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Note NI14349 :

Individuals : Jones Ibbie


Note NI14350 :

Individuals : Tompkins Lula
The last will and testimony of M. T. Pitts dated 13 October 1906 seems tobe consistent with M ose Pitts in that it mentions the son Orman. Twosons are listed, Orman and M. B. Pitts alon g with his w ife Beatrice whoserved as executrix of his will. Is Lula the Beatrice?
The will is witnessed by F. E Pitts and W. C. Bilko.


Note NI14351 :

Individuals : Pitts Orman M.


Note NI14352 :

Individuals : Elrod Beatrice


Note NI14353 :

Individuals : Pitts Bayless


Note NI14354 :

Individuals : Pitts Benjamin M.
Located off E. Pitts Ln
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------
PITTS Benjamin M. 1847-1928
PITTS Katie Z. 1857-1900
TARPLEY James A. 1796-Jan 30, 1860
ZUMBRO George W. Mar 30, 1818-Aug 29, 1905
ZUMBRO Elvira C. Sep 1, 1820-Nov 15, 1888
, 1905
original survey by EK Johns 1971
v 15, 1888
Descendants of Benjamin were taken in part from WFT Vol. 12, #482
The grave site was still in good condition in the summer of 1998. Anaccess road has been bui lt for a new house directly in front of the smallcemetery, however, easy access is given at t he end of th is road. Thesite is clearly visible from the Boyd Cemetery on Pitts Lane. Benj amin'sfather is buried on Compton Road at the Rucker-Pitts Cemetery about 4miles to the west . His sister, Susan Ann i s buried in the Boyd Cemeterynearby.


Note NI14355 :

Individuals : Zumbro Katherine Catiolonia "Katie"
The memorial next to Benjamin M. Pitts, 1847-1928, is Katie Z. Pitts withthe dates 1857-1900 . Also in the same Pitts Cemetery, 1/3 mile east fromHighway 96. About 400 feet down farm la ne from road in a little grove ofcedar trees on the Clarence Higgins farm. Recorded in Nov . 1971.
ins farm. Recorded in Nov . 1971.
Also buried there are George W. Zumbro, Mar. 30, 1818 - Aug. 29, 1905,Elvira C. Zumbro, Sept . 1, 1820 - Nov. 15, 1888. James A. Tarpley, ____,1796, Jan 30. 1860. Two cedar markers an d three other fieldstones.


Note NI14356 :

Individuals : Anderson Juanita Gertrude


Note NI14357 :

Individuals : Pitts George Matthew
Evergreen Cemetery, Rutherford Co., TN


Note NI14358 :

Individuals : Pitts Effie


Note NI14359 :

Individuals : Damron Janice


Note NI14360 :

Individuals : Pitts Harry Pariloa
Evergreen Cemetery, Rutherford Co., TN


Note NI14361 :

Individuals : Pitts Mattie Elvira
Evergreen Cemetery, Rutherford Co., TN
Never married.


Note NI14362 :

Individuals : Pitts Emma


Note NI14363 :

Individuals : Pitts Loula Elsie
Evergreen Cemetery, Rutherford Co., TN


Note NI14364 :

Individuals : McDowell Etta May Cowan


Note NI14365 :

Individuals : Pitts Merchant


Note NI14366 :

Individuals : Pitts Cowan


Note NI14367 :

Individuals : Anderson Janet Lorraine


Note NI14368 :

Individuals : Pitts Fountain Ezekial


Note NI14369 :

Individuals : McAdoo Joe


Note NI14370 :

Individuals : McAdoo Tennessee
The sex of "Tennessee" not stated by Aunt Lell but if follows family
tradition, Tennessee was a girl.


Note NI14371 :

Individuals : Owen Mary Annie
Hillview Baptist Church Cemetery
Marker has her as "Anna Owen, 1858-1946".
Mary Owen was reported to be Cherokee by Beverly Brandon on GenForum Sept20, 2002 as given be low:
2002 as given be low:
"I know of Matthew Pitts from Rutherford County born around early 1800's.One of his sons wa s John Pitts born around the 1830's of Murfreesboro,Tennessee. John Pitts married Ann Owens w ho was Cheroke e and had adaughter named Clara L. Pitts in late 1800's who married Alvin Hawk insBrandon. Clara L. Pitts and Alvin Hawkins Brandon had a son inMurfreesboro named Alvin H . Brandon, my dad.
d a son
written by Robert Alvin Brandon, Fort Worth Texas. - I am trying to findif Ann Owens and Joh n Pitts registered on the rolls of the CherokeeIndian tribe when they lived in Murfreesboro i n mid 1850's. "
ls of the


Note NI14372 :

Individuals : McAdoo Edgar
Aunt Lill states that Edgar was indeed a girl.


Note NI14373 :

Individuals : McAdoo Aubrey


Note NI14374 :

Individuals : McAdoo Walter
Reported to have been a Presbyterian preacher by Aunt Lell.


Note NI14375 :

Individuals : Pitts Nancy Tennessee
Hall Cemetery, Rutherford Co., TN
Name established via will of Martha Pitts which list issue: Nancy T.Watson to receive $33.37
to receive $33.37
Not sure of date and place of burial in Hall Cemetery.


Note NI14376 :

Individuals : Watson Felix


Note NI14377 :

Individuals : Watson Verson


Note NI14378 :

Individuals : Boyd Joe Frank


Note NI14379 :

Individuals : Watson Bessie


Note NI14380 :

Individuals : Watson Clevie E.


Note NI14381 :

Individuals : Watson Font


Note NI14382 :

Individuals : Watson Cora


Note NI14383 :

Individuals : Pitts Edward (Eddie) Andrew
Unknown for sure but a John Pitts m. Mary Eliza Brandon, b. 21, 1870, d.
Feb. 21, 1941 of Readyville.
The grave marker at Hillview is: "Ed A."


Note NI14384 :

Individuals : Watson Addie


Note NI14385 :

Individuals : Blair William 'Will'


Note NI14386 :

Individuals : Blair Amy


Note NI14387 :

Individuals : Blair Murfree


Note NI14388 :

Individuals : Blair Gertrude


Note NI14389 :

Individuals : Herrod Allie Marie


Note NI14390 :

Individuals : Armistead


Note NI14391 :

Individuals : Blair Raymond


Note NI14392 :

Individuals : Blair Will Ed


Note NI14393 :

Individuals : Pitts Maggie M.


Note NI14394 :

Individuals : Jarman A. Frank
Reference WFT Vol 5 # 2360 for Descendants of Frank & Maggie Jarman.


Note NI14395 :

Individuals : Jarman George
George is said to have been a Baptist minister. Delores says that Georgewas a great man of Go d, had pastored several churches over Tennessee andChurches in the Bedford Co., Shelbyville a rea. She kn ew him, heard himpreach and upon retiring lived in Shelbyville. He and his love ly wife,died but not sure where they are buried. - Delores Compton Smith.


Note NI14396 :

Individuals : Pitts Pearl May
Pearl never married and her memorial is marked with "Sister".


Note NI14397 :

Individuals : Jarman Robert
May not be George's son, however, a grandson of Maggie and Frank Jarman.
He is a Baptist preacher in Knoxville, TN.


Note NI14398 :

Individuals : Owen Nathaniel
Aunt Lell reported that Nathaniel and his brothers came to RutherfordCo., TN from Virginia.


Note NI14399 :

Individuals : Owen Thomas


Note NI14400 :

Individuals : McNeil Mary Elizabeth


Note NI14401 :

Individuals : Anderson Dianne Mary


Note NI14402 :

Individuals : Owen Stephen


Note NI14403 :

Individuals : Owen Branch


Note NI14404 :

Individuals : Bennett Willie Alexander


Note NI14405 :

Individuals : Jones Margaret Elizabeth


Note NI14406 :

Individuals : Pitts Clara Bell
After Alvin died, Clara married Robert "Bob", Alvin's brother and Lived
in Oklahoma until Bob's death.


Note NI14407 :

Individuals : Brandon Alvin Hawkins


Note NI14408 :

Individuals : Pitts Irvin Lee
Unknown about William Pitts, however, Rutherford Co., Marriage Records
Wm Anderson Pitts obtained License to marry Miss Cora Lee Odom on April
13, 1907. Witnessed by Font E. Pitts


Note NI14409 :

Individuals : Brandon Charles


Note NI14410 :

Individuals : Pitts Mayme Lizzie


Note NI14411 :

Individuals : Howse William Mitchell


Note NI14412 :

Individuals : Anderson Shirley Marie


Note NI14413 :

Individuals : Pitts Matthew Owen "Dock"
Dock never married and his memorial is marked with "Brother".


Note NI14414 :

Individuals : Pitts Lell Marcella
Lell Pitts Howse is the originator of the letter with genealogyinformation. The letter was wr itten in September 1973 to Eddie AndrewPitts' daughter Martha Pearl. Eddie was one of John R obert Pitts' sons.Aunt Lell, as she is known, was passing on to Martha Pearl herrecollectio n of births/deaths & marriagesstarting with her GreatGrandfather who would have been Matthe w Pitts, Sr.
GreatGrandfather who would have been Matthe w Pitts, Sr.
"Martha Pearl, your Grandmother Owen's mother was a Lee, Martha Lee. Shewas a relative of Ro bert E. Lee), and Martha Lee married E. A. McNeil.My great grandfather's name is unknown . Wife's name unknown. Theirchildren: Matthew Pitts, born in Rutherford County, Novembe r 1820 diedDec. 19, 1885. he married Martha Nolen), date unknown, who died in1891. Her fath er was Pierce Nolan, who marr ied a Burnett. GrandpaMatthew Pitts had several brothers: Joh n, Theophilus, Anderson, andsister , Nancy, who married a Mr. Doughtery. Matthew and Marth a Pittshad 12 children".
sister , Nancy, who married a Mr. Doughtery. Matthew and Marth a
Then she talks about her grandfather on the Owen side, Nathaniel Owen.His father was Thomas O wen and mother was Sally Stewart. He and twobrothers, Stephen and Branch, came to Rutherfor d Country fro m Virginiaand all their dates and children, etc. She called her mother Mary An nieOwen"
nd all their dates and children, etc. She called her mother
Then she talks about her Daddy John Robert Pitts and his 9 children andall their dates as wel l as their children and the dates. These have beenincorporated into this record..


Note NI14415 :

Individuals : Howse Jack Sills


Note NI14416 :

Individuals : Pitts Bennette


Note NI14417 :

Individuals : Fite Leslie T.


Note NI14418 :

Individuals : Pitts Leslie Ann
Leslie died at birth.


Note NI14419 :

Individuals : Pitts Roscoe Lewis


Note NI14420 :

Individuals : Thompson Sadie L.
Evergreen Cemetery, Rutherford Co., TN


Note NI14421 :

Individuals : Taylor Alice


Note NI14422 :

Individuals : Pitts Robert Irving
Robert was a pilot for Eastern Airlines and retired in 1972 to Miami, FL


Note NI14423 :

Individuals : McMaster Joseph


Note NI14424 :

Individuals : Walter


Note NI14425 :

Individuals : Pitts Lucille


Note NI14426 :

Individuals : Headen Bill


Note NI14427 :

Individuals : Headen Dava Nell


Note NI14428 :

Individuals : Headen Burt


Note NI14429 :

Individuals : Shoffner


Note NI14430 :

Individuals : Pitts Celine
They live in Silver Springs, FL.


Note NI14431 :

Individuals : Mack Tommy


Note NI14432 :

Individuals : Zumbro Thomas Washington
Boyd Cemetery on East Pitts Lane
Information on the dates of birth of the Zumbro children if from Tom Boyd.
Find A Grave Memorial# 10566162


Note NI14433 :

Individuals : Mack Margaret


Note NI14434 :

Individuals : McMaster Mary Jo


Note NI14435 :

Individuals : Mack Larry


Note NI14436 :

Individuals : Brandon Louise


Note NI14437 :

Individuals : Brandon John Robert


Note NI14438 :

Individuals : Brandon Mary Anna
Lives in Woodbury, TN


Note NI14439 :

Individuals : Brandon Carmine


Note NI14440 :

Individuals : Brandon Christime
Carmine and Christine were twins. Christine died from burns when she was
about 3 years old which she receive when warming in front of fire place
and her cloths caught fire.


Note NI14441 :

Individuals : Brandon Alvin H.
Alvin married a girl form Washington State where he resides and has three


Note NI14442 :

Individuals : Brandon Clinton 'Winkle'
Clifton left home at 16 and served in World War II with no record of any
family. He died in a V. A. Hospital in Texas.


Note NI14443 :

Individuals : Elrod Hoyte


Note NI14444 :

Individuals : Cook George S.


Note NI14445 :

Individuals : McMaster Melinda


Note NI14446 :

Individuals : Burger Willie


Note NI14447 :

Individuals : Burger Charles


Note NI14448 :

Individuals : Burger Melinda


Note NI14449 :

Individuals : Howse William M.


Note NI14450 :

Individuals : Howse Ed Pitts


Note NI14451 :

Individuals : Howse John R.


Note NI14452 :

Individuals : Vaughn Oleda


Note NI14453 :

Individuals : Howse Elva Jean
Elva Jean Howse Huddleston, age 68, of Murfreesboro, passed away onAugust 3, 2010 at NHC Nati onal Health Care. She was a native andlife-long resident of Rutherford County and a member o f the Church ofChrist. Jean retired as a clerk for the VA Medical Center.
a clerk for the VA Medical Center.
Jean was preceded in death by her parents, John R. Howse, Sr. and OledaVaughn Howse; infant s ons, William Mitchell Huddleston and Robert MichaelHuddleston and granddaughter, Lauren Macke nzie Huddles ton. She issurvived by her husband of 50 years, Franklin McKnight Huddleston, Sr .;son, Franklin OMacO (Melissa) Huddleston, Jr. of Murfreesboro;daughter, Tamela (Jeff) H owland of Murfreesboro; brother, John (Judy)Howse, Jr. of Murfreesboro; sister, Mary (Don) Od om of Lascassas; fivegrandchildren, Josh, Blake and Tate Howland and Brandon and AshlynHuddle ston; uncle, Jack (Jean) Vaughn; au nts, Genevieve Arnold andElizabeth (JD) Bennett; and sist er-in-law, Joyce Huddleston.
) Vaughn; au nts, Genevieve
A chapel service for Jean will be held at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, August5, 2010 at Jennings an d Ayers Chapel with Teb Batey and David Westofficiating. Burial will follow at Evergreen Ceme tery with ne phews andcousins serving as active pallbearers. Grandsons will serve as honorary pallbearers.
een Ceme tery with ne phews
Visitation with the family will be held from 4:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. onWednesday, August 4 , 2010 at Jennings & Ayers Funeral Home; 820 SouthChurch St., Murfreesboro, TN 37130. 615-893 -2422 www.jen


Note NI14454 :

Individuals : Howse Johnny


Note NI14455 :

Individuals : Howse Mary Ann


Note NI14456 :

Individuals : Russell James


Note NI14457 :

Individuals : Hall Roise 'Boss' Ernest
Memories from Diane Hall-O'Dell:
Mary remembers their Daddy telling how Boss would light cigars with $100bills. She also reme mbers there were 4 children; 3 boys and 1 girl. AnnMeador said 1900 census records and Prest on, Robert, Ben and George werelisted as children. When Boss died, Lou married a Tomlinson, w ho was an orphan who was raised by a Pitts.
C ho was an orphan who was raised by a Pitts.
She remembers her father's strongest memory of Boss was his banjo playing.
jo playing.
My grandparents are dead. So I rely upon my Grandma Vina Hall's family tree notes and my father's memory (my father's siblings are dead). My grandmother's Hall family source was Maudie Hall. Maude lived with her Aunt Margaret RUSSELL BOYD after Lula Mae (her mother) left Boss (her father). I hope I haven't confused you. Aunt Margaret RUSSELL BOYD married Robert Murray BOYD, brother to Lula Mae BOYD HALL. The Robert BOYDs lived in a house in Nashville, Tennessee. After he died in an accident, she took in roomers. My paternal grandparents, Bennie and Vina HALL, lived with Boss HALL in Murfreesboro for a short time after they married in 1919 and then lived with Aunt Margaret for a few years before moving to Detroit, Michigan before my dad was born in 1924. Bennie and Vina Hall's closest friends in Michigan were Gustin and Rena RUSSELL, related to Margaret RUSSELL BOYD. Bennie first worked at the Ford factory. Later, he and Guston worked as street car conductors conductors for the DSR (Detroit Street Railway) Many of the Hall relatives lived with Bennie & Vina temporarily upon coming to Detroit until they had a job and someplace to live.
the DSR (Detroit Street Railway) Many of the Hall relatives lived
Growing up, my father saw more of his mother's family than his dad's. His strongest memory of his Grandfather Boss was his banjo playing. My dad laughs at the idea his Grandfather Boss lit cigars with $100 bills. From references others made, Dad always thought his Grandfather Boss was 'dirt poor'. My Grandfather, Bennie Hall, had told me his father raised and bridle broke mules to sell to the U.S. Army, and the family wasn't very well off. I understand they were Methodists. (My grandmother, Vina Hall, was a Southern Baptist and had a rather jaundiced view of her father-in-law and brothers-in-law Hall, feeling they were a bad influence on her husband, Benjamin Hall.) From all accounts, they knew how to have a good time. Most were not long lived.
jaundiced view of her
From what we know, Lula Mae left Boss before Ben & Vina lived with Boss, and Maudie (& Lula) had gone to live with Aunt Margaret Boyd in Nashville. Lula Mae eventually moved to Detroit. We have no knowledge of her remarrying. My Dad remembers going to her funeral when he was fourteen. We have her funeral memorial record from the funeral home (see below), and there's no mention of a husband.
le. Lula Mae eventually moved to Detroit. We have no knowledge of
I remember as a child my (Great) Uncle John HALL, a barber by trade, as always laughing and joking around. When they lived in Detroit, he and his wife, Ola, would come to play canasta with my grandparents. My Dad and I agree, it was always a treat to see Uncle John who had a great sense of humor and was always telling jokes. He enjoyed drinking and playing cards for money, both of which my grandmother disapproved. They had a daughter, Gladys. They later relocated to the Nashville Tennessee area.
Uncle Robert HALL was a character. He was good natured, but could really stretch the truth. He liked to appear well-off. Perhaps he got that from his father, Boss (in reference to the comment about Boss lighting a cigar with a $100 bill). I remember my grandfather Bennie HALL as friendly and easy-going. He would give a stranger the shirt off his back and loved to talk with people, especially the ladies. The men in that family all appeared to have a eye for the ladies.
__________________________________________________________________________ _____
Diane Hall O'Dell provides the following information:
HALL as friendly and
The following information came from (in 1980): Louise HALL TOMLIN (Uncle Dock's [James Maney HALL] daughter in Murfreesboro, TN).
men in that family all
Charlie and Anni had 4 children: Hodge, Arleam, Freas, Curtis.
James Maney (Dock) HALL had 3 children: Harold, Floyde Louise (female), Rossie Ray.
Ludie had 3: Aubrey, Myrtle, Willie.
Eva had 1: Roberta.
Judy had 1: Buford.
Myrtle had 3 girls: Cora Lee, Anni Mae, Naomia.
__________________________________________________________________________ ______
Diane continues:
Anni had 4 children: Hodge, Arleam, Freas, Curtis.
The following information was written in 1980 by my grandmother Vina HALL
Boss Ernest HALL
b: 15 DEC 1869 Wilson Co, TN
d: 15 OCT 1937
m: ?
spouse: Lula Mae BOYD
T Judy had 1: Buford.
Children in order of birth:
(1) John Preston HALL
b: 03 NOV 1893 Rutherford Co, TN
d: 23 OCT 1970 Nashville, TN
m: ?
spouse: Ola SISCO
(2) Robert Boyd HALL
b: 07 OCT 1894 Rutherford Co, TN
d: 05 MAY 1975 Tucson, AZ
m: ?
spouse1: Myrtle CHAMBLISS (divorced)
spouse2: Mary (Dad says she was married to Robert Hathaway and widowed before she married Robert)
f birth:
(3) Benjamin (Bennie) Gilbert HALL
b: 22 JAN 1896 Rutherford Co, TN
d: 24 APR 1982 Springfield Co, MI
m: 12 SEP 1919 Hamilton Co, TN
spouse: Vina Jane WHITLOW (she later changed her middle name to Louise)
b: 25 JAN 1896 Sequatchie Co, TN
d: 13 MAR 1981 Oakland Co, MI
note: Bennie moved to Detroit, MI, with his wife and family looking for employment. Dennis was born in Detroit. Bennie & Vina are both interred at Roselawn Park Cemetery -entrance at Woodward Ave. & 12 Mile Rd.- Berkley, MI
T b: 22 JAN 1896 Rutherford Co, TN
Children in order of birth:
[1] Benjamin Gilbert HALL, Jr.
b: 13 JUL 1920 Davidson Co, Nashville, TN
d: 04 NOV 1944 note: killed at Vosges, France, WWII
buried in Epinal American Cemetery, Epinal, France
1981 Oakland Co, MI
[2] Evelyn Mildred HALL
b: 26 JUN 1922 Davidson Co, Nashville, TN
d: 04 DEC 1988 Orange Co, FL
m: 13 SEP 1941 Wayne Co, MI
spouse: Lloyd Arthur LEE
Children in order of birth:
{1} Carol Diane LEE
{2} David Arthur LEE
1 CONT [1] Benjamin Gilbert HALL, Jr.
[3] Dennis Bernard HALL
b: Wayne Co, Detroit, MI
m: Wayne Co, Detroit, MI
spouse1: Marion Josephine JOHNSON (divorced 1979)
Children in order of birth:
b: Detroit, Wayne Co, MI
m: Oakland Co, MI
spouse1: Arthur Gus Rendziperis, DO (divorced 1984)
Children in order of birth:
en in order of birth:
<1> Michelle Sophia RENDZIPERIS
b: Lapeer Co, MI
<2> Andrea Marie RENDZIPERIS
b: Lapeer Co, MI
m: Wayne Co, Detroit, MI
spouse2: Thomas Ray O'Dell
NSON (divorced 1979)
{2} Denise Lynn HALL b: 31 OCT 1950 Detroit, Wayne Co, MI
d: 01 NOV 1950 Detroit, Wayne Co, MI
b: Detroit, Wayne Co, MI
{3} William Charles HALL
b: Oakland Co, MI
us Rendziperis, DO (divorced 1984)
{4} Ronald Benjamin HALL
b: Oakland Co, MI
<1> Michelle Sophia RENDZIPERIS
{5} John Stephen HALL
b: Oakland Co, MI
<2> Andrea Marie RENDZIPERIS
{6} Laurie Kay HALL
b: Oakland Co, MI
m: Lapeer Co, MI (no issue)
spouse: Randy Davidson (divorced)
: 31 OCT 1950 Detroit,
spouse2: Martha Virginia POWELL MOSELEY (3 children by 1st marriage)
m: Oakland Co, MI (no issue)
les HALL
(4) George Washington HALL
b: 17 APR 1899 Rutherford Co, TN
d: (died in infancy)
T b: Oakland Co, MI
(5) Joe Frank HALL
b: 31 OCT 1901 Rutherford Co, TN
d: ? JUL 1922 Davidson Co, TN
m: ?
spouse: Rose (?)

(6) Henry James HALL
b: 20 MAR 1903 Rutherford Co, TN
d: ?
m: ?
spouse: Nellie (?)
(Dad says Uncle Frank worked at the Brach Candy factory in Nashville, TN)
ELEY (3 children by 1st
(7) Andrew Jackson HALL
b: 26 OCT 1907 Rutherford Co, TN
d: 30 OCT 1971 ?
m: ?
spouse: Novella SAVAGE
1899 Rutherford Co, TN
(8) Maudie Irene HALL
b: 13 JAN 1911 Rutherford Co, TN
spouse1: Robert Throneberry
spouse2: ------------------------ [comments in brackets]
ONT m: ?
Funeral Memorial Record [in Evelyn HALL's handwriting]
Lula Mae Hall
b: 20 MAR 1903 Rutherford Co, TN
Born April 14, 1873
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
se: Nellie (?)
Passed away at Mercy Hall Hospital
September 19, 1938
aged 65 years 5 months 5 days
Funeral Services
Harey A. Neely Funeral Home
September 22, 1938 at 3:00 p.m.
1 CONT d: 30 OCT 1971 ?
Ceremonies by Preacher: Jefferies
ovella SAVAGE
Interred at Grand Lawn Cemetery
Detroit, Michigan
JAN 1911 Rutherford Co, TN
Pall bearers:
Mr. Jas. Russell [Gustin RUSSELL]
Mr. Jack Fobear
Mr. Keller
Mr. Benway
Mr. Kay Sisco [relative of Ola SISCO HALL?]
in Evelyn HALL's handwriting]
Family record:
Father: John Wesley Boyd
Mother: Anne Pitts
Other family members:
Mose Boyd Ida Compton
Ben Boyd Ada Jamison
Jim Boyd Alice Cook
Robert Boyd Mary Zumbro
John Boyd Ellen Nolan
Tom Boyd Martha Love [Lane? ink is smeared]
Joe Frank Boyd
Will Boyd
1 CONT Interred at Grand Lawn Cemetery
Relatives attending:
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Hall [John Preston HALL & Ola SISCO HALL]
Mr. & Mrs. R.B. Hall [Robert Boyd HALL & ? ]
Mr. & Mrs. B. G. Hall [Benjamin Gilbert HALL, Sr. & Vina WHITLOW HALL, my grandparents]
Gladys Hall [daughter of Ola & John HALL]
Ben Hall Jr. [older son of Bennie & Vina HALL]
Evelyn Hall [daughter of Bennie & Vina HALL]
Dennis Hall [younger son, my Dad, of Bennie & Vina HALL]
Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Boyd [John & Bessie BOYD]
Mr. & Mrs. J. R. Boyd [James & ? BOYD]
Ralph Boyd [son of J. W. BOYD]
Jas. R. Boyd
Mr. & Mrs. C. R. Sisco [related to Ola SISCO HALL ?]
Mrs. Rena Russell [wife of James 'Gustin' RUSSELL]
Mr. A. Keller
Mr. & Mrs. J. Benway
Clarence Ball
Mrs. Keller
Mrs. Elwart
Mrs. Sundell
Dorothy Mack
Eleanor Albert
Dorothy Russell [daughter of Gustin & Rena RUSSELL]
Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Hall [my father doesn't think they are related to us]
Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Dunn
Augustin Oliver
Mrs. Mae Arthur [Mac Arthur ?]
Mr. & Mrs. Cunningham
Mrs. Myrtle Hathaway [became 2nd (?) wife of Robert Boyd HALL]
Mr. Roy LaPrairie
Mrs. J. W. Boyd [John & Bessie BOYD]
Browne Florist -- Schaefer Hwy & Grand River Ave. [around the corner from the cemetery]
Floral tributes:
Mr. J. W. Boyd
Mr. J. R. Boyd
Mr. & Mrs. Roy LaPrairie
Mrs. Sundell
Dorothy Mack
Gladys Hall
Mrs. Myrtle Hathaway
Street Car Men's Union -- Division #26 [Ben HALL & Gustin RUSSELL were members]
The Hall Family
__________________________________________________________________________ _______
There is also a Boss E. Hall, 1866-1937 buried in the McDaniel Cemetery. Unknown if any realtionships.
tis Hall [my father doesn't think they are related to us]
gustin Oliver
Located north of E Jefferson Pk.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------
McDANIEL Charles Feb 15, 1843-Feb 24, 1871
McDANIEL J.S. Oct 27, 1879-Apr 2, 1921
ALEXANDER W.H. Sep 9, 1833-Apr 30, 1922
ALEXANDER Louease McDaniel wife of W.H. Apr 15, 1847-Mar 4, 1891
ALEXANDER Shirley A. May 22, 1937-Jul 15, 937
HALL Boss E. 1866-1937
HALL Julia McDaniel wife of Boss E. 1899-19__
VAUGHN died Oct 11, 1962 age 56 years
also an unknown footstone with "A.B." on it
original survey by EK Johns & Henry Wray 1975

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