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Note NI02630 :

Individuals : Johnson Johnny


Note NI02631 :

Individuals : Boykin Norman Lee
Llano Cemetery
Believed to be a Native American.


Note NI02632 :

Individuals : Boykin Frances Waldeene


Note NI02633 :

Individuals : Boykin Norman Lee
Jan 27 2000


Note NI02634 :

Individuals : Fulks Nancy


Note NI02635 :

Individuals : Bell Leon


Note NI02636 :

Individuals : McKinney Lawrence Homer


Note NI02637 :

Individuals : Jones Sherri


Note NI02638 :

Individuals : McKinney Dean Lawrence


Note NI02639 :

Individuals : Gregory Vanell Carney


Note NI02640 :

Individuals : Wise Carrie Lucille


Note NI02641 :

Individuals : Moreland Norma Kathleen


Note NI02642 :

Individuals : Blandford Elsie Ivy
Floydada Floyd Co., Texas
Elsie Ivy born in Walsall.Staffordshire. England was a War Bride andcame to America in 194 6 and made a home and raised her children beforeshe returned to England for a visit in 1981 , A kind Mothe r and friend.


Note NI02643 :

Individuals : Cox Leonard Blandford


Note NI02644 :

Individuals : Cox Karan Anne


Note NI02645 :

Individuals : Shrum Sallie


Note NI02646 :

Individuals : Cox Kenneth Emory


Note NI02647 :

Individuals : Salinas Sandra Lee


Note NI02648 :

Individuals : Estrada Lee


Note NI02649 :

Individuals : Jones Jenifer


Note NI02650 :

Individuals : Salinas Sonia


Note NI02651 :

Individuals : Dilley Don Carlos
Some of my Memories of Don Carlos Dilley Sr.
Don Carlos was born August 19th, 1912 although Social Security and the VAhave it 1911 in Hart ts Creek. West Virginia .His parents were John Peytonand Jeruah Gore Dilly. He was the eldes t of 4 brothe rs;
John Bascom, Farris Allen, Albert Peyton. Albert was born after the deathof John Peyton.
I met Don in December of 1942 at the Pantex Ordinance Plant inPanhandle Texas. We made b ombs and shells for World War II. I married himJanuary 3,1944. He died November 8.1975. It w as a short c ourtship buthe vowed he knew I would marry him the first time he saw me. I wa s tyingup Frag Bomb boxes when he saw me. Well he was a handsome fellow and hada very winnin g way about him. ,
Don had been a coal Miner in West Virginia and had worked for theIsland Creek Coal Compa ny. He had Black Lung from this as well as rockquarry work and smoking from about age 10 unti l he passed away. He landedin Amarillo, Texas in 1937 He was on his way to the copper mines i nArizona when he stopped in Amarillo, met a farmer and rancher fromClaude, Texas and never di d get to Arizona. He wo rked as a Bill BoardSign Painter and Builder for several years. He we nt into the Army in 1942and was in service for a little over a year was discharged with a bac kinjury that bothered him for the r est of his life. He continued to workat Pantex and driv e a cab until the end of the war. In 1945 we made atrip to West Virginia to visit his family . I wish I could say it was awonderful trip but I did not like the coal fields of West Virgin ia...Don's family were nice to me that is most of them were. But the nicestpersons I met wa s an elderly Negro couple that had know Don all of hislife. Th e old gentleman told me how Do n had gone to work in the mines asa 15-year-old lad and how he gave his pay check to his moth er. "He was agood boy", was often said by Jim when talking about him. Jim h ad signeda pape r to look after Don and to be responsible for him in the mine. Hekept his word too. Some of t he things Don had told me were how his fatherdied. Peyton a coal miner was ready to go t o w ork and he was lacing hisboots when his heart stopped and he slid from his chair with his fee talmost in the fireplace when he hit the floor. It seems heart trouble wasa big thing in th e Dilley f amily, as Peyton's dad John W. died veryyoung also. His mother later married Peyto n's half brother, Hal Walters.They had several children but only raised one daughter. Virgini a Jewel{called Jewel} to maturity .Don did not love his stepfather but herespected him and wa nted to help him later in life. He loved his littlesister also his brothers. He was a lovin g Husband and father too althoughan alcoholic he told us often that he loved us as you childr en willrecall. I want you to remember him with love. He was not a saint but hechanged when h e quit drinking for which I thank God daily as I have goodmemories of him and his last years . But even though an alcoholic healways told me by in the morning with the reminder of "I lov e youmamma".I often thought he did not mean it but now as a wisow I know hedid and it has me ant so much for me to recall his loving words,
He never did care for his step grandfather William Zacheriah TaylorWalters {some of the lin e call it Waters},Don often told me stories ofTaylor Walters never real loving ones as the o ld man did no t like theyoung brothers any more than they liked him. One such story he tol d washow the old man would get him in trouble and whipped. For instance theold man seemed t o like Farris much more than Don or Bascom.He had made across bow for Farris but would not ma ke one for him or Bascom {they wereabout 10 and 8 at the time]Taylor had a workshop near th e creek that hekept locked to keep the b oys out and away from his tools. They saw himgo int o the shed and slipped up and chained the door and padlocked it sohe could not get out the n they carried several big buckets of cold creekwater t o the roof which they had pried up ea rlier and poured the coldwater on Taylor soaking him throughly. Yes they got beat for that ep isodeand they ate their meals standing for many days. ,
Another half brother to John Peyton and Hal was Bascom Howe he was olderthan Hal but younge r than Peyton. He was often at the home as Jeruah rana boarding house for the miners in Hol den West Virg inia. Bascom Howemade moonshine back in a holler in West Virginia and he woul d take Donalong to help gather wood and fire the boiler of the Still to cook themoonshine.No w what is Moonshine some mi ght ask it is homemade whiskey.Don was hardly 9 years of age whe n Bascom let him taste the sour mashdrippings He was very drunk when Bac took him home lau ghing and tellingabout the antics that the young Don had done.That adult should have beenhor sewhipped for his actions. But all the children loved him as he seemedto be more child tha n adult when Don would talk about him. He wouldleav e and be gone for several days but whe n he returned his pocketsheld candy,gum,and often small toys for the boys.You children recal l theM&Ms in his pockets?Of course you all do.He had loved the good ies in hisUncle Bac's poc kets so he remembered to do that for you and Randy too.The girls were too young.How he love d his Angie Baby but she was not tooloving with him until he learned to wait fo r her to com e to him thenthey would play and laugh.Kristy he rocked in the big wooden rocker. Hewould se t her in her carry all and rock the chair with his foot. Tonyhe would have been more tha n d elighted with as Tony looked so much likehim. He always wanted Randy to be his mirror ima ge. David another Dilleyto carry on the Dilley name he would have been so happy to know tha t hisson had fath ered such a wonderful grand son yes you would have beendoted on too. and B rittany he would have spoiled rotten such a lovingwee baby girl and a loelier young lady now . In fact all of his grandchildren as well as great grands would have been spoiled by him.H e loved hisfamily even if it seemed he didn't at times. How proud he would be of allyour acco mplishments. Barbara he would have understood your love of theNorth as he always loved West V irginia .Many times he said it was themost beautiful country he had ever seen or lived in bu t of course leavingWest Virginia with its trees and moun tains and setting down in theplain s of West Texas was a big shock, the treeless plains with miles andmiles of flat sandy lan d was a great change from the high ApplachianMountains and the black coa l dust and soot o f West Virginia. He would bevery proud of what you have made of yourself and your 2 beautiful children. Alice his first wee daughter how proud he would have been thatyou are a very good n urse and the fact you are working for your MastersDegree. Don he was always so proud of his s on and he would have been verysupportive of the move you have just made.
Don was a wonderful carpenter and painter as well as steeple Jack.Give him lumber, saw h ammer and he would build you anything you wanted.Give him a bucket of paint and paint brushe s and He wo uld paint a housea room or a water tower. Give him a screw driver and a motor an d he wouldsay "What do I do with this"?. Anything electrical or with a motor hewas lost.H e loved to do things wit h his hands like making pillow topswith yarn or carpet wrap thread o r picture frames with sewing Thread, Iwish I had some of his frames pillow tops or mats to pa ss down to hisgrand children to show you his softer side. I have many more memoriesbut I wil l share them at another time.
Frances Dilley


Note NI02652 :

Individuals : Dilley Charles Wayne
LLano cem. Amarillo Potter Co. Texas


Note NI02653 :

Individuals : Dilley Don Carlos Jr.


Note NI02654 :

Individuals : Bledsoe Mary Ann


Note NI02655 :

Individuals : Dilley Alice Frances


Note NI02656 :

Individuals : Shrum Carroll


Note NI02657 :

Individuals : Murchie Frank Randal


Note NI02658 :

Individuals : Mason Raymond Theodore "Bud"


Note NI02659 :

Individuals : Dilley Barbara Eileen


Note NI02660 :

Individuals : Swindol James Ray


Note NI02661 :

Individuals : Welte Larry


Note NI02662 :

Individuals : Cook Martha


Note NI02663 :

Individuals : Cox Teresa Maxine
Snyder, Oklahoma


Note NI02664 :

Individuals : Cox James Albert
Snyder, Oklahoma


Note NI02665 :

Individuals : Cox Ronald Craig


Note NI02666 :

Individuals : Garner Patty Jo


Note NI02667 :

Individuals : Holder Mary


Note NI02668 :

Individuals : Witcher Henry


Note NI02669 :

Individuals : McClain Shelly


Note NI02670 :

Individuals : Cambron Willie Mae


Note NI02671 :

Individuals : Nesslage Melvin John Julius
St. Johns Cemetery , Cottleville Missouri


Note NI02672 :

Individuals : Nesslage Shirley Ruth


Note NI02673 :

Individuals : Nesslage Gerald Melvin


Note NI02674 :

Individuals : Welte Mark


Note NI02675 :

Individuals : Nesslage Peggy Anne


Note NI02676 :

Individuals : Nesslage Brenda Kay


Note NI02677 :

Individuals : Nesslage Susan Jane


Note NI02678 :

Individuals : Riffle John R.


Note NI02679 :

Individuals : Witcher John


Note NI02680 :

Individuals : Buck Sammy Ray


Note NI02681 :

Individuals : Baker Roseann Marie


Note NI02682 :

Individuals : McEvilly Sue Ellen


Note NI02683 :

Individuals : Bolk Bonnie Jean
Cottleville Missouri
St Johns United Church of Christ Cemetery


Note NI02684 :

Individuals : Roe Danny Ray


Note NI02685 :

Individuals : Walterman Gary Ray


Note NI02686 :

Individuals : Welte Lisa


Note NI02687 :

Individuals : Hubbartt Dennis Ray


Note NI02688 :

Individuals : Hollinsworth Ricky Alan


Note NI02689 :

Individuals : Turley Richard Lee


Note NI02690 :

Individuals : Witcher Elizabeth


Note NI02691 :

Individuals : Turley Neida Jo


Note NI02692 :

Individuals : Merritt Steven Eugene


Note NI02693 :

Individuals : Mason Larry Dale


Note NI02694 :

Individuals : Thompson James Donald "Donnie"


Note NI02695 :

Individuals : Turley Patricia Lucile


Note NI02696 :

Individuals : Dority Larry Howard


Note NI02697 :

Individuals : Turley Harry Ellis
Ashes spread at Falls Creek Falls


Note NI02698 :

Individuals : Ashburn Maudie


Note NI02699 :

Individuals : Mackie Debra Anne


Note NI02700 :

Individuals : Gray Richard Lavelle


Note NI02701 :

Individuals : Witcher Mary


Note NI02702 :

Individuals : Cox Peyton Crittenden
Green Grove Cem
tombstone picture


Note NI02703 :

Individuals : Duncan Eliabeth Susan
Death Certificate.
tombstone picture


Note NI02704 :

Individuals : Cox Eddie Alford
Silverton, Brisco Co. Tx.
Eddie never married . he lived with his sister Eunice , in Silvertonuntil the tornado o f May 1957 destoryed their family home. They theymoved to Plainview to be near their hal f brother Elme r Stinson. Wherethey lived until their deaths.
Obit Tombstone picture
World War I Regrestration
Cox, Eddie Alford 19 Dec 1887 W LafayetteT N Briscoe TX


Note NI02705 :

Individuals : Cox Eunice Franklin
Silverton, BriscoCo. Tx
she was called by Miss Eunice by everyone in Silverton... andPlainview
Tombstone picture


Note NI02707 :

Individuals : Cox Eliza A.
Green Grove Cem. Macon Co. Tn.


Note NI02708 :

Individuals : Sloan Thomas D.


Note NI02709 :

Individuals : Cox William Duncan
Green Grove Cem


Note NI02710 :

Individuals : Boyd Ada Cora
Coleman Cemetery, Rutherford Co., TN
Ada Cora was the grandmother I wish I had memories of for she no doubt was a very important influence in the lives of her children who were all reaching to be young adults when she passe d away. If on e can beremembered by only the results of the next two generations then all is well and well she did.
then all is
Age: 58
nd well she did.
High Bood Pressure/Cerebal Hemorage
ONT High Bood Pressure/Cerebal Hemorage
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++
Mrs. Ada Jamison
Funeral Thursday
Wife Of B. T. Jamison Dies Suddenly At Readyville Home
mison Dies Suddenly At Readyville Home
Funeral services for Mrs Ado Cora Boyd Jamison, 51, wife of B. T. Jamison, who died suddenly at her home near Readyville Wednesday, were conducted at the Science Hill Church of Christ Thursday afternoon at 2:30. Burial was in the Coleman cemetary. Mrs. Jamison was the daughter of John W. and Susan Pitts Boyd and was born and reared in Rutherford county. She was a member of the Church of Christ.
Surviving in addition to her husband are five sons, Thurman and Vervie Jamison of Gallatin, Aubrey . and Fred Jamison of Franklin and Ralph Jamison of Readyville one daughter, Mrs. J. H. Rogers of Franklin; six brothers, Will, Ben and Joe Frank Boyd of Murfreesboro, John and Jim Boyd of Detroit, Mich., and Tom Boyd of Nashville, two sisters, Mrs, Martha Love of Rockvale and Mrs. Mary Zumbro of Murfreesboro.
(correction made to mother's name given as "Mary Fitts Boyd" rather than Susan or Ann Pitts Boyd)
========================================================================== ==========
Boyd" rather than
Name: Ada Cora Jamison
Event: Death
Event Date: 29 Mar 1939
Event Place: Rutherford Co., Tennessee
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married
Race or Color: White
Age: 58
Estimated Birth Year:
Birth Date: 07 Mar 1881
Birthplace: Rutherford Co., Tenn.
Spouse: B.T. Jamison
Father: J.W. Boyd
Father's Birthplace: Tenn.
Mother: May Pitts (Susan Ann PItts)
Mother's Birthplace: Tenn.
Occupation: Housekeeper
Street Address: 19 Dis.
Cemetery: Coleman
Burial Place: Murfreesboro
Burial Date: 30 Mar 1939
Additional Relatives:
Digital Folder Number: 4183670
Image Number: 1404
Film Number: 1876874
Volume/Page/Certificate Number: CN8781


Note NI02711 :

Individuals : Ashburn Lee


Note NI02712 :

Individuals : Gammon Henry


Note NI02713 :

Individuals : Moore Kyle


Note NI02714 :

Individuals : E.Cox Mary
Green Grove Cem


Note NI02715 :

Individuals : Story Joe


Note NI02716 :

Individuals : Cox Lambert S.
E. Cox Cem. Macon Co. Tn.


Note NI02717 :

Individuals : Cox Robert Moore
Green Grove Cem
Died of milk Fever


Note NI02718 :

Individuals : Steen Julia
Green Grove Cem
Died of milk fever


Note NI02719 :

Individuals : Cox Sarah Jane
Green Grove Cem


Note NI02720 :

Individuals : Jones Rad


Note NI02721 :

Individuals : Cox Mary Elizabeth
E. Cox Cem. Macon Co. Tn.


Note NI02722 :

Individuals : Sloan Molly


Note NI02723 :

Individuals : Linville Eliza


Note NI02724 :

Individuals : Wilkerson Martha Macon


Note NI02725 :

Individuals : Sloan Nettie


Note NI02726 :

Individuals : Cox Lallie


Note NI02727 :

Individuals : Linville Tandy A.


Note NI02728 :

Individuals : Cox Buford
Green Grove Cem


Note NI02729 :

Individuals : Sloan Elizabeth (Bettie)
Green Grove Cem
Green Grove Cemetery Macon County Tennessee
Twin of Louisa { Lula}


Note NI02730 :

Individuals : Cox Herlon
Prior to his death he was Chief of Police in LaFayette, Tennessee
He and Mildred had two children


Note NI02731 :

Individuals : Stone Mildred


Note NI02732 :

Individuals : Cox Ernest


Note NI02733 :

Individuals : Cox Charlie "H"
Green Grove Cem


Note NI02734 :

Individuals : Gammon Jim
Went to Illinois


Note NI02735 :

Individuals : V. Laura
Green Grove Cem


Note NI02736 :

Individuals : Fisher Noel B.


Note NI02737 :

Individuals : Cox Mitchell


Note NI02738 :

Individuals : Lena


Note NI02739 :

Individuals : Cox Jack


Note NI02740 :

Individuals : Cox Mary Dean


Note NI02741 :

Individuals : Dinwiddie


Note NI02742 :

Individuals : Cox Flora


Note NI02743 :

Individuals : Sloan Bailey P.


Note NI02744 :

Individuals : Sloan Madline


Note NI02745 :

Individuals : Walker


Note NI02746 :

Individuals : Sloan Loresse


Note NI02747 :

Individuals : Howell Ike


Note NI02748 :

Individuals : Fisher Ralph


Note NI02749 :

Individuals : Cox Johnnie L.
Green Grove Cem


Note NI02750 :

Individuals : Cox Roger


Note NI02751 :

Individuals : Cox Dixie Lee


Note NI02752 :

Individuals : Cox Annie Mai
Green Grove Cem
no issue


Note NI02753 :

Individuals : Armstrong Bryan {Earl}
Green Grove Cem


Note NI02754 :

Individuals : Brown Julie


Note NI02755 :

Individuals : Arnold Miley
The information concerning Zera's family is from Mose Boyd.


Note NI02756 :

Individuals : Fulks Jane Adaline
Jane Adaline Fulks Nelson was known as Adaline.

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