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United States of America - TN Tennessee - Macon CO.

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Marriageabout 1887Gregory George Abel with Owen Martha D. 'Mattie'



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Macon Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Birth1887Hudson Bernettie 'Nettie'
 Birth7 February 1888Andrews Leathie M
 Birth6 April 1888Patterson Lula R.
 Birth2 September 1888Andrews Ida Belle
 Birth5 September 1888Gregory Robert Hale
 Birth10 September 1888Doss Joseph Garfield
 Birth10 October 1888Ellis Herman
 DeathDecember 1888Cothron Alvira A.
 Death2 January 1889Turner Martha 'Patsy'
 Death2 January 1889Turner Martha 'Patsy'
 Birth4 March 1889Cothron Homer C.
 Birth6 March 1889Law Noah Fletcher
 Birth15 April 1889Patterson Washington C. 'Wash'
 Birth11 May 1889Gregory Mordica Haywood
 Birth7 July 1889Cothron Cornelius Vernon
 Birth26 July 1889Shrum Roxie Myrtle Susan
 Birth4 October 1889Russell Lewis Patrick
 Birth12 October 1889Hargis Henry C.
 Birth9 February 1890Reagan William
 Birth10 February 1890Cothron Lydia May
 Birth13 April 1890Cox Letha S.
 Birth16 August 1890Bransford William Haley
 Birth27 October 1890Hargis Doshia
 Birth12 December 1890Gregory Hollie Peruis
 Birth16 July 1891Gregory Charles Luther 'Charlie'
 Birth7 August 1891Gammon William Henry
 Birth7 August 1891Patterson Maud Lee
 Birth12 October 1891Haley Charles Franklin
 Birth18 October 1891Kemp Emma A.
 Birth31 October 1891Goad Ollie L.
 Birth1 January 1892Gregory Wesley Odell
 Death1 January 1892Cothron William B. 'Billy'
 Birth7 January 1892Vance Susan Catherine 'Sookie'
 Death13 January 1892Cothron Drury A.
 Birth19 January 1892Tuck Buford Wiley
 Birth10 February 1892Russell Louetta
 Birth13 March 1892Hargis Nettie May
 Birth28 March 1892Bransford Marlin Mitchell
 Birth1 August 1892Cothron Lloyd Rudolph
 Birth7 August 1892Woodcock Wiley N.
 Death30 September 1892Hargis Henry C.
 Birth10 October 1892Gregory Carlos Myer 'Carl'
 Birth20 October 1892Brawner Versie Lou
 Birth10 December 1892Andrews Lou
 Deathabout 1892Andrews Andrew Jackson 'Jack'
 Birth14 January 1893Andrews Cosie
 Birth8 February 1893Bransford Ersey Warner
 Birth24 March 1893Buck Otta M. 'Otty'
 BirthMarch 1893Andrews Casey A.
 Birth9 September 1893Brandon Bessie Laurinda Lucinda
 Birth29 September 1893Gammon Lethia Mae
 Birth15 October 1893Patterson Clarence W.
 Birth27 December 1893Jones Lillie Mae
 Birth15 January 1894Swindle Clarence Hayden
 Birth11 February 1894Meador Iva Estell
 Birth4 June 1894Tuck Geney Washington
 Birth15 September 1894Woodcock Vickie H.
 Birth15 October 1894Brawner Milton Omer
 Birth20 October 1894Andrews Ara Hatton
 Birth15 November 1894Jones Nettie
 Birth10 April 1895Cothron Elizie Thomas
 Death11 April 1895Burrow Nancy Susan
 Death24 April 1895Brawner Jeremiah M.
 Birth16 July 1895Gregory Minnie Jane
 Birth28 November 1895Cothron Ruthie F.
 DeathDecember 1895Walrond Agnes E.
 Birth17 January 1896England Minnie Odis
 Birth4 April 1896Harper Herman
 Death5 May 1896Jenkins William W.
 Birth12 May 1896Brawner Hassie
 Birth28 May 1896Draper Lura Ethel
 Birth12 July 1896Patterson Oscar 'Dayton'
 Birth9 August 1896Smith Henry Walter
 Birth29 September 1896Gammon Myrtle Delane
 Death18 October 1896Gregory Abel J.
 Birth15 December 1896Gammon Lelie Simpson
 Birth26 December 1896Dorris Homer A.
 Birth28 December 1896Woodcock Dora Frances
 Death7 January 1897Day Elizabeth Wakes
 Birth22 January 1897Tuck Lillie Daffinie
 Birth20 February 1897Woodcock Katherine
 Birth2 March 1897Kemp Lurley C.
 Birth22 July 1897Gregory Frank Gordon
 Birth16 August 1897Gregory Hobart M.
 Birth29 August 1897Higdon Joseph Andrew Joe'
 BirthAugust 1897Andrews Tassie M.
 Birth21 October 1897Andrews Alice Bassie 'Bassie'
 Birth21 October 1897Andrews Lou Bessie
 Birth1897Walker Lilye Anna
 Birth21 February 1898Gammon Ora G.
 Birth24 February 1898Bransford Lue Ora
 Birth8 March 1898Gregory Claudy Franklin
 Birth20 April 1898Andrews Lassie Mae
 Birth4 June 1898Langford William Lee
 Birth8 June 1898Cothron Elisha
 Birth24 June 1898Cothron Ollie Belle
 Birth5 October 1898Meador Arthur Elvis
 Birth20 December 1898Stafford Obera Francis
 Birth25 December 1898Dyer Bertha
 Birth25 December 1898Gregory Oscar Mulford
 Marriage2 January 1899Hargis Eason Howell with Owen Luretta
 Death18 January 1899Claiborne Martha Caroline
 Birth24 March 1899Hauskins Dolly Elizabeth
 Birth27 August 1899Kemp Bessie Lee
20 century
 Birth2 June 1900Kemp Charlie Memdorm
 Death30 August 1900Cothron Thomas Moore
 Marriage2 November 1900Barnett Russell Edward with Patterson Shelby Jean
 Birth1900Bransford Letha A.
 Deathbefore 1900Gregory Joel L.
 Birth6 February 1901Casady Oakley Lovell
 Death8 February 1901Burton Beheathland Frances
 Death14 March 1901Cox David Payton
 Birth2 April 1901Woodcock Amanda Susan
 Birth20 April 1901Cothron Delia Drucilla
 Death5 June 1901Shrum Tilman D.
 Birth25 June 1901Gregory Cager Gillum
 Birth19 August 1901Cothron Mollie
 Birth1 September 1901Sloan Johnnie Pleasant 'Jack'
 Birth21 September 1901Green James Thomas Mitchell
 Birth26 October 1901Kemp Effie Angeline
 Birth23 December 1901England Chancie H.
 Death11 March 1902Taylor Jeremiah Vanderburg
 Death18 April 1902Andrews Lou Bessie
 Birth5 July 1902Sexton Charles Oakley
 Birth25 July 1902Gammon George Wiseman
 Birth26 August 1902Brawner Ervin Walker
 Birth29 August 1902Bray Lela
 Birth26 September 1902Brawner Nona Lee
 Birth3 November 1902King Mary Fielding
 Marriage27 November 1902Patterson James Franklin with Smalling Docia Etta
 Birth21 July 1903Shrum Pagie 'Peggy'
 Birth18 August 1903Andrews Sallie Merton 'Sallie'
 Marriage11 October 1903Patterson Miles 'Pierce' with Climer Cora Elizabeth
 Birth8 January 1904Patterson Loyd 'Odell'
 Birth1 February 1904Belt Fannie Lee
 Birth14 February 1904Bransford Edgie Eldon
 Birth28 April 1904Hargis Annie
 Marriage22 May 1904Dyer Phillip S. with Morgan Ezra
 Birth10 June 1904Meador Estell
 Birth22 October 1904Gammon Ethel
 Birth15 December 1904Andrews Robert Leland
 Birth26 January 1905Parker Stella
 Birth20 February 1905Brawner Louil Simpson
 Birth27 March 1905Gregory Evie L.
 Marriage26 May 1905Gammo Charles Herschel with Shrum Roxie Myrtle Susan
 Birth22 June 1905Claiborne Selma Letha
 Death15 July 1905Hargis Sarah Drucilla
 Death27 August 1905Gregory Elijah Frances
 Birth4 October 1905Kemp Dodger W.
 Birth13 October 1905England Emily Marie
 Marriage18 October 1905Patterson Eli Richard with Grand Verie D.
 Death1905Andrews Julia
 Birth13 March 1906Gammon Vernon Biancy
 Birth21 April 1906Gregory Dessie Isabell
 Birth29 April 1906Woodcock Molley Ann
 Birth6 June 1906Cothron Willis Monroe
 Birth7 June 1906Morgan Willie
 Birth12 July 1906Lankford Lillie Myrtle
 Death7 September 1906McDonald Mary Ann
 Birth14 October 1906Jenkins Mary B. 'Betty J'
 Death6 November 1906Sutton Ann Mclain
 Death1906Chandler John P.
 Birth1906Barton Lola Grace
 Birth3 February 1907Shrum Wesley Odell
 Birth13 March 1907Gregory Prentice William
 Birth13 March 1907Gregory William Prentice
 Birth19 April 1907Gammon Jesse Franklin
 Death29 April 1907Cothron Benton
 Birth9 May 1907Ragland Edga Belle 'Edgie'
 Death18 May 1907Kemp Flora S.
 Death4 June 1907Cox Leatha Ann
 Birth7 September 1907McDuffee Brady Cordell
 Death3 December 1907Gammon Henry
 Birth26 December 1907Brawner James Earl
 Birth10 February 1908Cassady Oleen
 Birth14 March 1908Jones Susie Sally
 Birth3 June 1908Word Charles Carlos
 Birth10 June 1908Simmons Esble Lee
 Birth29 June 1908Gregory Grace Mae
 Birth30 August 1908Gregory Hettie Mai
 Death4 September 1908Kemp Dora Lee
 Birth10 September 1908Hudson Mamie Bell
 Birth29 October 1908Gregory Jessie A.
 Birth10 December 1908Shrum Auzie Wesley
 Death1908Andrews Thomas William 'Bud'
 Death6 March 1909Gregory Marina "Manna" Ann
 Birth6 March 1909Cassity Oakley Lovell
 Birth9 July 1909Morgan Dennis
 Death15 August 1909Cox Lydia H
 Birth10 September 1909Cothron Durward Graves
 Death17 October 1909Bransford Nola Hester
 Birth21 December 1909Gregory Artie Oline
 Birth1909Woodcock Beatrice
 Marriage12 January 1910Patterson Washington C. 'Wash' with Greaned Edna
 Birth1 February 1910Gammon Daily
 Birth12 March 1910Patterson Leslie Idell "Odell"
 Birth25 March 1910Gammon Rena Gracie
 Birth29 March 1910Swindle Lamon R.
 Death3 November 1910Gammon Daily
 Birth22 March 1911Shrum Clarissa Mae
 Birth14 April 1911Reid Mabel
 Birth16 August 1911Gammon Ottis
 Birth19 August 1911Nichols Maggie Olene
 Birth29 August 1911Gregory Jewel L.
 Birth1 September 1911Tuck William Victor
 Birth1 December 1911England John Alfred
 Death2 December 1911Hargis William Abner
 Death11 December 1911Gregory Johney Lee
 Birth10 February 1912Andrews Artie Opal
 Death10 February 1912Word John Wesley
 Death30 April 1912Bransford Richard C.
 Birth3 June 1912Brawner Ida Grayton
 Birth21 July 1912Woodcock Floyd Allen
 Death6 October 1912Gammon Ottis
 Birth26 November 1912Gregory Lawrence
 Marriage15 December 1912Gregory Orthey Lillard with Tuck Lillie Daffinie
 Birth26 February 1913Bohanon Ester Pauline
 Death13 July 1913Andrews Josephine F. 'Josie'
 Birth13 July 1913Tuck Raymond Rudolph
 Death16 July 1913Andrews Eliza Jane
 Death27 July 1913Gregory Robert
 Death18 August 1913Linville Margaret Alice
 Death10 November 1913Dillard Robert H.
 Birth13 November 1913Gammon Neftie Alexander
 Birthabout 1913Seagraves Marshall Jack
 Birth10 January 1914Ellis William Odell
 Birth10 January 1914Ellis William Odell
 Death7 February 1914Ellis Louisa Jane
 Death28 February 1914Hudson Bedford
 Birth16 April 1914Cothron Mary Louis
 Birth17 May 1914Andrews Daisy
 Birth10 July 1914Andrews Ara Olene
 Death21 July 1914Shoulders Samuel
 Birth27 August 1914Holland Emmit Bratton
 Death31 August 1914Green John Sampson
 Death6 November 1914Roark Iredell Linville
 Death1914Brawner Ervin Walker
 Death14 January 1915McDuffee John Ansil
 Birth12 March 1915Gregory Laura Agnes
 Birth24 March 1915Morgan Earl Dixon
 Birth11 April 1915Leath Margaret
 Birth21 April 1915Morgan Frances William
 Marriage2 May 1915Patterson Washington C. 'Wash' with Brandon Bessie Laurinda Lucinda
 Birth20 June 1915Oldham Frank S.
 Death22 July 1915Robinson Alfred Jefferson
 Marriage26 September 1915Patterson Clarence W. with Brooks Ester
 Birth3 October 1915Willis James Virgil
 Death14 March 1916Driver Abraham 'Abe'
 Death15 March 1916Morgan Frances William
 Birth29 July 1916Smith Aubrey C.
 Birth25 September 1916Cothron Dora Margaret
 Marriage8 October 1916Patterson Maud Lee with McCormick Pressie Estella
 Death2 December 1916McDonald William Turner
 Death4 January 1917Gregory Sarah P. 'Sally'
 Birth25 February 1917Morgan Barnard
 Marriage8 September 1917Andrews Jesse James with Brooks Martha Belle
 Death10 September 1917Cothron Homer C.
 Birth16 October 1917Williams Geraldine
 Death17 December 1917Driver Wilson Nathaniel 'Bud'
 Marriage7 January 1918Woodcock Wiley N. with Jones Ema Dell
 Death7 January 1918Meador Timothy Turner
 Birth11 January 1918Gregory Cordis Dillard
 Birth2 February 1918Cothron Howard Clinton
 Death21 February 1918Russell John Wiseman
 Birth26 March 1918Keen Lois Estelle
 Birth24 September 1918Woodcock Gladys
 Death25 September 1918Andrews John Frank
 Birth30 September 1918Harper Elton
 Death30 September 1918Harper Elton
 Birth27 October 1918Morgan Paul P.
 Birth27 December 1918Smith Audie G.
 Birth10 February 1919Patterson Agnes
 Death20 February 1919Jenkins Nancy Emaline
 Birth9 May 1919Harrison Minnie Laura
 Birth14 May 1919Doss Velma Ray
 Death5 December 1919Gregory Claudy Franklin
 Death18 December 1919Woodcock Mary Frances
 Death4 March 1920Gregory Violla Maie
 Death2 April 1920McDuffee Margaret E.
 Death13 May 1920Gammon Annie "Finie"
 Birth9 July 1920Sewell Hessie Mae
 Birth17 August 1920Gammon Dorthy
 Birth2 October 1920Andrews Martha Myrtle
 Birth3 November 1920King Martha Olean
 Birth7 November 1920Patterson Allie
 Birth27 November 1920Ellis William Othell
 Death1920Brawner Versie Lou
 Birth29 January 1921Williamson Audra Leota
 Death26 May 1921Oliver Louisa Susan 'Susie'
 Death29 August 1921Perdue Missouri Emaline
 Birth28 October 1921Russell Pauline Frances
 Birth1921McClard Juanita
 Death24 January 1922McDonald Edward Green
 Birth22 February 1922Cothron Fred Vance
 Birth7 April 1922Cothron Sammie Gay
 Death29 April 1922Gregory Matilda Susan 'Tilda'
 Birth19 July 1922Hughes Mary Frances
 Birth24 September 1922Gregory Clara Lee
 Birth4 October 1922Morgan Calvin C.
 Birth24 December 1922Lamb Ruthie Delier
 Death23 February 1923Andrews Henry H.
 Birth5 April 1923Gregory Audie Willard
 Death11 July 1923Parker John
 Death15 November 1923Jones Cammie Emaline
 Death8 March 1924Shrum Perthina Jane 'Janie'
 Marriage18 May 1924Patterson Loyd 'Odell' with Ragland Edga Belle 'Edgie'
 Birth29 June 1924Cothron Kermit Clements
 Death3 July 1924Russell Pontus Poline
 Death2 September 1924Doss William Green 'Billy'
 Birth16 October 1924Cothron Carl Ray
 Birth15 November 1924Smalling Thelma
 Marriage7 December 1924Patterson Floyd Herschell with Hargis Minnie Lillian
 Birth7 December 1924Sexton Shelie C.
 Death22 January 1925Patterson Ednie Viola
 Death30 January 1925Cothron Phoeby Elizabeth
 Birth26 February 1925Craft Roxie Mae
 Birth26 February 1925Gammon Roxie Mae
 Birth3 April 1925Morgan Aaron Raymond
 Birth22 September 1925Andrews Betty Irene
 Birth22 September 1925Andrews Betty Irene
 Birth17 October 1925Sloan Cecil Ray
 Birth25 October 1925Cothron Ruby Faye
 Death29 October 1925Ellis Sarah Frances
 Birth1925Whittemore Edna Louise
 Death18 March 1926Shrum William C.
 Birth8 April 1926Patterson Georgia C.
 Death16 June 1926Driver Sarah Edna
 Birth19 November 1926Gregory J. T.
 Birth27 December 1926Cothron Jessie Denton
 Death16 January 1927Cothron William R.
 Death16 January 1927Cothron William R.
 Death31 January 1927Taylor Sophie Edna
 Death25 February 1927Andrews W. Lawson
 Death28 February 1927Cothron Horton Wilson
 Birth29 March 1927Andrews Susie Jane
 Death2 April 1927Cornwell Francis Marion
 Birth22 July 1927Cothron Ruth Maurice
 Birth12 October 1927Robinson Gerald D.
 Death12 January 1928Meador Martha H.
 Death25 January 1928Kemp James William 'Willie'
 Death25 January 1928Kemp James William 'Willie'
 Birth29 February 1928Cothron J. R.
 Birth29 February 1928Cothron Jimmy Ray
 Birth25 March 1928Gammon Paul Wiseman 'P. W.'
 Death12 August 1928Hargis Doshia
 Death14 November 1928Robinson Cornelia A. 'Nelia'
 Death9 February 1929Meador Jeptha Jesephus 'Seph'
 Death24 February 1929Knight Terrial 'Ponie' Napoleon
 Birth14 March 1929Gregory Willey Elgorden

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