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Note NI07802 :

Individuals : Griswold Laura Philecta Cook


Note NI07804 :

Individuals : Finch Nora


Note NI07811 :

Individuals : Smith Alameda or Almedia
from Catawba Island Family said that when she died, the snow was so deepthe men had to shove l a long path to get her body out of the house.(buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Danbury Twp., Ot tawa Co., OH, Lakeside, OH)-------- Ohio Deaths, 1908-1932, 1938-1944, and 1958-2002: Name: A lmeda AKelley Death Date: 20 Nov 1926 County of Death: Ottawa -------- 1870Census shows nam e spelled Almedia, age 16


Note NI07815 :

Individuals : Watson Tarr Kathleen


Note NI07823 :

Individuals : Lockwood Laura
Portrait made in Columbus, OH. --------------- 1870 United States FederalCensus Name: Laura K elly Estimated Birth Year: abt 1840 Age in 1870: 30Birthplace: Ohio Home in 1870: Danbury, Ot tawa, Ohio Race: White Gender:Female Value of real estate: View Image Post Office: Port Clint onHousehold Members: Name Age William Kelly 32 Laura Kelly 30 Allen E Kelly10 Mary Kelly 8 Jo sephine Kelly 6 Source Citation: Year: 1870; CensusPlace: Danbury, Ottawa, Ohio; Roll: M593_1 253; Page: 348; Image: 171.Ohio Death Certificate Index: KELLY LAURA County Name: OTTAWA Dat e ofDeath: 8/25/1913 Volume Number: 1158 Certificate Number: 48529 ------Headstone picture i n file


Note NI07826 :

Individuals : Watson Jamie Ann


Note NI07837 :

Individuals : Purcell


Note NI07839 :

Individuals : Elnora M.
Women's Relief Corps. # 337,1883


Note NI07848 :

Individuals : Purcell Patrricia Kay


Note NI07859 :

Individuals : Purcell Roy Lon


Note NI07860 :

Individuals : Smith Bion Bernard
ashes scattered on family home site
Bion was born Lawrence Paul Nicolson(?) and adopted as a baby by Bion B.Smith and Hattie Kell y Smith. He was baptized in Canada by theArchbishop of Canada. He was born at sea on a shi p and had a brother andsister. The father was Lawrence Paul Nicolson and the mother was Esme Cockshoot. ( Info. provided by Bion's wife, Ruth Elizabeth KellySmith.)Esme Nell Nicholson fo und in death records in Vancouver, B. C.shows she died Jan 18, 1977 at age of 83. British Co lumbia Death Index:1872 to 1979 Record Name: ESME NELL NICHOLSON Gender: Female Age: 83Deat h Date: 18 January 1977 Place of Death: VANCOUVER Registration #:1977-09-001703 BCA #: B1357 4 GSU #: 2050828


Note NI07881 :

Individuals : Givens Charles Clifford


Note NI07882 :

Individuals : Watson Uldine


Note NI07885 :

Individuals : Smith Shawn Patrick
Shawn Patrick Smith SMITH, SHAWN PATRICK 9/23/54 - 4/25/04 A nativeTexan, devoted to famil y and always a true friend. Shawn will beremembered for his humor, patience, and dependabilit y. Survivors includehis fine son, Sven Reilly (21), and beautiful daughter, CatherineVirginia , (13), mother (Pat), sister (Victoria), extended family members,and a wealth of friends. Mem orial service Wed. 4/28 at 5:00 at TrietschUMC in Flower Mound. Internment: B. Dalton & Son . Published in the DallasMorning News on 4/28/2004


Note NI07893 :

Individuals : Pedigo Elsie


Note NI07903 :

Individuals : Brown Ashley


Note NI07906 :

Individuals : Jamison Abraham
Information in part thanks to "Our Fall Cities Families' by Lonnie
Shelby, KY
The Abraham Jamison family is from Kevin Myers' site on ml. Thanks to Kevin for thehelpful information provided. There is no link to this family fr om theRuthe rford Co., TN Jamisons that can be determined as yet, however, thisrecord is plac ed here for research purposes in hopes that other Jamisonresearches may find some connectio n to either this site or K evin's line.
s may find some connectio n to either this site or K
Abraham's ancestry may go back to James Jamison, who was born about 1650in Glasgow, Scotlan d however no proof is available. James moved toCounty Galway, Ireland, and later to the Susq uehanna River in SouthernPennsylvania about 1700. This family eventually settled in Frankli n Co.,VA.
ania about 1700. This family eventually settled in
His parents could have been Robert Jamison and Mary Vastine. No proof isavailable for this a vailable. He raised his family in Kentucky. In 1796,he purchased land which his son, Jacob , and other he irs bought beforehis death.
ich his son, Jacob , and other he irs bought
He is listed as head of household, 1820 (Shelby Co., KY) Census, and hedied in the early par t of 1843.
Some info from sdtchapman2667024
Source Citation
m sdtchapman2667024
"Ancestral File v4.19," database, FamilySearch( N : accessed 3 July 2012),entry for Abraham Sr. JAMISON.
ssed 3
Abraham's grave is usually under water as when the lake was built the burials were not moved.
__________________________________________________________________________ ___
T __________________________________________________________________________
Some sources indicate death may be 1863 at age 101??


Note NI07909 :

Individuals : Griswold Samuel
Samuel Griswold III


Note NI07912 :

Individuals : Holcombe Benajah
Info. from website: Thomas Holcombe of Connecticut


Note NI07914 :

Individuals : Clark Rachel Joann


Note NI07925 :

Individuals : Jamison Thomas E.
No proof that Thomas E. Jamison exist. Family photo does not include him. No evidence of his burial in any of the probable burial sites in Rutherford Co., TN.


Note NI07936 :

Individuals : Brown Mathew Clark


Note NI07939 :

Individuals : Ramsdell Lydia
from "Death Records from the Probate Court, Ottawa County, OH


Note NI07940 :

Individuals : Lockwood John Wickliff
1900 United States Federal Census Name: John W Lockwood Home in 1900:Portage, Ottawa, Ohio Ag e: 73 Estimated birth year: abt 1827 Birthplace:Ohio Relationship to head-of-house: Head Spou se's name: Elizabeth S Race:White Occupation: View image Neighbors: View others on page House holdMembers: Name Age John W Lockwood 73 Elizabeth S Lockwood 73 Stanton WLockwood 28 Minni e Kess 21 Source Citation: Year: 1900; Census Place:Portage, Ottawa, Ohio; Roll: T623 1312; P age: 3A; Enumeration District:127.


Note NI07944 :

Individuals : Griswold George
Information from website: Thomas Holcombe of Connecticut
Edward born before marriage to Honora Pawley


Note NI07947 :

Individuals : Unknown Leisa


Note NI07957 :

Individuals : Shelia


Note NI07958 :

Individuals : Ramsdell Erie F.
from "Death Records from the Probate Court, Ottawa County, OH


Note NI07962 :

Individuals : Wolcott, Sr. Henry
Info. from the Thomas Holcomb web page. He is referred to as HenryWolcott Sr.


Note NI07967 :

Individuals : Wolcott John
Died without issue


Note NI07968 :

Individuals : Brown Cecilly


Note NI07979 :

Individuals : Morgan Darlene


Note NI07987 :

Individuals : Wolcott Christopher
;Came to America with his father in 1630; died unmarried


Note NI07990 :

Individuals : Givens Sara Ethel


Note NI07991 :

Individuals : Morgan Teresa


Note NI08002 :

Individuals : Clark Racheal Joann


Note NI08013 :

Individuals : Brown Matthew Clark


Note NI08024 :

Individuals : Smith Monta Jeane


Note NI08025 :

Individuals : Wolcott Oliver
info. from Thomas Holcombe web page


Note NI08035 :

Individuals : Watson Robert Terrall


Note NI08046 :

Individuals : Jones James Jonathan


Note NI08057 :

Individuals : Watson William Brent


Note NI08068 :

Individuals : Walker Kathleen


Note NI08079 :

Individuals : Watson Tara Kathleen


Note NI08090 :

Individuals : Watson Jamie Ann


Note NI08092 :

Individuals : Hogg Thomas
1870 census Danbury Twp., Ottawa Co., OH -------------- 1860 censusshows Ellen, 28, Schoo l Teacher and Robert, 21, Engineer, living inhousehold.(from previous marriage to Jamett a Lachlison ---------------1880 United States Federal Census Name: Thomas Hogg Home in 1880:D anbury, Ottawa, Ohio Age: 27 Estimated birth year: abt 1853 Birthplace:Ohio Relation to head- of-household: Son Father's name: Thomas Father'sbirthplace: Eng Mother's name: Mary Mother' s birthplace: Ire


Note NI08101 :

Individuals : Givens Olen Ward


Note NI08102 :

Individuals : Purcell Roy Nelson


Note NI08105 :

Individuals : Driver Mary
1900 Ohio Census
Ohio Obituary Index: Basic information for person: Last Name: HOGGFirst Name: MARY Age a t Time of Death: 84 City of Death: LAKESIDEState of Death: OH Month of Death: 11 Day of D eath: 5 Year of Death:1900


Note NI08111 :

Individuals : Jamison Amanda E.


Note NI08113 :

Individuals : Purcell Patricia Kay


Note NI08122 :

Individuals : Knapp Thomas S.
"of VT"


Note NI08123 :

Individuals : Sanford ?
"of NY"


Note NI08124 :

Individuals : Brown Robert Thomas


Note NI08126 :

Individuals : Smith Sylvanis W."Samuel"


Note NI08129 :

Individuals : Smith Melvina
1880 Census


Note NI08130 :

Individuals : Smith Charley L
1880 Census


Note NI08131 :

Individuals : Smith Oran
1880 Census


Note NI08132 :

Individuals : Smith Kate
1880 Census


Note NI08133 :

Individuals : Smith Cummings
1880 Census


Note NI08134 :

Individuals : Smith Aroline
1860 Census


Note NI08135 :

Individuals : Purcell Roy Lon


Note NI08136 :

Individuals : Smith Evaline
1860 Census


Note NI08137 :

Individuals : Smith Julian
1860 Census


Note NI08138 :

Individuals : Smith Emiline
1860 Census


Note NI08139 :

Individuals : Knapp Charles Sumner
Married by Justice of the Peace, Truman Pettibone


Note NI08140 :

Individuals : Kelly William Perkins
Found his middle name in his bible which he received March 15, 1859 andhanded down to his you ngest child, Ann Eliza in May, 1864. --------------Builder of Marblehead Lighthouse(Photo) Li ghthouse finished June, 1822-------------- He was living in Ireland at the time of war betwee n theCatholics and Protestants. He belonged to the anti-Catholic group calledthe "Orangemen" . One of his ancestors was piked to death by theCatholics. Wm's wife, Jane Reid, sewed a st eel plate in his clothes overhis heart in case the Catholics tried to shoot him. When they a ttemptedto shoot him and the steel plate protected him, he was imprisioned inIreland. His wi fe got word to the Masonic Order in England and told themof the imprisonment. Since he wa s a Mason, they secured his release andhe left shortly after for America. He had at least tw o brothers, John andAlexander. It is thought that they later came to America and settled int he West. -------------- When his wife, Jane, died he then married LydiaHartshorn who was th e sister of Wyatt Hartshorn who had married William'sdaughter Jane B. Kelly. -------------- 1 850 Census Name: William KellyAge: 71 Estimated birth year: abt 1779 Birth place: Ireland Gen der: MaleHome in 1850 (City,County,State): Danbury, Ottawa, Ohio------------------ KELLY, WIL LIAM (1860 U.S. Census) Ohio , ERIE,PERKINS, Age 81, Male, Race: White, Born: IREL Series : M653 Roll: 958Page: 151 Lived with daughter , Margaret and her husband, LudwigBrown. -- --------------- moved from Troy, N. Y. to Sandusky, OH approx.1820


Note NI08143 :

Individuals : Heineman Hermann
Info from:


Note NI08144 :

Individuals : Bredehoft John W.
1850 Census (Ancestry) Also listed was Martin Bredehoft, age 18.Possibly a brother to John W . and Martin, age 74 and Mary age 60,probably parents John W. Bredehoft was born Johann Hei nrich Bredehft


Note NI08145 :

Individuals : Hahenfeld Sophia Charlotte
from"Death Records from the Probate Court, Ottawa County


Note NI08146 :

Individuals : Skaggs Robbie Lynn


Note NI08149 :

Individuals : Bredehoft Ferdinand
Marriage info from Probate Court, Ottawa Co., OH 1840-1890


Note NI08151 :

Individuals : Hartshorn Lydia
buried in Oakland Cemetery, Sandusky, Erie Co., OH,Sandusky, OH


Note NI08152 :

Individuals : Bredehoft Martin
from "Death Records from the Probate Court Ottawa County, OH"
John W. Bredehoft was born Johann Heinrich Bredehft


Note NI08156 :

Individuals : Purcell Holly Brook


Note NI08157 :

Individuals : Beach Ludwig
1860 census


Note NI08160 :

Individuals : Brown Girtrude Ann L. (Eunice?)
An article from the Sandusky Library Archives Recearch Center says EuniceAnn Brown was born N ov. 20, 1832 in Danbury, OH. She married James Dewittin 1876 but was widowed before 1900. Sh e was a tireless worker duringWorld War I, knitting one hundred eleven paris of socks for th e soldiersoverseas. Her goal was "to beat the Kaiser with my knitting needles."


Note NI08165 :

Individuals : Grace G.
1900 census Crescent twp., Logan Co., OK


Note NI08174 :

Individuals : Mary J.
1900 census Robinson City, Crawford Co., IL


Note NI08176 :

Individuals : Kelly William Edward
1850 United States Federal Census about William Kelly & Janette (born inCT) & 3 kids, also W m Sr Name: William Kelly Age: 30 Estimated birthyear: abt 1820 Birth Place: Ohio Gender: Mal e Home in 1850(City,County,State): Danbury, Ottawa, Ohio --------- 1860 United StatesFedera l Census: Name: S A Kelley Age in 1860: 33 Birth Year: abt 1827Birthplace: New York Home in 1 860: Danbury, Ottawa, Ohio Gender: FemalePost Office: Port Clinton Value of real estate: Vie w image HouseholdMembers: Name Age Wm Kelley 39 S A Kelley 33 (Cynthia A) M M Kelley 4Chas K elley 2 Wm Kelley 80 (father) A Kelley 35 (must be Ann Eliza,Wm. Sr's daughter) ------ 18 70 United States Federal Census: Name:William E Kelley Estimated birth year: abt 1821 Age i n 1870: 49Birthplace: Ohio Home in 1870: Danbury, Ottawa, Ohio Race: White Gender:Male Post O ffice: Port Clinton Source Citation: Year: 1870; Census Place:Danbury, Ottawa, Ohio; Roll: M5 93_1253; Page: 337; Image: 148. --------1880 United States Federal Census Name: William E. Ke lley Home in 1880:Port Cinton, Ottawa, Ohio Age: 60 Estimated birth year: abt 1820Birthplace : Ohio Relation to head-of-household: Self (Head) Spouse'sname: Cynthia Father's birthplace : Ireland Mother's birthplace: IrelandOccupation: General Poduce Dealer Marital Status: Marri ed Race: WhiteGender: Male Household Members: Name Age William E. Kelley 60 CynthiaKelley 5 2 Jay Kelley 19 Alfred Kelley 16 Katie A. Kelley 11 SourceCitation: Year: 1880; Census Place : Port Cinton, Ottawa, Ohio; Roll:T9_1056; Family History Film: 1255056; Page: 414.2000; Enum erationDistrict: 68; Image: 0329. --------- 1900 United States Federal Census:Name: Wm E Kell y Home in 1900: Portage, Ottawa, Ohio Age: 79 Estimatedbirth year: abt 1821 Birthplace: Ohi o Relationship to head-of-house:Boarder Race: White Occupation: Fire Insurance Agt Househol d Members:Name Age Jacob Shook 76 Sarah Shook 66 Wm E Kelly 79 (boarder) Alfred EKelly 36 ( boarder & son of Wm E Kelly) occupation - sailor SourceCitation: Year: 1900; Census Place: Po rtage, Ottawa, Ohio; Roll: T6231312; Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 132.


Note NI08178 :

Individuals : Lawman Nellie Mae


Note NI08189 :

Individuals : Northnagle Mariane Lucia


Note NI08199 :

Individuals : Dickerson Matthew


Note NI08206 :

Individuals : Butterfield S. B.
1850 United States Federal Census Record Name: S B Butterfield Age: 40Estimated birth year: a bt 1810 Birth place: New York Gender: Male Home in1850 (City,County,State): Lancaster, Fairfi eld, Ohio


Note NI08208 :

Individuals : Butterfield Benjamin
1850 United States Federal Census Name: Benjamin Butterfield Age: 13Estimated birth year: ab t 1837 Birth Place: Ohio Gender: Male Home in1850(City,County,State): Lancaster, Fairfield, O hio


Note NI08210 :

Individuals : Dunaway Clovis


Note NI08211 :

Individuals : Dickerson Micheal Donald


Note NI08213 :

Individuals : Kelly Alfred Hartshorn
Drowned in Sandusky Bay in ice.


Note NI08215 :

Individuals : Werner William W.
Buried in Fountain Cemetery in Fostoria, OH ----------------- 1900 UnitedStates Federal Censu s : Name: William W Werner Home in 1900: Toledo Ward14, Lucas, Ohio Age: 33 Birth Date: Mar 1 867 Birthplace: Ohio Race: WhiteEthnicity: American Relationship to head-of-house: Head Fathe r'sBirthplace: Germany Mother's Birthplace: Ohio Spouse's Name: MargeretMarriage Year: 1890 M arital Status: Married Years Married: 10 Residence :Toledo City, Lucas, Ohio Occupation: Mac hinist Household Members: NameAge William W Werner 33 Margeret Werner 29 Paul Werner 3 Maud W erner 2Source Citation: Year: 1900; Census Place: Toledo Ward 14, Lucas, Ohio;Roll: T623 1299 ; Page: 17A; . -------------------- 1910 United StatesFederal Census: Name: William W Werne r Age in 1910: 43 Estimated BirthYear: abt 1867 Birthplace: Ohio Relation to Head of House: H ead Father'sBirth Place: Germany Mother's Birth Place: Ohio Spouse's Name: Margaret LHome i n 1910: Toledo Ward 11, Lucas, Ohio Marital Status: Married Race:White Gender: Male Househol d Members: Name Age William W Werner 43Margaret L Werner 39 Paul W Werner 13 Maud Werner 12 B lanche L Werner 9Source Citation: Year: 1910; Census Place: Toledo Ward 11, Lucas, Ohio;Roll : T624_1210; Page: 10B; Enumeration District: 139; Image: 223.------------------ 1920 Unite d States Federal Census: Name: William WWerner Home in 1920: Toledo Ward 12, Lucas, Ohio Age : 52 years EstimatedBirth Year: abt 1868 Birthplace: Ohio Relation to Head of House: HeadSpou se's Name: Margaret Father's Birth Place: Germany Mother's BirthPlace: Pennsylvania Marital S tatus: Married Race: White Sex: Male Homeowned: Rent Able to read: Yes Able to Write: Yes Hou sehold Members: NameAge William W Werner 52 Margaret Werner 49 Paul L Werner 23 Maude Werner2 1 Blanche Werner 19 Source Citation: Year: 1920;Census Place: ToledoWard 12, Lucas, Ohio; Rol l: T625_1411; Page: 19B; Enumeration District:131; Image: 484.


Note NI08216 :

Individuals : Werner Charles
Shown on 1880 census Fostoria, Seneca Co., OH


Note NI08218 :

Individuals : Kelly Jay Franklin
family records indicate that Jay married and moved to Alaska. Remarriedand had 2 children. 19 10 Census-Name: Jay F Kelly Age in 1910: 50Estimated birth year: abt 1860 Birthplace: Ohio Ho me in 1910: Circle,4-division, Alaska Race: White Gender: Male --------------- 1920 UnitedSta tes Federal Census Record : Name: Jay F Kelley Age: 59 years Estimatedbirth year: abt 1861 Bi rthplace: Ohio Race: White Home in 1920: Circle,Fourth Judicial District, Alaska Territory H ome owned: Rent Sex: MaleMarital status: Married Relation to Head of House: Head Able to read : YesAble to Write: Yes Mother's Birth Place: ?? Father's Birth Place: OhioImage Source: Year : 1920; Census Place: Circle, Fourth Judicial District,Alaska Territory; Roll: T625_2030; Pag e: 33A; Enumeration District: 3;Image: 1218. ---------------- 1930 Census taken 10-28-1929 : Circle,Fourth Judcical District. Territory of Alaska Name: Jay F Kelly Age: 68Estimated b irth year: abt 1862 Birthplace: Ohio Relation tohead-of-house: Head Spouse's Name: Edith S Ke lly Race: White Home in1930: Circle, Fourth Judicial District, Alaska Territory Occupation:P roprietor of Road House Image source: Year: 1930; Census Place: Circle,Fourth Judicial Distri ct, Alaska Territory; Roll: 2628; Page: 2A;Enumeration District: 42; Image: 1085. ----------- ---- 1930 United StatesFederal Census Record take 4-18-1930: Name: Jay Kelly Age: 69 Estimate dbirth year: abt 1861 Birthplace: Ohio Relation to head-of-house: HeadSpouse's Name: Edit h O Kelly Race: White Home in 1930: Seattle, King,Washington Occupation: Merchant - Genera l Store Image source: Year:1930; Census Place: Seattle, King, Washington; Roll: 2491; Page: 2 3B;Enumeration District: 399; Image: 1096.0.


Note NI08219 :

Individuals : Duff Anna
from Port Clinton Headstone Photo in file


Note NI08220 :

Individuals : Magers or Majors Thomas L.
an attorney at Port Clinton, OH


Note NI08221 :

Individuals : Trout Mildred
1930 Census shows another name for spouse: Edith S. Kelly, probablymother of Madaline and Ja y Jr.


Note NI08222 :

Individuals : Cash Percy W.
Know As The Lander


Note NI08223 :

Individuals : Bowersochs (?) Emma
2nd wife


Note NI08226 :

Individuals : Leggett Maude
headstone shows dob as 1893


Note NI08229 :

Individuals : Jamison Andrew
Andrew was born in Cootehill, County Cavan, Ireland. He married Mary Jane McFadden and they had ten children. They emigrated in 1822/23 to Vaughn township, York, near Toronto, Ontario, Canada where the family stayed for several years and where at least one of their daughters was born. From there they moved to Harrison Co., Ohio, in 1834, where Andrew purchased a farm in Cadiz twp. and where he died of lung fever. Since he died intestate, his farm was sold to pay all his debts. Mary Jane then moved to Logan Co., Ohio with her son, James, and lived out her life there.

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