Ballard John_ + Bland Elizabeth_
Ballard Joseph White__
Ballard Mary 'Millie'__

Meador David Franklin_ + Chaffin Susan_
Meador Martha H.__
Woodcock Melissa A._Woodcock Sydney Greene__Woodcock Walter Clarence__Woodcock Edna B.__Woodcock Laura Maranda__Woodcock Wiley C._Woodcock Della G.__

Meador David Franklin_ + Unknown _
Meador Martha__
Woodcock Melissa_Woodcock Walter Clarence_Woodcock Edna B. A._Woodcock Laura M._Woodcock Della_

Simpson George_ + Meador Emily_
Simmons Thomas__
Simmons Susannah__

Moorer Emmett Lewis_ + Tatum Mary E._
Moorer Emily_
Moorer Emmett Lewis 'Lew'__
Moorer Emmett Lewis 'Reb'_Moorer William Todd_

Moorer Henry Bascomb_ + Graves Emily Elizabeth 'Emma'_
Moorer Emmett Lewis__
Moorer Cornelia E._
Moorer Emily_Moorer Emmett Lewis 'Lew'__

Jenkins James_ + Gwyn Elizabeth Ann_
Jenkins Harriet Boone__
Moorer Mary F._Moorer Harriet_Moorer William H._Moorer Ann E._Moorer Charles_Moorer Sarah Gwynn_Moorer Henry Bascomb__

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