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Note NI05112 :

Individuals : Gear Mary Jane Le


Note NI05113 :

Individuals : Seals Orvil


Note NI05114 :

Individuals : Seals George T.


Note NI05115 :

Individuals : Seals Mary Polly


Note NI05116 :

Individuals : Seal Margaret


Note NI05118 :

Individuals : Seal Elizabeth


Note NI05119 :

Individuals : Seal Tennessee


Note NI05120 :

Individuals : Seal Lully


Note NI05121 :

Individuals : Seal William Frank


Note NI05122 :

Individuals : Winkler Walton C.


Note NI05123 :

Individuals : Seal Fleming


Note NI05124 :

Individuals : Seal Laura


Note NI05125 :

Individuals : Seals Alice


Note NI05126 :

Individuals : Seal Charly


Note NI05127 :

Individuals : Stanifer James A.


Note NI05128 :

Individuals : Stanifer Charlie


Note NI05129 :

Individuals : Andrews Mary Kathleen


Note NI05130 :

Individuals : Stanifer Ora


Note NI05131 :

Individuals : Stanifer Dela


Note NI05132 :

Individuals : Stanifer Clay


Note NI05133 :

Individuals : Winkler Beatrice Elizabeth


Note NI05134 :

Individuals : Bolden Shelby


Note NI05135 :

Individuals : Bolden Lon
Hung himself in Jail.


Note NI05136 :

Individuals : Bolden Carson


Note NI05137 :

Individuals : Bolden Garrett


Note NI05138 :

Individuals : Bolden Harrison


Note NI05139 :

Individuals : Bolden George


Note NI05140 :

Individuals : Ora


Note NI05141 :

Individuals : Andrews Lillie Mae


Note NI05142 :

Individuals : Bolden Edith


Note NI05143 :

Individuals : Bolden Naomi


Note NI05144 :

Individuals : Winkler Harry


Note NI05145 :

Individuals : Bolden Martha


Note NI05146 :

Individuals : Bolden Vacie


Note NI05147 :

Individuals : Bolden Hassie


Note NI05148 :

Individuals : Bolden Georgia


Note NI05149 :

Individuals : Bolden Barbara


Note NI05150 :

Individuals : Bolden Nina


Note NI05151 :

Individuals : Bolden Nellie


Note NI05152 :

Individuals : Bolden Effird


Note NI05153 :

Individuals : Andrews Bradley Carnell
Perhaps notice yet unknown:
Age 83
April 30, 2001
Lafayette, TN
April 30, 2001. Husband of Idell. Service 2 P.M.Thursday.


Note NI05154 :

Individuals : Sherrill William J.


Note NI05155 :

Individuals : Winkler Myra C.


Note NI05156 :

Individuals : Lowrance Susannah Isabella


Note NI05157 :

Individuals : Sherrill Margaret


Note NI05158 :

Individuals : Sherrill Isaac


Note NI05159 :

Individuals : Sherrill Alexander


Note NI05160 :

Individuals : Sherrill Sarah


Note NI05161 :

Individuals : Sherrill William


Note NI05162 :

Individuals : Sherrill Lydia


Note NI05163 :

Individuals : Sherrill David


Note NI05164 :

Individuals : Sherrill Aaron


Note NI05165 :

Individuals : Andrews James Curtis


Note NI05166 :

Individuals : Winkler Laura


Note NI05167 :

Individuals : Litton Ezrom


Note NI05168 :

Individuals : Litton Susan


Note NI05169 :

Individuals : Litton Fulton R.


Note NI05170 :

Individuals : Litton Jefferson


Note NI05171 :

Individuals : Payne William


Note NI05172 :

Individuals : Payne Clarissa


Note NI05173 :

Individuals : Payne Wesley Reardon


Note NI05174 :

Individuals : Payne Elizabeth Ann


Note NI05175 :

Individuals : Payne Mary Margaret


Note NI05176 :

Individuals : Payne Enda Ella


Note NI05177 :

Individuals : Winkler Mary


Note NI05178 :

Individuals : Jamison Nancy Eliza
Some reports have Nancy confused with Ester Sis Brandon as first wife,however, this is incorr ect. Ester was the wife of one of Nancy's brother,Joseph Andrew Jamison.


Note NI05179 :

Individuals : Andrews Bettie


Note NI05180 :

Individuals : Payne Laura Isabel


Note NI05181 :

Individuals : Payne Rebecca Jane


Note NI05182 :

Individuals : Payne Amanda


Note NI05183 :

Individuals : Payne William Jefferson


Note NI05184 :

Individuals : Payne Stephen Douglass


Note NI05185 :

Individuals : Winkler Josephine
Elmwood Cemetery, Springfield, TN
It was a cold rainy day in December when Josephine was laid to rest forthe final time in th e Elmswood Cemetery in Springfild next to her husbandand siblings who had parted before her . A little more than a stonesthrow away to the south, her father and his brothers under an o ldloblolly pine. Her
Nashville Tennessean
CONC ldloblolly pine. Her
CONT Nashville Tennessean
Handout at funeral home:
dout at funeral home:
In Loving Memory
Josephine Winkler Hite
Age 96
Born: November 26, 1908
Robertson County, Tennessee
Died: December 2, 2004,
Springfield, Tennessee
Service 3:00 PM Sunday, December 5,2004
Dr. David Leavell,
Dr. Jerry Oakley
Lisa Smith, Julie Moore,
Chip Winkler
Elmwood Cemetery
Smith, Julie Moore,
Preceded in death by
Brother: Charles Winkler, Sr.
Sisters: Lillian Winkler Belle, Hughes Helen Moore
Niece: JoAnn Jackson
Husband: William "Bill" Stuart Hite
lian Winkler Belle, Hughes Helen Moore
Nephews: John Riley (Jimmie) Moore, Charles E. (Deanna) Winkler, Jr.
Niece: Billie Jean (Robert) Watts
Great-Nephews: John S. (Patsy) Jackson, Jeff T.Jackson
Twelve Great Nieces and Nephews: Nine
Great-Great Nieces and Nephews
Michael Watts, David Lanier, JamesGallspy,
Graham Watts, Bryan Moore, Charles Stephen Winkler,
Terry Smith, James Samuel, Mark E. Winkler
Honorary Pallbearers:
Leon Bellar, MacAshbum, Joe Haney McCanalian, Jarett Bigby


Note NI05186 :

Individuals : Winkler Charles E.
Elmwood Cemetery, Springfield, TN


Note NI05187 :

Individuals : WInkler First Wife


Note NI05188 :

Individuals : Winkler Kate


Note NI05189 :

Individuals : Winkler Ruby H.


Note NI05190 :

Individuals : Winkler Willie Tribble
Elmwood Cemetery, Springfield, TN


Note NI05191 :

Individuals : Robinson Maude


Note NI05192 :

Individuals : Winkler Lillian B.


Note NI05194 :

Individuals : Winkler Joshua


Note NI05195 :

Individuals : Winkler Charles E.


Note NI05196 :

Individuals : Hite William Stuart
Elmwood Cemetery, Springfield, TN


Note NI05197 :

Individuals : Adams Bobby


Note NI05198 :

Individuals : Winkler Belle


Note NI05199 :

Individuals : Boykin Robert Lee


Note NI05200 :

Individuals : Adams Robert


Note NI05201 :

Individuals : Fuller


Note NI05202 :

Individuals : Smith


Note NI05203 :

Individuals : Andrews Edith Mae


Note NI05204 :

Individuals : Fuller Kathleen


Note NI05205 :

Individuals : Hite Horatio Washington


Note NI05206 :

Individuals : Moore Mr.


Note NI05207 :

Individuals : Winkler Helen


Note NI05208 :

Individuals : Hughes Mr.


Note NI05209 :

Individuals : Kleckner Lemuel Allison


Note NI05210 :

Individuals : Boykin Travis Aaron


Note NI05211 :

Individuals : Kleckner Herman Miles


Note NI05212 :

Individuals : Word James Harvey


Note NI05213 :

Individuals : Word Martha Ann


Note NI05214 :

Individuals : Word Thomas C.
A Thomas C. Word is found in the 1840 Census of Cannon Co., TN


Note NI05215 :

Individuals : Andrews Bobbie


Note NI05216 :

Individuals : Word Parthenia "Babe"


Note NI05217 :

Individuals : Word Foster Ervin


Note NI05218 :

Individuals : Word Joseph


Note NI05219 :

Individuals : Word Mary


Note NI05220 :

Individuals : Word William Harris


Note NI05221 :

Individuals : Stratis Leo


Note NI05222 :

Individuals : Jones Elizabeth 'Betty'


Note NI05223 :

Individuals : Word Nancy


Note NI05224 :

Individuals : Andrews William F.


Note NI05225 :

Individuals : Andrews Mary T.


Note NI05227 :

Individuals : Andrews Emma


Note NI05228 :

Individuals : Kemp Lurley Clarence


Note NI05229 :

Individuals : Andrews Jessie A.


Note NI05230 :

Individuals : Andrews Charles F.


Note NI05231 :

Individuals : Jackson Arena Catherine 'Frena'


Note NI05232 :

Individuals : Winkler David Frances


Note NI05233 :

Individuals : Boykin Jenna Lee


Note NI05234 :

Individuals : Mills Mariah


Note NI05235 :

Individuals : Winkler Sary


Note NI05236 :

Individuals : Winkler Mary


Note NI05237 :

Individuals : Andrews William A.
1770. Last Will and Testament, Dinwiddie Co. From Acc. 25 828 AndrewsPersonal Papers, Librar y of Virginia
In the name of God, Amen. I William Andrews of the Parish of ( ? ) andCounty of Dinwiddie Bei ng of perfect Mind and Memory thanks be toalmighty God, Do make and declare this to be my Las t Will and Testamentin manner and form following.....
C Testamentin manner and form following.....
Imprimis: I devise my Soul to God hoping pardon and Remission of my SinsThrough the ......... .and mediation of my Blessed Savior Jesus Christ andmy Body to the Earth to be ....... interr ed by my Executor thereaftermentioned.
my Executor
Item: I give and devise unto Ann Brooks, widow of William Andrews,Deceased, one fourth part o f two hundred and eighty acres of Land whereonshe now lives adjoining the plantation for an d during the (time?) of hernatural life and after her decease to her son Ephraim and his Heir sforever . The residue of the ..........of Land I give and devise to beequally divided shar e and share alike between the three sons, David,William and Varney, their heirs and assigns f orever. But if the said Anneshould not (incline?) to live on the said plantation or should re nt itout in either case it is my Will and Desire that my grandson Ephraim havethe said land i mmediately there upon to Hold to Him his Heirs and Assignsforever as aforesaid.
esire that my
Item: I give and Devise unto my son John Andrews and to his Heirs andAssigns forever two hund red and eighty acres of Land part of my Tract ofLand in Mecklenburg County as is (?) of? adjo ining his plantation.
Item: I give and Devise unto my son Thomas Andrews and to his Heirsforever, two hundred and e ighty acres of Land s aid of joining hisplantation, Being another part of my said Tract of La nd in MecklenburgCounty aforesaid.
rews and to his
Item: I give and Devise unto my Daughter Winiford Granger one hundred andthirty five acres o f land lying on the North side of Meherrin River atthe Lower part of my Land there being th e Land whereon she now liveswhich said Land I give to her and her Heirs forever.
Item: I give unto my son Abram Andrews one hundred and thirty three acresof Land on the Nort h side of Meherrin River in the middle of my Landthereto to him the said Abram his Heirs an d Assigns forever.
Heirs forever.
Item: I give and Devise unto my Daughter Lucy Andrews the Remainder partof my land lying on t he North side of Meherrin River the aforesaidcontaining by Estimation one hundred and thirty- three acres more or lesslying at the upper part of my said Tract.
ONT Item: I give and Devise unto my Daughter Lucy Andrews the Remainder
Item: I give and Bequeath to my Loving wife Avis Andrews my Negro womanNell for and during he r Natural Life and after my said wife decease Igive my said Negro Nell to my son Ephraim Andr ews and his Heirs andAssigns forever and I also give my said wife a feather bed and furniture which is called Hers and as much of my stock as she pleases orthinks............
said wife decease
Item: Whereas my said Negro woman Nell is now with Child it is my willand desire that the Chi ld so to be born be an d belong to my grandsonDavid Andrews to him his Heirs and assigns fore ver.
much of my stock as she pleases
Item: Whatsoever Debts may be due and owing to me at the time of my deathI give the d profit m y beloved wife aforesaidduring her life and after her decease to be eq ually divided among my sonsand daughters that may be then living share and share alike.
T Item: Whatsoever Debts may be due and owing to me at the time of my
Item: I give unto my son Richard Andrews and to his Heirs and assignsforever one Negro girl n amed Jean.
after her decease to be eq ually divided
Item: I give unto my son John Andrews one Negro girl named Suckey to himand his assigns forev er.
em: I give unto my son Richard Andrews and to his Heirs and
Item: I give unto my son Thomas Andrews one Negro girl named Sukey to himand his Heirs foreve r.
drews one Negro girl named Suckey to
Item: I give unto my son Abram Andrews one Negro boy named Natt to himand his Heirs forever.
e Negro girl named Sukey to
Item: I give unto my Daughter Avis a bed and furniture that is calledhers, a cow and calf, an d to have her choice o f two (Ewes?) of the Best( ? ) and a wheel and cards.
T Item: I give unto my Daughter Avis a bed and furniture that is
Item: I give unto my son Mark Andrews two Negro men called Heanary andDick to Him and his Hei rs forever.......... I also give unto my son MarkAndrews and to his Heirs and assigns foreve r all the rest and residue ofmy Estate of what nature kind or quality whatsover not herein be fore given away consisting of Stocks of (Houses?) ......caste making tools, sheep,household f urniture, etc.
my Estate of what nature kind or quality whatsover not herein
Lastly I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint my said son MarkAndrews sole Executor of t his my Last will and Testament, hereby revokingall and every will or wills heretofore by me m ade in witness whereof Ihave hereunto set m y hand and fix my Seal on this 22 day of May 1770 .Signed Sealed ............By the said William Andrews to be Hi s LastWill in the presence o f as who are being subscribing witnesses at Hisrequest. Gray Brigg s William (mark) Andrews J ames Boisseau
ed ............By the said William Andrews to be Hi s
Curiously, four children from two different Bowen families and twodifferent Andrews familie s were all baptised on t he same date in BristolParish. But no children from other families w ere baptised on that datewith them - only Andrews children and Bowen children. A family affai r?Ephraim, son of Robert and Avis Bowen, David, son of William an d AmyBowen, Luciana, daught er of William and Avis Andrews, and Pheboe daughterof Richard and Mary Andrews were all bapti sed on July 30, 1732.
C r?Ephraim, son of Robert and Avis Bowen, David, son of William an d
William Andrews (Jr) and Richard Andrews who witnessed the 1740 will ofJames Vaughan Jr wer e two of the sons of William Andrews (Sr) and wifeAvis of Dinwiddie Co. These two sons were c ertainly in the Lunenburg areaat that time. John Robin
That Lunenburg Co land was described in a patent to William "Anders".

William Anders 12 July 1750 400 acres in Lunenburg Co on the MeherrinRiver. Beginning on th e river bank thence new lines north one hundred andsixty two poles to three pines south eight y five degrees east two hundredand sixty eight poles to a Spanish oak on Beaver Pond Creek th ence downthe same as it meanders to a poplar on the same thence [?] south onehundred and thir ty four poles to a white oak on the bank of the riveraforesaid thence up the same a s it mean ders to the first station.Patents 30, p 159
ak on Beaver Pond Creek th
The following deed is one of several that places John Granger's land nearBeaver Pond Creek an d Abram/Abraham Andrews ' land. Certainly JohnGranger's land was the land that William Andrew s Sr had left to daughterWinifred Granger.


Note NI05238 :

Individuals : Andrews Richard
Lunenburg Co., VA or Henrico Co., VA
Lunenburg Co., VA


Note NI05239 :

Individuals : Green Mary


Note NI05240 :

Individuals : Kemp Maizelle


Note NI05241 :

Individuals : Winkler William


Note NI05242 :

Individuals : Mary


Note NI05243 :

Individuals : Garnett Avis


Note NI05244 :

Individuals : Sullivan Michael Jay


Note NI05245 :

Individuals : Andrews Ephraim
Bristol Parish, Henrico Co., VA
Kathryn Gearhart Descendents of Charles Gee of Virginia ID : I2856 Name:Ephraim ANDREWS Sex : M Birth: 1721 in Henrico Co, Virginia Death: 1808 inWilliamson Co, Tennessee
illiamson Co, Tennessee
Father: William ANDREWS b: 1693 in Henrico Co, Virginia Mother: AvisGARNETT b: BET. 1695 - 17 05
T b: BET. 1695 - 17 05
Marriage 1 FRANCES
NT Children
1. Ephraim ANDREWS b: BET. 1740 - 1760 in Mecklenburg Co, Virginia 2.George ANDREWS b: 6 MA Y 1755 in Meclenburg Co, Virginia 3. Knacy HowardANDREWS b: BET. 1740 - 1760 4. Anne ANDREW S b: BET. 1740 - 1760 inMecklenburg Co, Virginia from DAR info: Birth: VA 4 Feb 1720 Rank: Pv tService: VA Death: TN 1808 Patriot Pensioned : No Widow Pensioned: NoChildren Pensioned: N o Heirs Pensioned : No Spouse: (1) Frances X
Children Pensioned: N o Heirs Pensioned : No Spouse: (1) Frances X
KINDRED CONNECTION INFORMATION Father: Ephriam Andrews, [Pvt]Birth/Chris: 4 Feb 1720 VA
1 CONC 4 Feb 1720 VA
Mother: Mrs Frances Ann Andrews Birth/Chris: BEF 1725 VA
BEF 1725 VA
Married: BEF 1740 , VA Sealed:
VA Sealed:
T Children:
1.Andrews, George, [Ensign] - Birth/Chris: 6 May 1755 @@ V A 2.Andrews,Knancy H - Birth/Chris : AFT 1756 @@ VA 3.Andrews, Ephriam, [Jr.] -Birth/Chris: AFT 1757 @@ VA 4.Andrews, Stacy - Birt h/Chris: AFT 1758 @@ VA5.Andrews, Elisabeth - Birth/Chris: AFT 1759 @@ VA 6.Andrews, Nancy An n -Birth/Chris : AFT 1760 @@ VA 7.Andrews, Thomas - Birth/Chris: AFT 176 1 @@VA
0 @@ VA 7.Andrews, Thomas - Birth/Chris:
ANCI Henrico Co. VA, Bristol Parish STAT Baptism SUBM Live d in LunenburgCo. / Mecklenburg Co . SUBM Lived in Lunenburg Co. / Mecklenburg Co. Movedto Hawkins Co. TN SURN Served as Pvt. Co ntinental Army, Col. Lee's Legionof Light Horse, first troop, TEXT received 280 acres in Meck lenburg Co.from father TEXT received 280 acres in Mecklenburg Co. from father DeedBook 2, p . 396!Source: THE ANDREWS FAMILY O F VA, TN, MO AND BEYOND, byGrace L. (Andrews) Maglione 1 9 90 776 Seven Hills Lane, St. Charles, MO63303
!Ephraim Andrews served three years as a Private in the Continental linein the Revolutionar y War. He enlisted and served in Colonel Lee's Legionof Light Horse, in the first Troop, comm anded by Captain James Armstrong.
!Land: Ephraim Andrews of Mecklenburg Co. to Phillip Pennington of samecounty 400 pds... 44 4 acres ... Ann Andrews, wife of Ephraim Andrews,released her dower right in said land. Sourc e: Mecklenburg County DeedBook 10, p. 99. Eric Newsom: "Ephraim Andrews sold his land inMeckl enburg County in 1798 and removed to Tennessee."
!Will: 18 July 1807. Wife: Ann. Children: George; Knacy H .; Stacy;Elizabeth Young; Nancy; Ep hriam, Jr.; daughter, Rebekah Kyle; grandson,Howard Young. Executors: Wife, Ann ; Son, Knac y Andrews; Son-in-law,Benjamin Bugg. In the inventory, there is mention of a Negro - Tom -sti ll in the State of Virginia in the possession of George Andrews andWilliam Drummond. Source : Bill Utterback. P.O. Box 150, Amarillo, TX79150. Internet:
CONC Son-in-law,Benjamin Bugg. In the inventory, there is mention of a Negro -
Item: My will and desire is that the price with the hire o f one negrofellow named Tom that i s now in the possession of George Andrews andWilliam Drumright, shall be taken out of their p art of the estate, andthe two hundred dollar s that George Andrews paid the said Drumright fo rhim is to be subtracted out of the said Drumright's part of said Negro.
1 CONC andWilliam Drumright, shall be taken out of their p art of the estate,
Ed Waller found the first clue: It was in Lunenburg Co. Deed Book 22,page 212. George Andrew s of Lunenburg Co. (Ephriam's son) and WilliamDrumright of Mecklenburg Co. appointed a lawyer , "each being lawfullyentitled to a Legacy or child's part of the Estate of Ephriam Andrews a ndalso the Estate of Ann Andrews, deceased of Williamson County and Stateof Tennessee.

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