List of events ordered by date

United States of America - TN Tennessee - Shoulders Cemetery, Towtown Branch

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?Shoulders Thomas Timberlake
19 century
 Birth27 May 1850Russell John Wiseman



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Shrum Cemetery, Lafayette, Macon Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?Shrum William C.



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Signal Mountain, Hamilton Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 Birth15 March 1917Miller Franklin Lubbock
21 century
 Death25 December 2008Willingham Linda



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Siloam Cemetery, Macon Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?Cothron Lillie Selma
 Burial?Lambert Sadie
 Burial?Herald Dovie C.
 Burial?Harrison Bonnie Evelyn
 Burial?Story Mary Jane 'Mollie'
 Burial?Gregory Laura Frances
 Burial?Sullivan Margaret Louise Kathryn
 Burial?Morgan Virginia
 Burial?Andrews Ottis Wilson
 Burial?Taylor Sophie Edna



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Siloam, Macon Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 Birth17 February 1910Meador James Delbert
 Birth26 November 1928Meador Jewel 'Hollis'
 Birth12 January 1930Meador W. L.
 Birth18 March 1931Meador Ruby Irene
 Death16 May 1931Meador Ruby Irene
 Birth20 May 1934Meador Earline
 Death22 April 1935Meador Lambert Leroy
 Death10 October 1936Meador Earline
 Birth8 August 1939Meador Randell Gene
 Death8 June 1954Sloan Louisa B. 'Lula'
 Death14 June 1955Cothron William Bailey 'Will'



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Silver Point, Putnam Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Marriageabout 6 June 1884Helms John Sypert with Scudder Bertha Belle
 Birth21 October 1884Helms John Sypert
 Birth3 August 1887Scudder Bertha Belle
20 century
 Birth2 May 1911Jones Agnes Lorene
 Birth15 June 1914Jones Lillian
 Birth2 November 1915Helms Ruth Elizabeth
 Birth11 July 1918Jones Ralph
 Birth18 May 1921Jones Reba Lucille
 Birth3 June 1923Jones Warren Gamalia
 Birth20 April 1925Jones Royce
 Birth23 October 1932Herren Charlie Richard



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Sloan Cemetery, Pleasant Shade, Smith Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?Unknown Mary
 Burial?Oliver Vestel
 Burial?Oliver Columbus Joshua 'Lum'
 Burial?Smith Betty S.



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Sloan Cemetery, UPC Church, Sloan Branch, Pleasant Shade

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?Gregory Buddie R.
 Burial?Gregory Ronnie Key
 Burial?Unknown Annie Lee
 Burial?Unknown Earcie B.
 Burial?Gregory Luther A.
 Burial?Grissom Anna Clayton 'Annie'
 Burial?Gregory Lester Herald
 Burial?Gregory Agnes
 Burial?Unknown Jettie
 Burial?Gregory Emma Beal



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Smalling Cemetery, Willette, Macon Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?Kemp Larkin
 Burial?Grisson Americus J. 'Mack'
 Burial?Kemp Mary Mahala 'Haley'
 Burial?Sutton Ann Mclain



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Smart Cemetery #3, Portland, Sumner Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?Gregory George William



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Smart Cemetery, Portland, Sumner Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?Fuller Josephine



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Smartt Cemetery, Brush Creek, Smith Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?Agee Malinda



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Smartt Station, Warren Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 Death29 April 1967Pittard Bessie Octavia



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Smellage Cem. Boma

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?Johnson Mary Ann



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Smellage Cemetery, Boma, Putnam Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?Fisher Amanda L.
 Burial?Fisher James Harvey
20 century
 Death28 November 1932Herren Charlie Richard
 Death10 February 1944Fisher Charles



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Smellage Cemetery, Borma

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?Fisher Franklin Pierce



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Smith Chapel Cemetery, Red Boiling Springs, Macon Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?Patterson Oscar 'Dayton'
 Burial?Patterson James Franklin
 Burial?Ragland Edga Belle 'Edgie'
 Burial?Patterson Washington C. 'Wash'
 Burial?Patterson Loyd 'Odell'
 Burial?Patterson Maud Lee
 Burial?Brandon Bessie Laurinda Lucinda
 Burial?McCormick Pressie Estella



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Smith Chapel Cemetery, Red Boiling Springs

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?Morgan John H.
 Burial?Morgan Elaine
 Burial?Morgan Terry
 Burial?Morgan Phillip R.



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Smith Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery, Tullahoma, Moore Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?Fulks Bill R.
 Burial?Fulks Billy Ray
 Burial?Unknown Lougene



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Smith Co., TN or Macon Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Death11 August 1852Hargis William



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Smith Co., TN or Macon Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
19 century
 Birth27 August 1829Wakefield Martha Ann



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Smith Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
unknown date
 Burial?Gregory Thomas Bry
 Birth?Fisher Sarah 'Sallie'
 Birth?Unknown Elizabeth
 Death?Jamison Jeremiah Leroy
 Birth?Smith Mary Elizabeth
 Birth?Jones James Harvey
 Birth?Gregory Isaac
 Death?Woodcock Maraquis 'Mark'
 Death?Jamison Willie
 Marriage?Violett Chapman Romel with Hazzard Jane Harriet
 Marriage?Shoulders John Bishop Jack with Nash Catherine Kate'
18 century
 Birth1775Shoulders Malachi Levi
19 century
 Birth1801Gregory Joseph Braxton
 Marriage15 March 1804Burrow James Caleb with Johnson Rachel
 Marriageabout 1804Andrews Drury\Drewry with Parker Rebecca
 Marriage1804Shoulders Malachi Levi with Gregory Mary 'Polly'
 Birth1804Beasley Mahala
 Birthabout 1805 Mary
 Birth30 December 1807Taylor Elizabeth Lovelace
 Birth31 December 1807Shrum Tilman D.
 Birth8 August 1808Malone Mary Elizabeth 'Polly'
 Birth24 November 1808Woodcock Wiley H.
 Birthabout 1808Uhles Bartley B.
 Marriage1809Fisher John with Cooksey Elizabeth
 Birthabout 1810Sloan Archibald G.
 Birthabout 1810Vaden William
 Birth1810Gregory Joel L.
 Birthabout 1810Uhles William
 Birth1 January 1811Willis Matilda Isabella 'Tilda'
 Marriageabout 1811Beasley Henry with Johns Mary "Polly"
 Birthabout 1811Bradley Leroy
 Birth17 August 1812Gregory Burrell
 Birthabout 1812Fulks Archibald
 Birth13 April 1813Burrow Celia 'Sealy'
 Birth1813Russell Bias
 Death1815Bradley George
 Birthabout 1815Jetton Margaret W.
 DeathNovember 1816Bradshaw Obedience 'Biddy'
 Birthabout 1816Willmore Isaiah "Ike"
 Birth1818Andrews Mary
 Birth18 July 1819Uhles Mary Jane Caroline "Callie"
 Death29 July 1819Woodcock Henry
 Birth10 December 1819Parker Mary
 Birth1819Brooks Charles Dyrus
 Marriageabout 1819Bradley James "Cockleburr" with Beasley Susanna "Susan"
 Marriage1819Vaden John with Uhles Martha
 Birth20 August 1820Gammon Thomas Robert
 Birth1820Jamison Elizabeth
 Birth1820Gregory Noel
 Birth1820Andrews Lucinda
 Birth21 January 1822McDonald William Turner
 Birth28 October 1822Gregory Joseph Newton
 Birth1822Gregory William Jesse 'Jabe'
 Birth1822Uhles Charles
 Birth1822Andrews Keziah
 Death16 October 1823Meador Hannah Anna
 Birth1823Cothron Kendall A.
 Birth1823Malone Rebecca
 Birth10 January 1824Gregory Susan 'Sookie'
 Birth10 November 1824Jamison Mary Jane
 Birth24 November 1824Wright Mary A.
 Birth26 December 1824Gregory Louisa Catherine
 Birth1824Farmer Martha E.
 Birth1824Andrews William F.
 Birth25 December 1825Gregory Thomas Morgan
 Birth1825Andrews John D.
 Marriageabout 1825Uhles James Harvey with Taylor Mary
 Birthabout 1825 Ann
 Birth1825Owen John D.
 Birthabout 1825Andrews Thomas H.
 Birth8 March 1826Davis Elizabeth
 Birth1 September 1826Shoulders William Ira
 Birth2 February 1827Gregory William Henry 'Betsy'
 Birth3 March 1827Cornwell Willis C.
 Birth4 September 1827Gregory Henry Milton
 Birth7 November 1827Oldham James F.
 Birth15 November 1827Dotson Cenia Ann
 Marriage1827Gregory James Dobbins "Dober" with Matterson Nancy
 Birth1827Davis Mary A. Celia
 Birth1827Gregory Sarah 'Sallie'
 Death1827Gregory Ambrose
 Birth28 January 1828Nixon Thomas
 Birth15 May 1828Gregory John W. L.
 Birth11 June 1828Woodcock Thomas Jefferson
 Birth1828McDuffee George W.
 Marriage30 January 1830Hargis Howell Henry with Tuck Lucy
 Birth14 March 1830Roark Iredell Linville
 Birth9 April 1830Gregory Nancy Susan
 Birth2 May 1830Shrum Pleasant Franklin
 Birth6 November 1830Hargis William Abner
 Birth15 December 1830Null Mary Caroline
 Death1830Watts Clarissa 'Clara'
 Birthabout 1830Gregory Lucinda
 Birthabout 1830Fulks Joel B.
 Marriage1830Foutch Martin B. with Malone Mary Elizabeth 'Polly'
 Birthabout 1830Dixon Stephen Jeremiah 'Steve'
 Birthabout 1831Shoulders Elizabeth
 Marriage5 April 1832Linville Iredell Hiram 'Idell' with Burrow Celia 'Sealy'
 Birth14 December 1832Gregory Marina "Manna" Ann
 Birth1832Gregory William D.
 Birth1832Vaden Lodwick Isham
 Birth28 January 1833Chandler John P.
 Birth1 April 1833Hargis Zachariah
 BirthApril 1833Vaden Elizabeth T.
 Death1833Tubbs James
 Birth9 September 1834Cothron Nancy Lee
 Birthabout 1834Vaden William Beasley
 Death15 January 1835Unknown Jane
 Birth27 May 1835Goad Mary 'Polly'
 Birth1835Jamison Fanny 'Fannie' J.
 Birth10 April 1836Foutch Rebecca Mary
 Birth12 April 1836Taylor Sarah Jane
 BirthMay 1836Jenkins William W.
 Birth4 October 1836Ellis Louisa Jane
 Birth19 November 1836Meador Timothy Turner
 Birth13 December 1836Hargis James Dennis
 Birth25 December 1836Vaden Mitilda Anne
 Birth15 June 1837Shoulders Samuel
 Marriage1 March 1838Fisher Thomas with Dedman Mary Jane
 Marriage29 August 1838Gammon Thomas Robert with Parker Mary
 Birthabout 1838Vaden Mary "Polly"
 Birth10 July 1839Gregory Abel J.
 Marriageafter 1839Beasley Henry with Stott Catherine
 Death2 March 1840Meador Isham
 Death24 September 1840Smith Jane
 Birth28 September 1840Meador Daniel J.
 Death9 October 1840Porter Alethia
 Birth11 October 1840Cothron Phoeby Elizabeth
 Birth15 October 1840Linville Mary Harrison
 Deathbefore 1840 Mary
 Birthabout 1840Vaden Permelia Catherine
 Birthabout 1840Brawner Matilda 'Tilda'
 Birth1 October 1841Fulks James Madison
 Birth4 July 1842Gregory Gideon B.
 Death9 July 1842Patterson Elizabeth
 Marriage1 September 1842Winkler Alfred M. with Bradley Elizabeth
 Birth23 November 1842Shoulders David Timberlake
 Birthabout 1842Vaden Martha Ludinda
 Birth29 March 1843Brooks William Henry
 Birth26 June 1843Gregory Marion Frances 'Duke'
 Birth4 December 1844Shoulders Martha Susan
 Birthabout 1844Gregory John C.
 Birthabout 1844Winkler Henry C.
 Birth18 January 1845Smith Thomas Jefferson
 Death25 September 1845Brooks Charles Dyrus
 Marriage23 December 1845Gregory Joseph Newton with Wakefield Martha Ann
 Death1845Bledsoe Martha Nancy
 Death1846Gregory Mary 'Polly'
 Death1846Gregory Mary 'Polly'
 Marriage19 October 1847Nickson John with Gregory Mary Ann
 Birth19 March 1848Smith Margaret Jane
 Death9 May 1848Gregory Smith
 Marriage18 May 1848Winkler Arthur M. 'Arter' with Sanderson Sarah L.
 Marriage21 September 1848Oldham James F. with Perkins Mary A.
 Marriage18 October 1848Jenkins Henry L. with Gregory Lucinda
 Marriageabout 1848McDuffee Tapley with Andrews Emmaline
 Birth1848Fisher William Martin 'Billy'
 Deathabout 1848Uhles J. Frederick "Buck"
 Marriage11 January 1849Kemp Wylie with Gregory Elizabeth 'Betsy'
 Birth13 January 1849Piper Mary Ann
 Marriage25 January 1849Gregory Stephen "Dopher" Calvin with Gregory Sina
 BirthMarch 1849Shoulders Benjamin Franklin
 Birth8 April 1849Vaden Mahala Beasley
 Birth15 April 1849Winkler Samuel Henderson
 Birth2 June 1849Fisher Thomas Judson
 Marriage22 July 1849Fisher Rily N. with Gregston Nancy
 Birth22 September 1849Kemp James William 'Willie'
 DeathSeptember 1849Russell Elam
 Marriage27 December 1849Chaffin John with Gregory Elizabeth
 Marriage10 January 1850Gregory Major A. with Unknown Elizabeth
 Marriage24 February 1850Nixon Thomas with Fisher Narcissa
 Death5 March 1850Woodcock Maraquis 'Mark'
 Marriage9 April 1850Russell Luther with Gregory Minerva
 Birth2 August 1850Wallace Mary Jane
 Birth25 December 1850Krantz Louvernia Harriott
 Marriage30 December 1850Climer Thomas with Phillips Milly
 Death1850Woodcock John
 Deathafter 1850Gregory Pitts
 Deathbefore 1850Price Phoebe
 Birth20 February 1851Gammon John
 Marriage4 March 1851Andrews Jessee B. with Stone Sinderella J.
 Birth8 May 1851Fisher Jesse Denton
 Marriage25 May 1851Fisher Logan with Grigston Martha
 Marriage2 October 1851Perry James Marlin with Climer Manerva Ann
 Marriage7 December 1851Nolen Archibald C. with Fulks Parthenia J.
 Marriageabout 1851Gregory William Henry 'Betsy' with Kemp Mary Ann "Polly"
 Marriage26 July 1852Sampson Stephen D. with Andrews Josephene F.
 Marriage18 August 1852Hyatt John with Winkler Emily
 Marriage18 August 1852Wyatt John with Winkler Emily
 Marriage3 December 1852Andrews John A. with Boulton Aralisha S.
 Birth15 July 1853Beasley Danny
 Birth26 August 1853Gregory John A. 'Johnie'
 Marriage21 September 1853Beal George with Gregory Lucinda
 Birth8 October 1853Climer Sarah A.
 DeathJanuary 1854Walker Charlotty
 Marriage16 February 1854Fisher Joseph with Winchester Permelia
 Death26 March 1855Andrews Mary 'Polly'
 Birth4 May 1855Fisher Mary Ann Frances
 Death21 May 1855McDaniel Mary A.
 Birth14 June 1855Sloan Archibald William
 Birth1 July 1855Gregory Mary Margaret
 Birth9 November 1855Fisher Ciscero
 Birth26 November 1855Winkler Laura Allen
 Birth10 January 1856Gregory Robert Hatten 'Bob'
 Death20 May 1856Gammon Elizabeth 'Betsy'
 BirthDecember 1856Oldham John J.
 Marriageabout 1856Apple George Washington 'Wash' with Brown Sarah A.
 Birth10 March 1857Oldham William Templeton
 Birth24 December 1857Kemp Benjamin Hickman 'Ben'
 Birthabout 1857Gregory Mary Ellen
 Marriage28 January 1858Gregory Robert H. with Gregory Mary
 Birth2 March 1858Shoulders Sarah Alice
 Death27 April 1858Beasley Henry
 Birth29 April 1858Gregory Henry Beasley
 Marriage18 May 1858Cothron William H. with Bennett Mary E.
 Marriage1 July 1858Shoulders A. with Gregory Jane
 Marriage15 September 1858Fulks John D. with Baker Setty
 Marriage25 October 1858Gregory Alexander L. with Pendergrass Minerva
 Death1858McDaniel Mary Ellen
 Birth29 September 1859Knight Terrial 'Ponie' Napoleon
 Marriage20 October 1859Beal Dan with Gregory Lutitia B.
 Marriage8 February 1860Knight E. W. with Gregory Mary Ann
 Birth16 February 1860Sloan Eldora
 DeathFebruary 1860Sutherland Celia Jane
 Birth27 April 1860Taylor Sarah Alice
 Birth12 June 1860Climer Triphenia P. 'Phenia'
 Marriage12 August 1860Watson James H. with Gregory Elizabeth
 Birth16 September 1860Goad Seminola Pocahontas 'Nolie'
 Marriage12 February 1861Reece Cable with Gregory Martha E.
 Marriage17 April 1861Ligon Marcus L. with Andrews Emma M.
 Birth31 July 1861Gregory John Bell
 BirthOctober 1861Sloan Matilda Elizabeth
 Birth23 November 1862Day Louvenia Frances Caroline
 Birth5 December 1862Gregory Thomas Jefferson
 Marriage26 January 1863Day Henry C. with Fisher Martha
 Birth5 December 1863Gregory Thomas Jefferson
 Marriage14 January 1864Chambers Samuel with Winkler Mary
 Birth5 May 1864Taylor Kindred Cicero
 Birth5 July 1864Rodgers Malinda 'Linnie'
 Birth6 January 1865Gregory Larkin
 Marriage16 June 1865Wright F. A. with Fisher Annie E.
 Marriage15 July 1865Gregory J. B. with Shoulders Martha
 Marriage15 July 1865Gregory William Jesse 'Jabe' with Shoulders Martha Susan
 Marriage8 November 1865Gregory William N. with Gregory Martha T.
 Marriage14 December 1865Ryerd George Thomas with Gregory Sarah J.
 Birth16 December 1865Nabors James N.
 Death1865Malone Rebecca
 Marriage16 February 1866Chaffin Harvey with Gregory Julie Ann
 Marriage25 February 1866Dyre Jefferson with Fisher Sarah
 Marriage11 March 1866Reasonover Soloman with Andrews Mary
 Marriage12 March 1866Gregory Dick with Chambers Ann
 Marriage18 March 1866Andrews Abraham with Johnson July
 Marriage26 March 1866Griggin Stephen with Gregory Mary C.
 MarriageMarch 1866Fisher Alford with Winfrey Rachel
 Marriage1 April 1866Fulks Jay with Pride Caroline
 Marriage21 May 1866Andrews Jesse B. with Mathis Gillie
 Marriage17 July 1866Andrews Napoleon B. with Ligon Josephine
 Marriage6 August 1866Gregory John with Barrett Rebecca
 Marriage26 September 1866Chandler John P. with Day Sarah Elizabeth
 Marriage5 October 1866Gregory Viniard with Wallace Mary Jane
 Marriage9 November 1866Fisher Matthew with Right Sarah
 Marriage6 January 1867Porter John with Gregory Emily
 Marriage16 February 1867Fisher Claiborn with Newman Georgie Anna
 Marriage20 February 1867Prichard James Carrel with Lancaster Melissa
 Marriage29 March 1867Gregory James H. with Gregory Mary Jane
 Birth20 June 1867Fisher James Neely 'Neal'
 Marriage16 December 1867Madding William with Fisher Mary
 Death1867Oldham George Washington
 Death7 July 1868Smith Lucinda
 Birth3 September 1868Andrews Elijah Allen
 Birth3 February 1869Sloan Ira Jason
 Birth24 September 1869Sloan Manerva Elizabeth 'Bettie'
 Death1869McDuffee George W.
 Marriage4 October 1870Kemp Burrell Franklin 'Frank' with Winkler Mary Ann
 Birth13 November 1870Duke John Critman
 Birth26 December 1870Andrews Henry Alvis
 Deathbefore 1870Williams Nancy
 Birth7 March 1871Chandler Julia Ann
 Birth8 March 1871Goad Isadora 'Dora'
 Marriage5 December 1871Fisher James Monroe with DeWitt Sallie
 Marriageabout 1871Apple George Washington 'Wash' with Eller Clarissa
 Death1 November 1872Gregory William 'Little Bill'
 Birth10 November 1872Kemp Jesse Alexander
 Birth25 November 1872Dickerson Victoria A. 'Vick'
 Marriage16 January 1873Gregory Ambrose David with Coons Lucinda
 Marriage19 January 1873Oliver Horace B. with Fisher Melissa J. 'Lissie'
 Marriage23 May 1873Ray Rufus with Fulks Nancy A.
 Birth26 July 1873Eller Lillie E.
 Marriage14 November 1873Ray William Daniel with Nabors Parasetta
 Marriage5 February 1874Gregory John A. 'Johnie' with Climer Sarah A.
 Birth9 April 1874Gregory Martha Talitha
 Marriage24 September 1874Agee Jonathan with Fisher Cinda
 Birth30 April 1875Gregory Aldora
 Marriage14 October 1875Gregory J. M. "Jimmie" with Winkler Martha Jane
 Marriage27 October 1875Langford Robert with Gregory Martha Susan
 Birth27 January 1876Chambers Walter 'Big Walt'
 Marriage29 August 1876Fisher J. B. with Hunter J. D.
 Marriage4 September 1876Hutcherson Charlie with Fulks Martha
 Birth10 October 1876White Julia Anne
 Death15 December 1876Oldham James F.
 Marriage24 December 1876Fisher Cornelius with Moss Virginia
 Birth17 February 1877Gregory William Newton 'Willie'
 Marriage17 June 1877Jamison Sam with White Bettie
 Marriage5 December 1877Fisher John B. with Newbill S. M.
 Marriage3 January 1878Fisher King with Goodall Lucy
 Birth26 March 1878Moss Talley Thomas
 Marriage2 May 1878Seay Moses with Fulks Mary
 Marriage13 September 1878WInkler J. H. with Austin Susan E.
 Marriage15 September 1878Winkler John C. with Austin Sarah E.
 Marriage27 October 1878Patterson George Washington with Andrews Martha Ann
 Marriage12 December 1878Piper William H. with Winkler Sarah
 Birth14 February 1879Gregory Robert
 Death23 July 1879Bradley James "Cockleburr"
 Marriage16 October 1879Gregory Henry Beasley with Winkler Laura Allen
 Marriage4 November 1879Armstong Thomas Harvey with Fisher Mary A.
 Marriage4 November 1879Armstrong Thomas H. with Fisher Mary A.
 Marriage29 July 1880Manners Riley with Fisher Janie
 Marriage10 October 1880Oldham James H. with Sloan Matilda Elizabeth
 Marriage21 October 1880Smith William H. with Winkler Fannie E.
 Death23 October 1880Nickson Mary E. 'Polly'
 BirthMay 1881Gregory William Bell
 Marriage4 August 1881Halliburton O. A. with Fisher Amanda
 Birth19 September 1881Oldham Mary Tabitha
 Marriage24 September 1881Nabors Richard Burrell "Burr" with Green Mary Hetty
 Marriage21 February 1882Nabors James N. with Mary F.
 Death7 March 1882Matterson Nancy
 Marriage30 July 1882Andrews A. S. with Boulton H. M.
 Marriage19 October 1882Kemp Lawson K. "Kinney" with Winkler Tennie
 Marriage12 November 1882Cartwright A. J. with Winkler Martha E.
 Deathabout 1882Apple George Washington 'Wash'
 Marriage5 April 1883Andrews J. A. with Robinson Martha F.
 Birth20 September 1883Cornwell Louverna Susan
 DeathSeptember 1883Winkler Alfred M.
 Birth12 January 1884Gregory Ollie Mae
 Marriage9 March 1884Fisher Giles with Jackson Mary G.
 Marriage13 April 1884Word John Wesley with Fisher Mary Lee
 Birth16 April 1884Oldham James Charles
 Marriage30 August 1884Earps Elijah with Gregory Arrie Jane
 Marriage28 September 1884Carter Dan with Fisher Malvina
 Birth8 October 1884Gregory Victoria Susan
 Marriage8 January 1885Word G. T. with Payne Mary Jane
 Birth28 March 1885Baker Lemuel Silas
 Death26 June 1885Gregory Curtis
 Marriage27 September 1885Fisher W. N. with Donoho Hattie A.
 Death22 October 1885Clark Basel Clay
 Death1885Hargis Henderson
 Marriage2 January 1886Oldham George A. with Dillehay Sarah C. 'Sallie'
 Birth1 April 1886Oldham Samuel Alexander
 Birth19 August 1886Canter Minnie Frances
 Death30 August 1886Dean Mary 'Polly'
 Marriage5 November 1886Oldham William Templeton with Goad Seminola Pocahontas 'Nolie'
 Marriage18 November 1886Andrews Marion with Richards Samantha
 Death5 December 1886Moreland Aletha E.
 Marriage14 December 1886Ballinger Simon with Fisher Janie
 Birth1886McCall Robert Henry
 Marriage30 January 1887Kemp J. Howard with Winkler Joanna Elizabeth
 Marriage3 July 1887Nixon George with Fisher Tennie
 Marriage7 August 1887Owens John with Fisher Lottie
 Marriage26 April 1888Fisher Claiborn with Morgan Sarah
 Death8 September 1888Phillips Milly
 Marriage8 November 1888Winkler John Bell with Gregory Mary Margaret
 Birth22 February 1889Kemp Charlie J.
 Birth30 March 1889Gregory Grover G. 'Mutt'
 Marriage24 October 1889Williams James A. with Winkler Susan P.
 Marriage24 October 1889Willman J. H. with Winkler Susan
 Marriage27 October 1889Nabors James N. with Fisher Amanda L.
 Marriage11 December 1889Winkler W. A. with Baker M. A.
 Marriage17 December 1889Winkler Wade Alfred with Baker Mattie A.
 Marriageabout 1889Winkler Samuel Henderson with Climer Triphenia P. 'Phenia'
 Death20 January 1890Buford Sarah Malicia
 Death1 April 1890Violett Chapman Romel
 Marriage7 October 1890Gregory Thomas Morgan "Dopher" with Ballou Marietta
 Death17 September 1891Gregory Susan 'Sookie'
 Marriage1 November 1891Sloan Ira Jason with Goad Isadora 'Dora'
 MarriageSeptember 1892West Felix P. with Andrews Marilla C.
 Birth1 October 1893Gregory Almar Gracie
 Birth18 March 1894Beal Cora
 Birth1 August 1894Nabors James Tony
 Marriage8 December 1895Parker Burrell with Fisher Jessie
 Marriage25 November 1896Hailey Thomas Winfield with Fisher Amanda Jane 'Mandy'
 Death1 December 1896Taylor Sarah Jane
 Birth2 December 1896Gregory Eunice Ward
 Marriage24 December 1896Fisher Frank with Davis Eliza
 Death24 April 1897Beasley Calvin
 Death20 November 1898Taylor Joseph J.
 Birth27 November 1898Gregory William Allen 'Willie'
 Death30 April 1899Unknown Rachel
 Death29 October 1899Goad Mary 'Polly'
20 century
 Death24 June 1900Gregory Sarah 'Sallie'
 Birth5 January 1901Gregory Alice Castleman
 Birth5 February 1901Gregory William Eddie
 Marriage30 November 1901Gregory James Clinton with Oldham Mary Tabitha
 Birth1902Smith Eunice Tranie
 Birth11 January 1903Gregory Martha Lou
 Marriage1 March 1903Sanborn Charles Hubert with Chandler Tollie Della
 Birth6 April 1903West Walter Marshall
 Birth9 November 1903Kemp Ernest Hart 'Butts'
 Birth29 August 1904Sutton Carsey McDonald
 Birth5 October 1905Hunt Loda Elvis
 Death21 July 1906Gregory Infant Boy
 Birth21 July 1906Gregory Infant
 Birth21 July 1906Gregory Infant Boy
 Death21 July 1906Gregory Infant
 Marriage3 March 1907Russell Lewis Patrick with Taylor Mary Ann
 Birth15 May 1907Oldham James Cager
 Marriage24 May 1908Fisher Joseph Chapman with Mofield Ludie M.
 Death11 October 1908Gregory Nancy Susan
 Marriage23 December 1908Climer Hubert with Andrews Fannie
 Marriage9 May 1909Andrews Lester with Williams Annie
 Death15 May 1909Russell John Robert
 Birth26 October 1909Unknown Harriett G.
 Birth25 September 1910Smith Alma Buford
 Birth15 March 1911Gregory Gradie Estelle
 Death5 May 1911Climer Triphenia P. 'Phenia'
 Death13 July 1911Kemp Mary Ann "Polly"
 Birth10 November 1911Moss James Calvin
 Death24 November 1912Ballou Marietta
 Death12 March 1914Smith Thomas Jefferson
 Death27 June 1914Gregory William Henry 'Betsy'
 Birth17 August 1914Gregory Clemons
 Death19 November 1914Gregory Thomas Morgan "Dopher"
 Birth11 February 1916Andrews Ira Carsey
 Birth2 September 1916Gregory Arnett Galen
 Death16 November 1916Kemp James Riley
 Death19 January 1917Morgan Sarah L.
 Birth21 April 1918Gregory Meddie E.
 Death22 September 1918\\ Lurah M.
 Birth14 January 1919Gregory William Cordell
 Death19 April 1919Winkler Laura Allen
 Birth22 June 1919Beasley William Hayes
 Birth13 September 1919Gregory Benton Willard
 Death4 March 1920Clark Opal Estella
 Birth17 March 1920Andrews Irene
 Death29 November 1921Kemp Benjamin Hickman 'Ben'
 Birth22 July 1922Tuck Mae C.
 Death12 May 1923Oldham William Templeton
 Death26 October 1923Climer Sarah A.
 Birth11 January 1925Fisher William Ray
 Birth11 January 1925Fisher William Ray
 Death4 March 1926Gregory Henry Milton
 Death18 April 1926Winkler Samuel Henderson
 Death1 June 1926Gammon Lethia Mae
 Birth9 October 1926Fisher James Franklin 'Frank'
 Death14 August 1927Brooks William Henry
 Death25 January 1928Kemp Wiley
 Death25 January 1928Kemp Wylie
 Marriage7 October 1928Stone Charlie Stephen with Cothron Mary Idell
 Deathabout 1928Uhles Jacob
 Birth8 April 1929Dedmon William Gordon 'Bill'
 Marriage10 August 1930Clark Vestal B. with Gaines Emma B.
 Death30 October 1930Oldham George A.
 Death20 July 1931Gregory Billy J.
 Death15 December 1931Goad Seminola Pocahontas 'Nolie'
 Death16 March 1932Pate Ollie Frances
 Marriage22 September 1932Gregory Herbert Raymond with Marler Nell
 Death11 January 1936Gregory Alexander Jesse
 Death25 May 1936Prichard James Carrel
 Death1 March 1940Gregory John Wesley
 Death9 June 1940Clark Haskell Clay 'Hack'
 Death20 January 1942Gregory Victoria Susan
 Death6 March 1942Fisher Joseph Chapman
 Death7 March 1942Knight Opal
 Death22 August 1942Sloan Eldora
 Death10 December 1943Towns Alice Hatten
 Death28 April 1944Taylor Kindred Cicero
 Death1945Beal Pleam
 Death10 February 1948Moss Amos Tinsley
 Death1950McCall Robert Henry
 Birth11 June 1956Rice Jan NMN
 Death11 June 1956Sutton Ben A.
 Death17 February 1958Andrews Elijah Allen
 Death14 December 1958Clark Vestal B.
 Death18 June 1961Gregory Clemons
 Death16 March 1963Gregory Martha Talitha
 Death11 February 1968Canter Minnie Frances
 Death4 November 1969Nabors Allie Tea
 Birth1 January 1970Thompson Lollia Kay
 Death1 August 1971Beal Benjamin H.
 Death28 August 1972Carver Caltha Lillian
 Death9 May 1974Dickerson William P. 'Will'
 Death6 February 1977Russell Edgar Hart
 Death23 August 1977Green Willie Elbert
 Death18 June 1979Russell Garfield
 Death11 November 1980Gregory Grace Dexter
 Death19 May 1982Gregory Alice Castleman
 Death7 July 1982Fisher Thomas Jefferson
 Death26 January 1987Gregory Eunice Ward
 Death27 July 1988Beasley William Hayes
 Death1 December 1997Kemp Ode Lee
 Death11 January 1999Canter Maggie Olean
21 century
 Death24 December 2001Allen J. Brit
 Death10 August 2010Gregory William 'Billy'
300 century
 Death1 AUGJamison William

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