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Note NI11244 :

Individuals : Gannon Elizabeth


Note NI11245 :

Individuals : Martin Carl


Note NI11246 :

Individuals : Ross Nannie


Note NI11247 :

Individuals : Gannon James Ray


Note NI11248 :

Individuals : Gannon Ronnie


Note NI11249 :

Individuals : Gannon Kathleen


Note NI11250 :

Individuals : Pitts Randall Edward
Randall Edward Pitts
(December 3, 1948 - November 24, 2011)
, 2011)
Randall Edward Pitts age 62 of Readyville died Thursday, November 24,2011 at his home.
1 CONC at his home.
Mr. Pitts is son of Lorene and the late Edward G. Pitts. He is alsopreceded in death by his s on Jeffrey Pitts.
is s on Jeffrey Pitts.
Memorial service will be 4:00 PM Saturday, December 3, 2011 at WoodfinFuneral Chapel, Murfree sboro. John Green will officiate.
Green will officiate.
Mr. Pitts is survived by his wife of 39 years Barbara Dianne Pitts ofReadyville; children Mic ah Pitts of Murfreesboro, Amy and her husbandJeremy Foster of Cookeville, and Alison and he r husband Jere my Hutt ofMurfreesboro; granddaughter Kensey Smithson; and dear loving pet and friend Bosco.
thson; and dear loving pet
Mr. Pitts graduated from Murfreesboro Central High School in 1966 and theUniversity of Tennes see in 1970. He and his family also was very thankfulfor the liver transplant he received si x years ago.
thankfulfor the liver transplant he received si x years ago.
Visitation will be 2:00 O 4:00 PM Saturday, December 3, 2011 at WoodfinFuneral Chapel, Murf reesboro.


Note NI11251 :

Individuals : Pitts Edward G.


Note NI11252 :

Individuals : Lorene


Note NI11253 :

Individuals : Barbara Dianne


Note NI11254 :

Individuals : Pitts Micah


Note NI11255 :

Individuals : Word John
Descendant line:
John Word->John->Charles->Cuthbert->Thomas->Sarah->Sherrad Lee->Samuel
Lee->Lee Family
WFT Vo1. 2 #3338
Vo1. 2 #3338
Posted by Lila Turner:
I have genealogy facts on the Words which my aunt received from Lesbia Word Roberts.In it John Word, Sr. was said to be from Landaff,Glamorganshire,Wales.Came to colonies in 1652,his patentee was WmGaulett. Other records show three brothers, John, Charles and WilliamWord came t o the colonies 1620-1630 (some records 1720-1730) from Lebrandoff or Lebandoff, Wales. John-from Wales to New Kent abou t1655,married Elizabeth, died prior to 1710. Some say John Sr. ha d oneson, John Jr. Some say 3 sons, John,Charles and William. Mygggggrandfather was John Word III.


Note NI11256 :

Individuals : Thompson Annie


Note NI11257 :

Individuals : Pitts Amy


Note NI11258 :

Individuals : Pitts Alison


Note NI11259 :

Individuals : Foster Jeremy


Note NI11260 :

Individuals : Hutt Jeremy


Note NI11261 :

Individuals : Pitts Robert Stanley
EDWARD M. PITTS, age 84 of Murfreesboro died Monday May 3, 2010 at MiddleTennessee Medical Ce nter. He was a native of Rutherford County and theson of the Late E.A. and Willie Bennett Pit ts.
Willie Bennett Pit ts.
Graveside service will be 11:00AM Thursday at Roselawn Memorial Gardens.Brother Nicky Nichol s will officiate. Visitation will be 4:00PM to 8:00PMWednesday at Woodfin Memorial Chapel.
esday at Woodfin Memorial Chapel.
Mr. Pitts is survived by his wife, Gloria Drake Pitts; son anddaughter-in-law, Marion and Mar y Pitts of Murfreesboro; brother, William(Jannell) Pitts of Murfreesboro; sister, Martha (Mil ton) Pearre ofFranklin; granddaughter, Jennifer Pitts of Murfreesboro, andgreat-grandson, Aub ry Kieras Pitts of Murfreesboro. Mr. Pitts waspreceded in death by brother, Richard Pitts, an d two sisters, Anelle Tomberlin, and Katherine Brown.
rd Pitts, an d two sisters, Anelle
Mr. Pitts was member of the Baptist church. He was a farmer and retiredwater treatment engine er and safety inspector at Alvin C. York MedicalCenter. He was a veteran of WWII where he ser ved in the U nited StatesMarine Corp. Friends will serve as pallbearers. Woodfin Memorial Cha pelis in charge of arrangements. 893-5151


Note NI11262 :

Individuals : Burchett Mildred


Note NI11263 :

Individuals : Pitts Col. Raymond Randolph
Lt. Col. Ret. USAR


Note NI11264 :

Individuals : Pitts Hazel


Note NI11265 :

Individuals : Lamb


Note NI11266 :

Individuals : Pitts Patsy


Note NI11267 :

Individuals : McKnight Eag


Note NI11268 :

Individuals : Sr John Word
Janice Cleave reports that Peter was born about 1500 in So. England.
Peter Word and his son John Word are reported to have sailed from thePort of Llandaff in Wal es by Robert Watson and others who have studiedWord genealogy, however, our family traditio n indicates th at the Wordscame from Scotland, thus traveling down from Scotland to the bes t port onthe Isle to depart from Wales to the new world at Llandaff Port in theCity of Llanda ff in the Province of Glamor ganshire, Wales.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------- ----------------
Posted by Charlotte Patton on July 31, 1998:
I am descended from that John Word. I was recently in England and got onesmall lead. There wa s a settlement of Flemmish immigrants in Wales. Therewas a Wenken de Worde (who came from Als ace France a Flemmish area) inLondon in the 1600;s I think who took over Caxton's printing wh en hedied. Since our ancestors apparently sailed from Glamorganshire Wales weshould probabl y try to find info about the Flemmish settlement there. Iam looking. I will be a little mor e helpful later. Charlotte


Note NI11269 :

Individuals : Paul Harry


Note NI11270 :

Individuals : Pitts Volney S.


Note NI11271 :

Individuals : Culpepper Amanda L.


Note NI11272 :

Individuals : Pitts William "Billy" Jerome
WILLIAM OBILLYO JEROME PITTS, age 56 of Murfreesboro died Tuesday,March 8, 2011. He wa s a native of Rutherford County and the son of thelate Volney S. Pitts.
helate Volney S. Pitts.
Funeral service will be 2:30pm Saturday at Woodfin Memorial Chapel. MontyKapavik will officia te. Burial will follow in Evergreen Cemetery.
in Evergreen Cemetery.
He is survived by his mother, Amanda L. Culpepper Pitts, wife, SunshineL. Pitts, children, Br andi J. Pitts, Jessica Porterfield, Brooke OliverPitts, Breana Alexis Pitts, William J. Pitts , II, Taeler r Pitts, TannerB. Pitts, Madison Grace Pitts, John William Henry Pitts, siblings , SonnyPitts, Volney Allen Pitts, Judy Schrader, Nellie Spain, RitaHollandsworth, Sherry Este s, Jerry Pitts, Dianne S tem, Richard Pitts,Joyce Hudson and Tim Pitts, grandchildren, Baylo n J. Martin, Lexi GraceMartin, KaNiah Serenity McFerrin, and numerous nieces and nephews.
Billy was an auto mechanic and was a member of Wards Grove BaptistChurch. Family and friend s will serve as pallbearers.
and was a member of Wards Grove BaptistChurch.
Visitation will be from 4:00 until 8:00pm Friday at Woodfin MemorialChapel.615-893-5151. www.


Note NI11273 :

Individuals : Pitts Sonny


Note NI11274 :

Individuals : Pitts Volney Allen


Note NI11275 :

Individuals : Pitts Judy


Note NI11276 :

Individuals : Pitts Nellie


Note NI11277 :

Individuals : Pitts Rita


Note NI11278 :

Individuals : Kerr Ella


Note NI11279 :

Individuals : Pitts Sherry


Note NI11280 :

Individuals : Jamison James Robert
Wards Grove Cemetery, Rutherford Co., TN
Rutherford Co., Marriage Records indicate:
Robert Jamison obtained a license to marry Miss Rosetta Helton on 22December 1906 witnessed b y Genoa Bowling. This matches Jean HeltonYoung's records indicating Zettie Rosa Helton Jamiso n married Ro bertJamison b. 4/12/1882. It is therefore assumed that Zettie Rosa Helton isRos etta Helton.
med that Zettie Rosa
Genoa Bowling got license to marry Era Brown Brasher on same daywitnessed by Robert Jamison.


Note NI11281 :

Individuals : Doris Carol Marie


Note NI11282 :

Individuals : Pitts Jerry


Note NI11283 :

Individuals : Pitts Dianne


Note NI11284 :

Individuals : Pitts Richard


Note NI11285 :

Individuals : Pitts Joyce


Note NI11286 :

Individuals : Pitts Tim


Note NI11287 :

Individuals : Sunshine L.


Note NI11288 :

Individuals : Pitts Brandi J.


Note NI11289 :

Individuals : Highfield Jonathan


Note NI11290 :

Individuals : Moore W. A.


Note NI11291 :

Individuals : Pitts Jessica


Note NI11292 :

Individuals : Pitts Brooke Oliver


Note NI11293 :

Individuals : Pitts Breana Alexis


Note NI11294 :

Individuals : Key


Note NI11295 :

Individuals : Pitts William J.


Note NI11296 :

Individuals : Pitts Taelerr


Note NI11297 :

Individuals : Pitts Tanner B.


Note NI11298 :

Individuals : Pitts Madison Grace


Note NI11299 :

Individuals : Pitts John William Henry


Note NI11300 :

Individuals : Pitts James Holden


Note NI11301 :

Individuals : Craddock Andrew Ralton
Wards Grove Cemetery, Rutherford County, Tn.


Note NI11302 :

Individuals : Ruth Irene


Note NI11303 :

Individuals : Pitts James Holden
Evergreen Cemetery, Murfreesboro, TN
James Holden Pitts, Jr. age 75 of LaVergne died January 29, 2012 at MTMC.Mr. Pitts was a nati ve of Rutherford County and was the son of the late,James H. and Ruth Irene Pitts Sr. Funera l service wil l be 11:00AMWednesday at Woodfin Memorial Chapel. Brother Joey Spann will offic iate.Burial will be in Evergreen Cemetery. Mr. Pitts is survived by his wife;Mary Barrett Pit ts; children Larry Pitts and wife Marla of Murfreesboro,David Pitts and wife Jennifer of Smyr na, Danny Pitts of Murfreesboro, PamLynn and husband Jerry of Murfreesboro; brothers, Allen P itts and wifeBarbara of Smyrna, Char les Pitts and wife Theresa of Murfreesboro, RogerPitts a nd wife Ann of Murfreesboro, Don Pitts and wife Terri of BellBuckle; sisters, Frances Parti n and husband Lincoln of Warner Robbins,Georgia, R uby Lawrence and husband Arther of Chalfan t California, IdaRolain and husband Terry of Florida; nine grandchildren and tengreat-grandch ildren. He also is preceded in death by son; James HoldenPitts III and daughter, Molly Jean P itts. Mr. Pitts was a mechanic withRyder Truck Rental for 26 years and Rutherford County fo r 16 years beforehis retirement. Mr. Pitts was a member of Burnette Chapel C hurch ofChrist . Grandsons and nephews will serve as pallbearers. Visitation willbe 4:00PM to 8:00PM Tuesda y at Woodfin Memorial Chapel


Note NI11304 :

Individuals : Pitts Allen


Note NI11305 :

Individuals : Pitts Charles


Note NI11306 :

Individuals : Allen James L. "Jim"


Note NI11307 :

Individuals : Pitts Roger


Note NI11308 :

Individuals : Pitts Don


Note NI11309 :

Individuals : Barbara


Note NI11310 :

Individuals : Theresa


Note NI11311 :

Individuals : Ann


Note NI11312 :

Individuals : Robine Alice Marie (Patsy)


Note NI11313 :

Individuals : Terri


Note NI11314 :

Individuals : Pitts James Holden


Note NI11315 :

Individuals : Pitts Molly Jean


Note NI11316 :

Individuals : Barrett Mary


Note NI11317 :

Individuals : Pitts Larry


Note NI11318 :

Individuals : Martin James H.


Note NI11319 :

Individuals : Pitts David


Note NI11320 :

Individuals : Pitts Danny


Note NI11321 :

Individuals : Pitts Pam


Note NI11322 :

Individuals : Marla


Note NI11323 :

Individuals : Craddock Lorene


Note NI11324 :

Individuals : Jennifer


Note NI11325 :

Individuals : Lynn Jerry


Note NI11326 :

Individuals : Batey Cordelia Annette
Annette Batey Pittard, age 76, of Murfreesboro, passed away September 13,2012 at Life Care Center at Hickory Woods. She was a native and lifelongresident of Rutherford County and a homem aker. Annette was a member ofthe Baptist Church.
member ofthe Baptist Church.
Annette was preceded in death by her parents, Frank Blackburn Batey and Ruth Henderson Batey; and husband, Samuel G. Pittard. She is survived byher sons, William Blackburn "Billy" (Hele na) Pittard, Batey Dean (Lori)Pittard and Samuel Neal Pittard; daughter, Monica Eve Pittard Strine;sisters, Ceacy (Charles) Bradford and Mary (Robert) Richardson; brothers, David (Sue) Batey and Gary (Joan) Bate y; grandchildren, Colby Pittard,Katelyn Pittard, Ashlee Pittard an d Zoe Strine.
en, Colby
Chapel Service will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 16, 2012 at Jennings and Ayers Chapel with Bro. Jim Creech officiating. Burial willfollow at Evergreen Cemetery with family a nd friends serving aspallbearers.
. Burial
Visitation with the family will be held from 4:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. onSaturday, September 15, 2012 at Jennings & Ayers Funeral Home; 820 SouthChurch St., Murfreesboro, TN 37130. 615 -893-2422. Please leave condolences at condolences at


Note NI11327 :

Individuals : Pittard William Blackburn 'Billy'
Thanks to William Blackburn Pittard of Hollywood, CA for the ancestry of the first part of the Pittard and Batey family.


Note NI11328 :

Individuals : Pittard Samuel Neal


Note NI11329 :

Individuals : Pittard Monica Eve


Note NI11330 :

Individuals : Word Priscilla Elizabeth


Note NI11331 :

Individuals : Pittard Ann


Note NI11332 :

Individuals : Alsup Thomas Robert


Note NI11333 :

Individuals : Zumbro Laura


Note NI11334 :

Individuals : Craddock Edith


Note NI11335 :

Individuals : Alsup Walter Freeman
Walter Freeman Alsup, age 92, of Winchester, passed away on July 27, 2011at Willows at Winche ster Care and Rehabilitation Center. He was a nativeof Rutherford County but currently reside d in Winches ter, TN. Walter wasa former member of Almaville Church of Christ but currently a ttendedWestwood Church of Christ. He retired from Avco Aerostructures inNashville, TN and wa s also a farmer.
CONC inNashville, TN and wa s also a farmer.
Walter was preceded in death by his parents, Thomas Robert Alsup andLaura Zumbro Alsup; wife , Annie Lee Owen Alsup; daughter, Teresa AnnAlsup Barrett; grandson, Christopher Chase Clower ; brothers, A ndrewAlsup and Herbert Alsup; and sisters, Mildred Alsup Mullins and MelbaAlsu p Mullins. He is survived by his daughter, Fonda K. Alsup ofWinchester; brother, Howard (Dot ) Alsup of Crossplains, TN; sister,Lillian Alsup Whitworth of Murfreesboro; two grandsons, Ch ance Moore(Sherry) Clower and Justin (Susan) Barrett; two granddaughters, Jada L.Barrett an d Ranessa (John) Gaughan and four great- grandchildren.
ett; two granddaughters, Jada L.Barrett an d
Chapel service will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, July 30, 2011 atJennings and Ayers Cha pel with Herb Alsup and Jim Mikells officiating.Burial will follow at Roselawn Memorial Garde ns with FFA Officers ofFranklin County High School of Winchester, TN serving as activepallbea rers.
with FFA
CONC Officers ofFranklin County High School of Winchester, TN serving as
Visitation will be held with the family from 4:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. onFriday, July 29, 201 1 at Jennings & Ayers Funeral Home; 820 South ChurchSt., Murfreesboro, TN 37130. 615-893-2422 . Please lea ve condolences
7130. 615-893-2422 . Please lea ve
In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the FFA Leadership Fund atVision Bank; 2165 Dech erd Blvd., Decherd, TN 37324


Note NI11336 :

Individuals : Alsup Andrew


Note NI11337 :

Individuals : Alsup Herbert


Note NI11338 :

Individuals : Alsup Mildred


Note NI11339 :

Individuals : Alsup Melba


Note NI11340 :

Individuals : Owen Annie Lee


Note NI11341 :

Individuals : Alsup Teresa Ann


Note NI11342 :

Individuals : Word James Harvey 'Jim'
It is believed that James is the Uncle Jim spoken of by the older members of the family. Uncle Jim and John Wesley apparently owned a saw mill before Jim went to San Antonio, Texas where is was a machinist for the Rail Road.
or the
This has been verified by his death certificate state file 59462 on file.
He was a Railroad Machinist born in Lebanon, TN and died at 84 year 10 months. He was in San Antonio for 36 years and confirms his father was Samuel Doake Word also born in Tennessee. He died of Diabetes Mellitus.
Word also born in Tennessee. He died of Diabetes Mellitus.
His mother is given as Edna Word born in Tennessee. - by Sopie Word
Sopie Word
Residence 1880 District 3, Wilson, Tennessee, United States
Same Place
Area B, San Antonio, Justice Precinct 1, Bexar, Texas, United States
inct 1, Bexar, Texas, United States
Rail Road Pumper, Car Carpenter, and Machinist, Grocer
ist, Grocer
Was this the same James:
James Word whose daughter America Wasson Word married D.F. Whitelock.
d D.F. Whitelock.
Some of the Words settled in Fannin Co., TX. It is not be established if the following are of their decent, however, the following list of the Fannin Co., Words and their respective cemeteries:
and their respective cemeteries:
Name Maiden Cemetery
---------------------------------------------- -------------- ---------------
Word Annie L. Windom
Word Catherine J. Windom
Word Charles M. Windom
Word Delos Moss Windom
Word Eli M. Windom
Word Emojean Windom
Word Emojean Oakwood
Word James Carroll Windom
Word James Cooper Windom
Word James Madison Clay Windom
Word John M. Windom
Word Myrtle Cooper Windom
Word Oma E. Windom
Word Oma Ruth Cain Windom
Word Sophia Windom
Word Verna Lee Gentry Windom
Word William Augustus Windom
Word Windom


Note NI11343 :

Individuals : Alsup Fonda K.


Note NI11344 :

Individuals : Alsup


Note NI11345 :

Individuals : Hill Frank


Note NI11346 :

Individuals : Alsup Howard


Note NI11347 :

Individuals : Alsup Lillian


Note NI11348 :

Individuals : Hill Ollie B.
Ollie B. Pitts, age 85, of Murfreesboro, passed away on December 28, 2010at Middle Tennesse e Medical Center. She was a native and lifelongresident of Rutherford County and a member o f the Baptist ch urch. Sheretired as a Technician at Community Care in Rutherford County.
mmunity Care in Rutherford County.
Ollie was preceded in death by her parents, Druy and Mary Thompson Hill;and husband, James Ed mond Pitts. She is survived by her son, Stanley(Carolyn) Pitts of Christiana; three grandchil dren, Cleve (Jacqueline)Pitts of Cleveland, TN, Angela (Kevin) Morgan of Bell Buckle and Stev e(Karen) Hasty of California; and six great-grandchildren, Savannah,Rebecca and Lauren Pitts , Kayla and Raegan Hasty , and Andrew Morgan.
cca and Lauren Pitts , Kayla and Raegan Hasty , and Andrew
Chapel service for Ollie will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, December31, 2010 at Jennings a nd Ayers Chapel with Doug Mitchell officiating.Burial will follow at Gnat Hill Cemetery in Co ffee County with family andfriends serving as active pallbearers.
1 CONC with family andfriends serving as active pallbearers.
Visitation with the family will be from 4:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. onThursday, December 30, 20 10 at Jennings & Ayers Funeral Home; 820 SouthChurch St., Murfreesboro, TN 37130. 615-893-242 2 www.jenningsandayers.comm
3-242 2
The family would like to thank everyone at Boulevard Terrace and MiddleTennessee Medical Cent er for their love and care they gave. She loved youall.


Note NI11349 :

Individuals : Pitts James Edmond


Note NI11350 :

Individuals : Hill Druy


Note NI11351 :

Individuals : Thompson Mary


Note NI11352 :

Individuals : Pitts Stanley


Note NI11353 :

Individuals : Carolyn


Note NI11354 :

Individuals : Allen Leonard


Note NI11355 :

Individuals : Pitts Cleve

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