary-1811; John-1814(my ggrandfather; Charity-1816;Juda-1821.

Posted by: Wilmer L. Kerns

Thomas Harrison Word

Thomas Harrison Word, son of George W. and Frances (Gregory) Word, was born in 1814 in Buckingham County, Virginia, and died before 1870. He married his first cousin, Miss Caroline Word, probable daughter of John F. and Elizabeth Word, on Feb. 10, 1846 in Buckingham County. The Rev. J. H. Fitzgerald was the officiating minister. Caroline was born circa 1817, and was alive when the census was taken in 1880. Thomas and his family were members of Mt. Tabor (Enon) Baptist Church in Buckingham County. He was an active churchman, serving as a delegate to the James River Baptist Association in 1836. The U.S. Census listed Thomas was a carpenter. They lived on the south side of Buckingham Court House.

Children of Thomas H. and Caroline (Word) Word were:

1. Robert Alonza Word was born Oct. 1846. He married Margaret A. Shepherd, daughter of William and Martha G. (Booker) Shepherd, on Dec. 23, 1879. They lived at Sugar Hill, along State Route 633, Buckingham County.

Children of Robert A. and Margaret A. (Shepherd) Word were:

a. Willie E. Word was born in November 1880, and died in 1903.

b. Carrie Virginia Word was born in April 1883. She married Granderson Witt Crews.

c. Robert Alonza Word Jr. married Carrie (Crews) Gilliam. Carrie was born June 21, 1889, and died June 12, 1981. Burial was in the Shepherd Cemetery at Lee Wayside, near Buckingham Court House.

d. Thomas Harrison Word was born in June 15, 1888, and died Oct. 13, 1955. He did not marry. Burial was in the Shepherd Family Cemetery near Lee Wayside between Sprouses Corner and Buckingham Court House.

2. Malissa Frances Word was born Aug. 1, 1849, and died Jan. 6, 1927. She married Benjamin Franklin Shepherd, son of William and Martha Gaines (Booker) Shepherd, Dec. 20, 1866. He was born Oct. 20, 1840 and died Jan. 23, 1927. Both were buried in the Shepherd family Cemetery at “Rose Hill” near Sprouse’s Corner. Benjamin F. served as a Sgt. in Co. B 25 VA Inf. Confederate States of America.

Children of Benjamin F. and Malissa F. (Word) Shepherd were:

a. Josephine Shepherd was born July 28, 1868 and died Sept. 13, 1952. She married Matthew Morrell Davis, son of Joshua and Mary Elizabeth (Guthrie) Davis. They had 10 children (see Davis report). They were members of the Salem Methodist Church in Buckingham County.

b. Benjamin Franklin Shepherd Jr. was born on Feb. 23, 1870, and died Aug. 7, 1938. He married Willie Sue Polly Newton, daughter of James E. and Ann Jane (Apperson) Newton, Dec. 27, 1893, in Dillwyn, Buckingham County. She was born on June 9, 1875 and died Jan. 7, 1926.

c. Henry Mosby Shepherd was born March 14, 1872 and died June 6, 1909, unmarried. He was buried in the Shepherd family cemetery.

d. Nora Frances Shepherd was born in 1872 and May 7, 1955. She did not marry.

e. Lelia Jane Shepherd was born in 1876 and died Feb. 6, 1951, unmarried. Lelia and Nora were buried in the Shepherd family graveyard.

f. Ada Virginia Shepherd was born Jan. 2, 1878, and died Sept. 6, 1906. Ada married James T. Turnes, son of Aaron and Mary L. Turnes, Sept. 16, 1901. James was born in Prince Edward County in 1857.

g. Rosa Ethel Shepherd was born in March 1879. She married Robert Nicholas Davis (1869-1935), son of Joshua and Mary Elizabeth (Guthrie) Davis. They lived near Dillwyn, Buckingham County.

h. Mattie Mae Shepherd was born on March 19, 1880 and died Nov. 23, 1970. She married John W. Rosen, son of W.T. and L.M. Rosen, Nov. 19, 1905. John was born on July 9, 1873 and died July 11, 1954. Burial was in the Buckingham C.H. Presbyterian Church Cemetery. They had three children.

3. Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Word, daughter of Thomas H. and Caroline (Word) Word, was born in 1856. She married Willis W. Hackett, daughter of John and Sally E. Hackett, Sept. 17, 1873. When the 1900 census was taken for Francisco District, Buckingham County,
Willis W. had married second to Nancy J. Carter in 1899, and her four children had adopted the Hackett surname.

Researched by:
Wilmer L. Kerns
4715 North 38th Place
Arlington, VA 22207-2914
Death: 1790 Halifax Co., VA

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Word, Charles (b. 9 JUL 1740, d. 7 OCT 1780)
Note: The descendants of Charles Word was taken from WFT Vol. 7 #4706 to show relationship to to William Cuthbert Falkner for those who might find it interesting and the southern humorist and author Lewis Grizzard, Jr.

Charles Word, son of John Word and Mother Unknown, born New Kent Co, Va.; died 1792 New Kent Co, Va.. He married Sarah ? Charles Word is called "a recognized Patriot" by Joseph Bulloch in his book HISTORY OF THE HABERSHAM FAMILY. All five of his sons fought in the rev. war two were killed. He was a slave owner in New Kent Co He was baptized in the same church attended by Martha Washington

Charles Word, born July 9, 1740 New Kent Co., Virginia; died October 7, 1780 Kings Mt., North Carolina. He married about 1767, probably Halifax Co, Va. to Elizabeth Adams, daughter of John Adams and of Eleanor Powell. Charles served in the French & Indian War at age 17 with Col. George Washington. He was also a Rev War soldier, and Died in the Battle of Kings Mountain N.C. D.A.R. #665220

Joshua Word, born February 8, 1775 Pittsylvania Co., Virginia; died 1853 Franklin Co, Georgia. He married Amelia Hooper, daughter of James Hooper and of Elizabeth Chambers. Listed as a pvt. in 1st Harris Georgia Volunteers in War of 1812.

William Word, born March 16, 1812 Franklin Co., Georgia; died November 26, 1881 Carroll Co., Georgia. He married March 20, 1836, Campbell Co., Georgia to Elizabeth Merrell Embry, daughter of Merrell Embry and of Divine Howard.

Amelia Frances Word, born August 3, 1840 Campbell Co., Georgia; died February 6, 1921 Carroll Co., Georgia. She married February 17, 1856, Campbell Co, Georgia to Benjamin Watkins, son of Reese Watkins and of Ellender Young (Nellie) Harris. In the 1920 census Amelia is listed as living with her Daughter Minnie and Son in Law Lokie Boyd in the Fairplay district of Carroll County. Amelia died as a result of a fall from the doorway.
Death: 7 OCT 1780 The Kings Mountain Battle, NC

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Word, John (b. 22 OCT 1738, d. 1790)
Note: John Word III from WFT Vol. 7 #4706.

Posted by J. Robert Boykin:
According to my records, my ancestor, John Word (b. 10/22/1738-1821) was a brother to your Charles Word,Jr. (1740-1780) and Charles lived in Surry Co. N.C. They were the sons of Charles Word, Sr.(1710-1792)
and wife, Sarah. He was baptized at St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., Va. on 5/14/1710. Charles Word Sr. was the son of John Word Jr. and wife unknown, living in New Kent Co., Va. in 1710. John Word Jr. was the son of John Word, Sr., who came from the town of Lanaff, Province of Glamorganshire, Wales between 1623-1666 (probably in 1652) as a patentee of William Gaulett, who also brought his father. Hope this helps or gives you some clues. J. Robert Boykin,III P.O. Box 7440 Wilson, N.C.27895

Posted by Jerry B.
According to my info:John Word III bn.New Kent Co. Va./died 1790 Halifax Co.Va. Wife-

Second son,Charles bn.1738/d.1764
m. Mary Culver b.1744/d.1810.Siblings John IV
James, William, Thomas, Elizabeth,Catherine.

1st son,John,b.1767,d.1836 m.China Renfro,b.
1784,d.1854. Siblings-James, William,Charles,

6th son,John,b.1814,d.1892,m.Catherine E.Pogue b.1824 d.1906.Siblings:James,Samuel,

9th son,James Nelson,b.1857 d.1949 m.Lucy A.
Jones b.1865 d,1969.Siblings:William E.,Helen
H.,Nancy E.,John P.,Charity B.,Mary G.,Lucy E,Samuel A.,Arabella C.,Susan R.,Emma L.

2nd son,Preston Evans b.1898 d.1983 m.Grace
Norman b.1904 d.1986. Siblings: Roy Kyle and
Allie Katherine.

Lila Genevieve b. 1923 m. Richard L Turner b.
1922. Siblings: Norma,Jimmie,Chester,Allie,Jo Ann,Jerry,Barbara,Preston.

Hope this helps. If you have different info
or need further, please let me know. Its great to talk to another Word.
Death: 1790 Halifax Co., VA

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Word, John (b. ABT. 1652, d. UNKNOWN)
Note: Descendant line:
John Word->John->Charles->Cuthbert->Thomas->Sarah->Sherrad Lee->Samuel
Lee->Lee Family
WFT Vo1. 2 #3338

Posted by Lila Turner:
I have genealogy facts on the Words which my aunt received from Lesbia Word Roberts.In it John Word, Sr. was said to be from Landaff, Glamorganshire,Wales.Came to colonies in 1652,his patentee was Wm Gaulett. Other records show three brothers, John, Charles and William Word came to the colonies 1620-1630 (some records 1720-1730) from Lebrandoff or Lebandoff, Wales. John-from Wales to New Kent about 1655,married Elizabeth, died prior to 1710. Some say John Sr. had one son, John Jr. Some say 3 sons, John,Charles and William. My gggggrandfather was John Word III.
Death: UNKNOWN New Kent, VA

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Word, Peter (b. , d. ?)
Source: (Name)
Title: Jamison/Andrews Family Ancestry
Media: Book
Note: Janice Cleave reports that Peter was born about 1500 in So. England.

Peter Word and his son John Word are reported to have sailed from the Port of Llandaff in Wales by Robert Watson and others who have studied Word genealogy, however, our family tradition indicates that the Words came from Scotland, thus traveling down from Scotland to the best port on the Isle to depart from Wales to the new world at Llandaff Port in the City of Llandaff in the Province of Glamorganshire, Wales.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------
Posted by Charlotte Patton on July 31, 1998:
I am descended from that John Word. I was recently in England and got one small lead. There was a settlement of Flemmish immigrants in Wales. There was a Wenken de Worde (who came from Alsace France a Flemmish area) in London in the 1600;s I think who took over Caxton's printing when he died. Since our ancestors apparently sailed from Glamorganshire Wales we should probably try to find info about the Flemmish settlement there. I am looking. I will be a little more helpful later. Charlotte

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Word, James "Jim" (b. , d. ?)
Note: It is believed that James is the Uncle Jim spoken of by the older members of the family. Uncle Jim and John Wesley apparently owned a saw mill before Jim went to Texas. He is believed to have gone to San Antonio, Texas.

Was this the same James:

James Word whose daughter America Wasson Word married D.F. Whitelock.
Death: --Not Shown--

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Chiles, Ann (b. 1680, d. 1792)
Death: 1792

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Word, Thomas (b. ABT. 4 FEB 1738/39, d. 1831)
Note: WFT Vol 4 #3699 WFT Vol 3
Thomas Word b. 1743 d. 1838 b. 1756 est
Wife: Fanny Dickinson b. 1746 d. 1851 est est

Death: 1831

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Dickinson, Francis "Fanny" (b. 12 JUN 1746, d. 1851)
Note: Some source such as WFT Vol. 3 #2531 indicate her by the name of:
Francis Dickenson
WFT Vol. 4 #3699 indicate Fanny Dickinson
Death: 1851 Lawence Co. District, SC

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Word, James (b. 10 MAR 1775, d. 18 SEP 1819)
Note: James Word & Elizabeth Vance dates from WFT Vol 3 #2531
Possibility that family may have date conflicts from varied sources.
Death: 18 SEP 1819 Laurens Co., SC

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Vance, Elizabeth (b. 22 JUN 1778, d. 28 MAY 1851)
Death: 28 MAY 1851

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