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Note NI00636 :

Individuals : Nabors Robert


Note NI00637 :

Individuals : O'Briant Olive Haseltine
Some sources say: Callie Hasteline O'Brient


Note NI00638 :

Individuals : Jamison Mary Elizabeth


Note NI00639 :

Individuals : Hargis Burford


Note NI00640 :

Individuals : Fleming Andrew Jackson
Rutherford Co. Archives Marriage Index
Marriages 1804-1850:
Fleming, Jackson Jamison, Elizabeth Mar 23, 1840 Blank yes no Flemming, Jackson


Note NI00641 :

Individuals : Jamison Fanny Ann


Note NI00642 :

Individuals : Cantrell Thomas Jefferson


Note NI00643 :

Individuals : Cantrell Susan Jane


Note NI00644 :

Individuals : Cantrell Rachel A.


Note NI00645 :

Individuals : Jamison Mary


Note NI00646 :

Individuals : Jamison Susan Elizabeth


Note NI00647 :

Individuals : Sheddan Thomas (Tom) Wiley


Note NI00648 :

Individuals : Jamison James Henry


Note NI00649 :

Individuals : Jamison Stephen White


Note NI00650 :

Individuals : Jamison Henry Black


Note NI00651 :

Individuals : Hargis Walter


Note NI00652 :

Individuals : Jamison Sophia J.
Sophia J. Jamison was born August 10, 1823 in Attala County, Mississippi and died May 18, 1882 in Attala County, Mississippi. She married Isaac Peeler in Attala County, Mississippi. He was born September 11, 1829 in Gaffney, South Carolina and died October 22, 1914 in Center, Mississippi, son of Isaac Peeler and Nancy Petty
Burial : Center Cemetery, Center, Mississippi
Center Baptist Chr Cemetery, Attala County, MS


Note NI00653 :

Individuals : Jamison Harriet Letitia
Some document mention her as "Letitia H. Jamison", nicknamed "Hattie Jamison")


Note NI00654 :

Individuals : Jamison infant


Note NI00655 :

Individuals : Cantrell Tilghman A.


Note NI00656 :

Individuals : Mckee Nancy


Note NI00657 :

Individuals : Cantrell Harvey Perry


Note NI00658 :

Individuals : Nabors Margie Anna


Note NI00659 :

Individuals : Dempster Josie


Note NI00660 :

Individuals : Cantrell James Knox Polk


Note NI00661 :

Individuals : Wickersham Nancy Jane


Note NI00662 :

Individuals : Cantrell William Hugh


Note NI00663 :

Individuals : Hargis Ida


Note NI00664 :

Individuals : Cantrell Tilghman Andrews


Note NI00665 :

Individuals : Cantrell Franklin Whitten


Note NI00666 :

Individuals : Foster Rebecca Anne


Note NI00667 :

Individuals : Jamison Fannie Iva


Note NI00668 :

Individuals : Jamison Donie


Note NI00669 :

Individuals : Patterson Effie Sue
Milton Cemetery, Rutherford County, Tn.


Note NI00670 :

Individuals : Lawson


Note NI00671 :

Individuals : Jamison Ida Lou


Note NI00672 :

Individuals : Jamison Stokely Hugh "Stokes"


Note NI00673 :

Individuals : Jamison Charles Hugh
William Hugh Jamison (of Tennessee) as father of Charles Hugh (Charlie)Jamison born Nov 186 9 in Alabama. Charlie went on to Texas (Erath Co -out from Fort Worth) bought a farm and rais ed a family of 3 (1904, 1907and 1917) with Anna Bradley.


Note NI00674 :

Individuals : Jamison Samuel Bogan "Sam"


Note NI00675 :

Individuals : Cox


Note NI00676 :

Individuals : Jamison Woodson Marian


Note NI00677 :

Individuals : Jamison Ella


Note NI00678 :

Individuals : Jamison Emma Lee


Note NI00679 :

Individuals : Jamison Susan Jo "Susie"


Note NI00680 :

Individuals : Nabors Steve


Note NI00681 :

Individuals : Jamison John


Note NI00682 :

Individuals : Jamison William


Note NI00683 :

Individuals : Jameson William
William Jameson has not been determined to related to the Rutherford Co.,TN Jamisons, however , this information is provide in hopes of assistingothers in the search for a common tie.
earch for a common tie.
Clayton Leonard Jameson:
rd Jameson:
The Jamison family came from Scotland, specifically, Argyleshire, andwere related to the cla n Stewart. They were held in high esteem, playedimportant roles in the development of Scotlan d, and had la nded estates.Primarily Protestant, the Jamesons eventually fled Scotland from t hepersecutions of the Church of England, settling in Ulster about 1619.Determination, not los s of wealth, spearheaded their lives in the newcountry. County Londonderry became their home , and they defended her withhonor in spite of the coming controversy over religion again. Wil liamJamison, one of our direct ancest ors, fought during the 1689 Seige ofLondonderry and sur vived. His own grandson, William, leaving the confinesof northern Ireland, emigrated from Col eraine, with many like-minded men,braving the Atl antic seas and reaching Boston prior to 172 5. By 1733,Jamison settled in Nutfield, NH(Londonderry, Derry, and Windham) hislegacy our sti ll-strong generation today.
ior to
CONC 172 5. By 1733,Jamison settled in Nutfield, NH(Londonderry, Derry, and
William Jameson emigrated from Glasgow, Scotland probably as a young manlooking to his fortun e and future. Passenger & Immigration records showno indication of him having arrived betwee n 1760 to 176 8 when he marriedAnne Reade or of his having left on his final voyage to Englan d.
ived betwee n 1760 to 176 8 when he
William Jameson's will is as follows:
eft on his final voyage to Englan d.
"In the Name of God, Amen, I, William Jameson of the County of Charlotteand State of Virginia , being in perfect health and sound judgement, this28th
day of July 1784, do revoking all former Wills make this writing my lastWill and Testament: a s follows in the annexed Section, Viz:-Section 1st Irecommend my soul to the Mercy of God, it s divine ori ginal; and my bodyto the care of my friends, to bestow on it Christian burial; h aving alively faith of their being again re-united at a happy resurrection; andof enjoyin g a happy Eternity, in and t hro' the Merits of my ever blessedredemer; Section 2d. I will th at my Estate of every kind may be kepttogether until my daughter Mary arrives at the age of e ighteen orMarries, with the approbation of her mother or Guardian, or in case ofher death, un til my son, Clement comes of age, or in case of his deathbefore that period, until my daughte r Margaret comes to the age ofEighteen, or Marries with the said approbation-or in case of he r deathuntil my son Edmund comes of age-or in the case of his death, until mydaughter Elizabe th comes to the age of Eighteen or Marries, with the saidappro bation-or in the case of her d eath, until the child my wife is nowenceinte with, comes of age if a boy or Marries as afores aid, if adaughter, or arrives at the age already mentioned. In the meantime mydearly Belove d wife and children to be genteely maintained on the profitsof my estate, and my sons liberal ly educated thereon. Section 3d. I will,that, whenever any of the periods in the foregoi ng s ection may arrive;that the division of my real and personal estate, may be as followethViz: I n consideration of the truly conjugal virtue, and unfeigned tender,and affectionate behavio r of my s aid wife, Anne, towards me and mychildren; My will is that she enjoy my manor, plan tation, and
Mansion house of Annsfield, with all and sundry he appurtenances,thereunto belonging, durin g the Term of her Natural life; Together withone third part
of my slaves, horses, cattle, sheep, hogs, also the whole of my householdand kitchen furnitur e of every kind, and putting the utmost confidenceand trust in
her just and impartial affection for our several children; I leave to herthe distribution o f the said slaves, horses, cattle, hogs & sheep, andhousehold
furniture, amongst our children, or their lawful representatives at herdeath. Section 4th. Th e residue of my slaves, horses, cattle, sheep andhogs, after my
wifes share as above being deducted from the whole; I give and devise tobe equally divided am ongst my children now in being, and, the infant, Mrs.
Jameson is at this time pregnant with, whenever any of the periods ofdivision in Section 2d , shall arrive. Section 5th. My lands andtenements, I will to be
equally divided between my sons their attaining the age aforesaid, by myExecutors, or any on e or two of them. Section 6th. Whereas my son Clementwill
enjoy by the gift of his grandmother, a tract of land containing Fourhundred acres, I direc t that this may be considered as part of hisheritage of land; and in case his brother or brot her's share or shares ofmy distinct property should exceed his said tract in quantity of Acre s,that so much may be taken from his brother or brothers share or shares aswill contribute t o make them equal to shoe of his brothers now in theexistence; should it on the contrary b e a daughter, she will enjoyequally with her sisters, as directed in Section 4th. Section 7th . Ileave to the disposal of my said wife Anne, the said Manor of Annsfield,at her death, to w hich of our sons she thinks proper; still observingthat the said plantation and original trac t must be considered as part ofsuch sons heritage o r proportion of land. Section 8th. Shoul d divineprovidence so order it in its infinite wisdom that any of our childrenshould die, I d irect his or her share or shares of my estate real orpersonal, t o be equally divided betwee n my wife, and our survivingchildren. My said wife to hold the same on the like footing as is mentioned in Section third: And should the same providence think fit tobereav e her of the wh ole of her children, I will and direct that thewhole of my estate of every denomination may b e invested in and becomethe sole and entire property of my said dearly beloved wife, Anne, an dher heirs forever, leaving it in her discretion to bestow what partthereof she may think pro per on any of my relations she understand maymost stand in need of assistance. Section 9th. W hereas, I am aboutundertaking a voyage to Great Britain, from which it may be the will ofth e Almighty I may never return, I most ardently intreat my said wife andthe gentlemen whom I s hall appoint my Execu tors that whenever my deathshall happen, or certain intelligence thereo f come to their knowledge,that they cause an Inventory of my estate to be taken, and should t herebe an insufficiency of Tobacc o, money, &c on hand, to discharge my justdebts, that the y consult with Mrs. Jameson what part of my estate shewould pitch upon as the least distressi ng to her and her infant family tosell in order to pay the said debts; and I will that such p art so pointedout by her may be made sale of accordingly and my debts discharged withproduc t of such sales. Section 10th. I constitute and appoint my sa idwife Anne Executrix of this m y last will and Testament, recommending ourchildren to her care, and her attention to their b eing brought up in theprincipals of virtue and religion. I likewise intre at my good friendsT homas Read, Esq., the Honble Paul Carrington Esq., William Cowan Esq.,require at their hands , that is to act as Executors of this my last will& Testament, which I wrote and inter line d with my own hand, and sealedwith my seal, this said 28th day of July, 1784.
c on hand, to
Signed, sealed, and acknowledged in presence of: William Jameson. I. S.
Wood Bouldin
Joanna Bouldin
Wm. Clark
istressi ng to her and her
At a Court held for Charlotte County the 5th day of September, 1785.
t such
This last Will & Testament of William Jameson, Gentleman, deceased wasexhibited in Court by A nne Jameson, the widow and Executrix, and Thomas
Read, the honble Paul Carrington Esq., William Cowan and Edmund Read,Gent. The Executors ther ein named, and the same was proved by the oath of
Wood Bouldin, Joanna Bouldin & William Clark, the three witnesses heretosubscribed, and order ed to be Recorded - On the motion of the saidExecutrix
and Thomas Read and Edmund Read, two of the Executors, who made oathaccording to law, certifi cate is granted them for obtaining a probate ofthe said
Will in due form, they giving security: whereupon they with JonathanRead, their security, ent ered into and acknowledged their bond accordingto law for
that purpose---And the said Paul Carrington and William Cowan, Esquires,the other Executors h erein named, renounced in Open Court the burden of
Execution of the said Will.
for Charlotte County the 5th day of September, 1785.
Teste: Thomas Read, Clk Ct.
Testament of William Jameson, Gentleman, deceased
Truly recorded: Thomas Read, C. C.
A copy. Teste: H. B. Chermside, Clerk.
ONC Thomas
Recorded in Will Book No. 1, page 370.
In writing his will, Jameson knew the dangers of the ocean and hisundertaking a voyage just a fter writing his will appears ominous andprophetic in retrospect. For
obviously a year and several months later he died at sea. Mrs. AnneJameson married two year s later, second, August 7, 1787, Charlotte co.,VA., Col. Richard
Elliot. They had several children from this marriage: (a) Julia Elliot,m. Joseph Friend Jr. ; and (b) George Elliott. Mr. Elliot was Clerk of theCommittee of Safety in
charlotte county in 1775 and 1776. He was a Captain during theRevolutionary War and took th e Oath of Loyalty in November of 1779.
eir bond accordingto law
Life went on a pace, but on March 16, 1801 an indenture between AnneElliot, Clement R. Jameso n and Edmund Jameson and that of Philip Good allof the county of Charlotte regarding a trac t of land owne d by WilliamJameson and divided between Edmund and Clement Jameson known as Ho rsepenPlantation comprising 911 acres. Philip Goode purchased said tract for908 pounds locate d on Horsepen Creek origin ally purchased by WilliamJameson from Abraham Martin and then cons isting of 963 acres (52 acreslater sold to John Collier).
king a voyage just a fter writing his will appears ominous
On August 28, 1815, Anne Elliot made out her last will and testament "inthe presence of Cleme nt Carrington and Anne M. Read".
on married two year s later, second, August 7, 1787, Charlotte
CONC co.,VA., Col. Richard
"In the name of God Amen, I Anne Elliot of the County of Charlotte, beingin perfect health an d usually sound mind, do make and ordain this as mylast Will and testament, after recommendin g my Soul to God, my redeemer,My just Debts being first paid, I give and bequeath to my daugh ter JuliaFriend, my silver case during her life and after her death to herdaughter, Anne Eliz a Friend, being a famil y piece, I wish it to remainin the family. I further give and devis e unto my daughter, Julia Friend,during her life only, the following slaves, Dorcass, Peter , Nancy,Charlotte, Louisa, Clarissa and Rose, with their increase, and at herdeath to be equa lly divided between her children. I further give mydaughter, Julia Friend, the slaves Hannah , William, Martha and Mary andtheir increases durin g her life only, and at her death, I giv e them tobe divided equally between her daughters, Anne Eliza Friend and MaryElliot Friend . I further give to my son, George Elliot, the followingslaves, Dan iel, Squire, Jim, Judy, F anny, Pattey, Harrison, Edmund andtheir increase forever; I further devise and direct that Ce sar, old Roseand Nancy be sold-together with all the remainder of my property undevised, also , to be sold for payment of my just debts; and if any thingremain, it is my will and desire t hat it go to my son, George Elliott;and further it is my wish, if any money be due at my de a th, that it beapplied first to the payment of my just debts, the remainder to my son,Georg e Elliott. And lastly, I constitute and appoint my son, GeorgeElliott, and Joseph Friend Jr. , my executors of this my last will,revoking all others. In witness whereof I have hereunto s et my hand andsea.
daughter, Julia
Nancy Elliott. L.S.
life only, the following slaves, Dorcass, Peter ,
At a Court held for Charlotte County this 1st day of January, 1816.
nd at
This Last Will and Testament of Anne Elliot, dec'd, was presented inCourt and the same was pr oved by the oath of Clement Carrington, one ofthe
subscribing Witnesses, to be acknowledged by the said Anne Elliott asheer Last Will and Testa ment in his presence and ordered to be Recorded,and on the
motion of George Elliott, one of the Executors named in the will, whomade oath according to l aw, certificate is granted him for obtaining aprobate od the
said Will in due form, he giving security, whereupon he, with ClementCarrington and Joseph Fr iend Jr., his securities, entered into adacknowledged their
bond according to Law for that purpose.
, also , to be sold for payment of my just debts; and
Teste: Thomas Read, Clerk.
my will and desire t hat it go to my son,
Trult Recorded: Thomas Read, Clerk.
y wish, if any money be due at my de a
A copy. Teste: H. B. Chermside, Clerk.
yment of my just debts, the
Recorded Will book No. 1, page 51."
t. And lastly, I constitute and appoint
1] Historical Southern Families, Bodie, Vol.23,ps.104-105; 2] VirginiaMarriage Records, p.152 ; 3] DAR patriotic Index, p.365; 4] HRVR, p.413;5] History of
Charlotte County, VA, Carrington, p.11; 6] List of Revolutionary Soldiersof Virginia, Eckenro de, p.238; 7] Millers of Millersburg, TN, John B.Nicklin, 1922,
ps.73-76; 8] Charlotte Co., VA(court recs), w.bk.1,ps.54,370; 9]Charlotte co., VA(deeds), d.b k.9,p.34; 10] Marriages of Some Virginia
Residents(1607-1800),D.F. Wulfbeck, 1986--"William Jameson m. 9 Dec.,1768, Ann Read. Sur. Tho mas Read. (Charlotte Go. Marr. Bond.)"; 11]Historical
Register of Virginians in The Revolution(Soldiers, Sailors,Marines(1775--1783)), Gwathmey, 19 38, pages 413, 414:-"Jameson,William-Captain, Charlotte
militia; took oath November 1779; Jameson, William-Clerk, CharlotteCommittee of Safety, 1775- 6.";


Note NI00684 :

Individuals : Reade Anne Nancy


Note NI00685 :

Individuals : Reade Clement
They lived in Charlotte Co., VA
Anne Reade's family dates to Andrew Reade of Lankenholt, England. He wasthe father of Rober t Reade who married Mildred Windebank (d. 1630). Hiswill
was dated 12/10/1626. They were the parents of Colonel George Reade(1600-1671) who was Secret ary of the Colony of Virginia (1640), Burgess(1649), and member of the Council (1657-58). H e married Eliz abethMartian. They were the parents of Colonel Thomas Reade of Virginia. Hemar ried Lucy Gwyn. Their
son, Colonel Clement Reade (1707-1/2/1763 VA) married 1730, Lunenburgco., VA, Mary Hill (1709 -1786VA). Mr. Reade served as First Clerk ofLunenburg County for 16 years. He was the King' s attorney in BrunswichCo., VA, Vestryman at St. Andrew's Parish until the formation ofLunenb urg county from Brunswich County in 1746-47. He with Colonel Byrdsurveyed tracts in souther n Virginia, a Burgess repre sentative, and aCommissioner during the French and Indian War. H e graduated from Williamand Mary College.


Note NI00686 :

Individuals : Hill Mary


Note NI00687 :

Individuals : Mills


Note NI00688 :

Individuals : Jameson child I


Note NI00689 :

Individuals : Jameson Mary


Note NI00690 :

Individuals : Elliot William


Note NI00691 :

Individuals : Nabors Stanley


Note NI00692 :

Individuals : Morris Capt. John


Note NI00693 :

Individuals : Jameson Clement Read
Clement and Elizabeth lived in Charlotte Co., VA
"I will and devise to my Beloved wife Eliza Jameson all my estate bothreal and personal of ev ery description whatever to distribute among ourseveral children Martha A. Degraffenreed, Sal ly Hale, Wil liam H.Jameson, and Clement F. Jameson, as she may esteem just and equitablebetw een them (some having rec'd already from me much more than others)reserving to herself one th ird of the whole amount to be at her sole andown disposal at any time she pleases. I nominat e and appoint herself mysaid wife, Dr. Jos. Degraffenreed, Joseph Friend Jr., and Thomas Hale ,Executors of this my will as witnes s my hand and seal this 20th May,1819.

Teste: Clement R. Jameson (seal)
my will as witnes s my hand and seal this
Recorded at Court held for Charlotte County the 3rd day of January, 1820."
Recorded in Will Book No. 5, page 35,36.
rlotte County the 3rd day of January, 1820."
1] Charlotte co., VA(wills) bk.5,p.35,36; 2] Historical SouthernFamilies, Bodie, Vol.23,ps.10 4-105; 3] Virginia Marriage Records, p.152;4] History of Charlotte
County, VA, Carrington, p.11;


Note NI00694 :

Individuals : Elliot Elizabeth


Note NI00695 :

Individuals : Jameson Hamilton


Note NI00696 :

Individuals : Jameson Margaret Jennings


Note NI00697 :

Individuals : Jameson Edmund
Mr. Jameson was a merchant applying his trade in VA and AL. WilliamMorton became his apprenti ce. He and his family removed from Charlottecounty around 1812 and settled first in Madison a nd shortly a fter inLawrence county, Alabama settling at Muscle Shoals where he probablydied . He is listed below in these tax lists.
1815 Jemison Edmund Madison County Al Tax List
1816 Jemison Edmund Madison County Al Mississippi Territory Census.
mison Edmund Madison County Al Mississippi Territory Census.
"This Indenture made and entered into this sixteenth day of February,1818, between Edmund Jam eson and Nancy, his wife, of the one part, andJos. W. Scott of the other part, Witnesseth tha t for and in considerationof the sum of three thousand dollars to them in hand paid, the rece iptwhereof is hereby acknowledged, they, the said Jameson and his wife,have this day bargain ed and sold and by thes e presents do bargain andsell all the land which has fallen to him, t he said Jameson, as one ofthe heirs of Col. Thomas Read, senior, late of Charlotte county, an d hisinterest being one undivided t wenty-fifth part of all the lands to whichhe, the said, R ead, decd., entitled to him, the said Jos. W. Scott, hisheirs and assigns forever, and they , the said Jameson and wife, do forthemselves the ir heirs &c. warrant and will forever defen d the title ofsaid lands to him the said Jos. W. Scott forever, free from the claims ofall pe rsons, as witnesses our hands and seals the day and year abovewritten.
nds to him the said Jos. W. Scott forever, free from
Test: Edmund Jameson L. S.
, as witnesses our hands and seals the day and
Elbert H. Thompson Nancy Jameson L.S.[4]
Martha S. Thompson"
"Alabama Territory, Madison County, S. S. personally appeared before meObadiah Jones, Esq . A Judge of the said Territory, the within named Edmund
Jameson, who acknowledged that he signed, sealed, and delivered theforegoing deed, on the da y and year therein mentioned, to the aforesaidJos. W. Scott. And I further certify that I hav e examined Na ncy Jameson,the wife of said Edmund Jameson, since she signed the within deedse parate and apart from her said husband and that on her examination thesiad Nancy acknowledge d and declared that the si fned, sealed anddelivered the same as her voluntary act and deed f reely, without anyfear, threats or compulsion of her husband.-
NC thesiad Nancy acknowledge d and declared that the si fned, sealed
Given under my hand and seal this 16th day of February, 1818.
Obadiah Jones, L. S.[4]
mpulsion of her husband.-
Judge of the superior court of the aforesaid Territory."
February, 1818.
Recorded 2/19/1818, book D, pages 150 & 151 H. Minor R. O. C.[6]
the superior court of the aforesaid Territory."
Charlotte co., VA Court 8/5/1818 indenture was presented into court andrecorded.[7]
He removed to Lawrence co., AL where he had his last three childrenbefore he died. Nancy Jami son moved her family after her husband's deathto Rutherford Co., TN


Note NI00698 :

Individuals : Jameson Elizabeth


Note NI00699 :

Individuals : Willis Larkin


Note NI00700 :

Individuals : Jameson child II


Note NI00701 :

Individuals : Elliot Thomas Colgate


Note NI00702 :

Individuals : Nabors Barry


Note NI00703 :

Individuals : Pankey Jane


Note NI00704 :

Individuals : Scott Nancy Wyatt
23 Dec 1806 Marriage to Edmund JAMESON. The family moved from Charlotte Co., VA, to Lawrence Co., AL in 1812 and settled near Muscle Shoals.
16 Feb 1818 Sale of Alabama Territory land from Edmund & Nancy Jameson, land inherited from Co. Thomas Read, Sr., late of Charlotte Co. for $3000 to Jos. W. SCOTT.
17 Mar 1827 Death of Edmund JAMESON, Alabama
r 1827 Death of Edmund JAMESON, Alabama
24 Oct, 1850 US Census. Millersburg Dist., Rutherford Co., TN. Enumeration of Thomas (43) & Catharine (25) Jamison and Robert S. (2). (mother) Nancy Jamison (61) of Virginia is living adjacent. ownes 2100 acres.
iving adjacent. ownes 2100
14 Jun, 1860 US Census. Fosterville, Rutherford Co., TN. Enumeration of N. Jameson, 71, of VA.
on of
CONC N. Jameson, 71, of VA.
Last Will and probate for Nancy Jameson:
probate for Nancy Jameson:
"This is my last will and testament, July 6, 1858, in my perfect mind andunderstanding, I hav e a right to what property I have and to do what Iplease with it. I leave my property to my s on Thomas H. Jameson, and his wife, Catherine Jameson, during their lifetime, and at their dea th to beequally divided between my son's Thomas H. Jameson's children. I leave myland to be e qually divided between the boys. I leave Aggy to myGranddaughter Eliza and Athala to Nancy Te nnessee and their heirs. I givethem to their heirs, or the Heirs of their body; if either o f them dies,the property to go to th e other. My daughter, Sarah Gibson, has had herfull shar e. I give her Becky, during her lifetime, and at her death to myGranddaughter, Nancy Gibson . Becky and her heirs for Nancy Gibson and herheir s of her body. I give my bed and bed cloth es to my Grandson RobertScott Jameson. I set Sooky and Phillis free, my son Thomas to take ca reof them during their lifetime.
cloth es to my Grandson
Nancy Jameson"
ameson. I set Sooky and Phillis free, my son Thomas to take
"My son, Thomas to have the entire management of my property himself. Heis at liberty to sel l the land, if it be his wish to do so.
Nancy Jameson"
y himself.
t liberty to sel l the land, if it be his wish to do so.
M. T. I. Clemens
S. B. Robinson.
State of Tennessee
County Court, June Term, 1865.
Rutherford County
State of Tennessee
The foregoing last will and testament of Nancy Jameson, deceased, wasthis day presented in op en court for probate, and the execution thereofwas duly proven by the oaths of M. T. I. Cleme ns and S. B. Robinson, thesubscribing witnesses thereto, and was certified for registration.
I. Cleme ns and S. B. Robinson,
Witness my hand at office this 5th day of June, 1865
for registration.
John Jones, Clk."

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