GrandparentsMalone Yancey A.
Inge Rhonda Lee 'Roda'
Violett Chapman Romel
Hazzard Jane Harriet
ParentsMalone Monroe Johnson
Violett Nancy 'Nannie' Harriett
 Malone Walter S.


GrandparentsMalone William
Ayers Rachel Susanne
ParentsMalone David
Unknown Elizabeth
 Malone William
Close Rebecca
ChildrenMalone Phronia
Malone Mary Etta


 Malone William
Ayers Rachel Susanne
ChildrenMalone Mary Elizabeth 'Polly'
Malone Thomas
Malone David
Malone Robert C.
Malone Josiah W.
Malone James C.
Malone Yancey A.
Malone William Carroll
Malone Jackson
Malone Rebecca
Malone Henry
Malone Samuel
Malone Braxton


GrandparentsMalone Yancey A.
Inge Rhonda Lee 'Roda'
ParentsMalone Samuel Haynes
Johnson Sarah Adeline
 Malone William J.


 Malone William N. 'Billy'
Hoover Mariah J.
ChildrenMalone Andrew James


GrandparentsMalone Samuel Haynes
Johnson Sarah Adeline
ParentsMalone Felix Eli
Rhea Jessie Mae
 Malone William Walter


ParentsMalone William
Ayers Rachel Susanne
 Malone Yancey A.
Inge Rhonda Lee 'Roda'
ChildrenMalone William Josiah
Malone James C.
Malone Jackson
Malone Sara Elizabeth
Malone David P.
Malone Samuel Haynes
Malone Mary J.
Malone Monroe Johnson
Malone Louisa Y.
Malone Eliza
Malone W. J.


GrandparentsMalone Isham
Cole Judith
ParentsMalone Nathaniel
 Malone Yancy


GrandparentsMallory DeMallore
Parentsde Mallore Durand
 de Malore Richard
Unknown Joan
ChildrenMallory Bertram


 Malpas Elizabeth
Cooke Thomas
ChildrenCooke Philip John


 Malpas Katherine Walfrey
Cooke Robert
ChildrenCooke Thomas


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