GrandparentsParker George
Cade Florence
ParentsParker John
Truitt Tabitha
 Parker George
ChildrenParker John


GrandparentsParker Donelison
Yardley Elizabeth
ParentsParker Alfred Benjamin
 Parker Hester B.


GrandparentsParker Wiley Dickens
Jamison Effie Mai
Garvin Jesse
Patterson Myrtle
ParentsParker Dollison
Garvin Susie Virginia
 Parker James Benjamin
ChildrenParker Terry Lyn
Parker Timothy Shane
Parker Emily Ann


 Parker James Isaac
Eastwood Sarah Etta (Sally)
Jamison Sarah Eastwood
ChildrenMount Nannie Matida Parker


GrandparentsParker John
Gordy Sarah
ParentsParker Peter
Toole Anne
 Parker Jessie A.
Henry Elmina Charlotte
ChildrenParker Julius Caesar


 Parker John
Dickens Cyrene
ChildrenParker Stella


GrandparentsParker George
ParentsParker George
Cade Florence
 Parker John
Truitt Tabitha
ChildrenParker George


ParentsParker John Bilbrey
Hoover Ammor
 Parker John Bilbrey
Carter Virgie A.


 Parker John Bilbrey
Hoover Ammor
ChildrenParker Waldon O.
Parker Ruby E.
Parker Sarah Barcelona 'Barce'
Parker John Bilbrey


 Parker John T.
ChildrenParker Margaret Leila 'Pearl'


 Parker Jonathan
Willey Rachel
ChildrenParker John Garrison
Parker Exum F.
Parker Rachel A.
Parker Doctor F.
Parker Mallory
Parker Donelison


GrandparentsParker Peter
Toole Anne
ParentsParker Jessie A.
Henry Elmina Charlotte
 Parker Julius Caesar
Yardley Mary Louise
ChildrenParker Cora May


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