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Note NI12558 :

Individuals : Collins William
For details of descendants of William Collins see WFT Vol. 1 #3933


Note NI12559 :

Individuals : Harris Sarah Lucinda
Old Liberty Cemetery, Bradfordsville, KY
Married David Moore Jamison January 14,1851 in Lawrence County,AlabamaChildren: Cora Estel,Na ncy Ann,Adelia,Lucy Jane, Cynthia Armstrong, LauraHarris,Samuel Price,David Simpson,John,Vale na,Joseph Ki ndaid,KatherynB,Eaton L.
h Ki
Family links:
David Moore Jamison (1823 - 1911)
ONT Spouse:
Samuel Price Jamison (1862 - 1901)*
David Simpson Jamison (1864 - 1929)*
Joseph Kinkade Jamison (1871 - 1946)*
Katheryn B Jamison Bowen (1873 - 1944)*
Eaton L Jamison Bowen (1875 - 1945)*


Note NI12560 :

Individuals : Jamison Dr. Samuel Price
Old Town Creek Baptist Church Cemetery


Note NI12561 :

Individuals : Alexander Alizra Angeline


Note NI12562 :

Individuals : Jamison David Simpson


Note NI12563 :

Individuals : Jamison Joseph Kinkade
Twin Grove Cemetery, Checotah, McIntosh Co., OK


Note NI12564 :

Individuals : Jamison Katheryn B.
Knights of Pythia Cemetery, Russellville, AL


Note NI12565 :

Individuals : Jamison Eaton L.


Note NI12566 :

Individuals : Jamison Joseph


Note NI12567 :

Individuals : Nunn Ann


Note NI12568 :

Individuals : Jamison Cora Estel


Note NI12569 :

Individuals : Jamison Laura


Note NI12570 :

Individuals : Collins Joseph


Note NI12571 :

Individuals : Jamison Nancy Ann


Note NI12572 :

Individuals : Travis Samuel D.


Note NI12573 :

Individuals : Jamison Adelia


Note NI12574 :

Individuals : Jamison Lucy Jane


Note NI12575 :

Individuals : Jamison Cythia


Note NI12576 :

Individuals : Jamison Valena


Note NI12577 :

Individuals : Cosby Ella Mae


Note NI12578 :

Individuals : Works Pocahantas Adeline


Note NI12579 :

Individuals : Jamison Infant1


Note NI12580 :

Individuals : Jamison Infant2


Note NI12581 :

Individuals : Jamison Samuel Simpson


Note NI12582 :

Individuals : Collins Elizabeth


Note NI12583 :

Individuals : Unkow Sallie Jane


Note NI12584 :

Individuals : Jamison Hattie


Note NI12585 :

Individuals : Jamison Loucinda


Note NI12586 :

Individuals : Jamison Mattie


Note NI12587 :

Individuals : Jamison Virgil


Note NI12588 :

Individuals : Jamison Anna


Note NI12589 :

Individuals : Jamison David Simpson


Note NI12590 :

Individuals : Jamison Tommie


Note NI12591 :

Individuals : Jamison Mittie


Note NI12592 :

Individuals : Jamison Bessie


Note NI12593 :

Individuals : Jamison Howard C.


Note NI12594 :

Individuals : Evans Virginia


Note NI12595 :

Individuals : Collins Elisha


Note NI12596 :

Individuals : Jamison Luna Mae


Note NI12597 :

Individuals : Caughron Lulia Angeline
Twin Grove Cemetery, Checotah, McIntosh Co., OK


Note NI12598 :

Individuals : Jamison David Moore


Note NI12599 :

Individuals : Jamison Adelia


Note NI12600 :

Individuals : Jamison Nora


Note NI12601 :

Individuals : Jamison Angeline


Note NI12602 :

Individuals : Jamison William Jackson


Note NI12603 :

Individuals : Jamison Emma


Note NI12604 :

Individuals : Jamison Joseph Kinkade


Note NI12605 :

Individuals : Holmes Catherine Ann


Note NI12606 :

Individuals : Jamison Jocy Clara


Note NI12607 :

Individuals : Carter Tyre


Note NI12608 :

Individuals : Jamison Jimmie Lucinda


Note NI12609 :

Individuals : Jamison Benjamin Franklin


Note NI12610 :

Individuals : Bowen


Note NI12611 :

Individuals : Bowen George Oren


Note NI12612 :

Individuals : Bowen Infant


Note NI12613 :

Individuals : Bowen George Low


Note NI12614 :

Individuals : Bowen Ralph Simpson


Note NI12615 :

Individuals : Jamison Graham L.
Edgemont Cemetery, Anniston, Calhoun Co., AL


Note NI12616 :

Individuals : McKnight Carl David


Note NI12617 :

Individuals : McKnight Mary Chrisinie


Note NI12618 :

Individuals : Allen Emma
Edgemont Cemetery, Anniston, Calhoun Co., AL
Emma has not been proven to be the wife of Graham L. Jamison, however,circumstantial evidenc e suggest they were married.


Note NI12619 :

Individuals : Jamison David Allen
Edgemont Cemetery, Anniston, Calhoun Co., AL
Believed to be son of Graham, however, not established.


Note NI12620 :

Individuals : McAllister Patsy


Note NI12621 :

Individuals : Jamison Robert
Pioneer Cemetery, Westerville, OH


Note NI12622 :

Individuals : Nancy K.


Note NI12623 :

Individuals : Jamison David A.


Note NI12624 :

Individuals : Jamison Edward


Note NI12625 :

Individuals : Jamison John


Note NI12626 :

Individuals : Jamison George
George Jamison married and had sons and daughters, but father, mother and children are all dead. There are a number of orphan grandchildren still living some in Green County, Indiana. Some in Illinois and some in California.
History as given by Jacob Jamison in 1863.


Note NI12627 :

Individuals : Jamison Charles


Note NI12628 :

Individuals : McKnight Jeffrey Holmes


Note NI12629 :

Individuals : Jamison Mathew
Mathew Jamison never married. In 1810 he took a drove of horses to Georgia and one of them threw him. In falling he struck a stump by the roadside and his neck was broken.
neck was broken.
Mathew lived in Boone Co., IN


Note NI12630 :

Individuals : Jamison Samuel
Samuel and Merritt are twin brothers. Merritt lives near Beardstown, Sullivan Co., MO.
., MO.
Samuel Jamison married and had five sons and two daughters. Four of the sons are living. William lives in Columbus, Ohio. Samuel and Benjamin live in Ross Co., Ohio and George lives in Kansas.


Note NI12631 :

Individuals : Jamison John M.


Note NI12632 :

Individuals : Jamison Tennie
She worked at sample table in hosiery mill.
1920 Davidson CO TN, Bob Stroud, age 55, Tennie, age 29. Dillard, age 9, Robert age 8, Edna, age 3 yrs, 6 mo.
1930 Davidson CO TN, Robert W Stroud, age 65, Tennie, age 39, Dillard J, age 1o, Robert A, age 16, Edna M, age 13
1940 Rutherford CO TN, Tennie Stroud, age 49 is a widow, head of household. She works at sample table in hosiery mill


Note NI12633 :

Individuals : Stone Dolly C.


Note NI12634 :

Individuals : Jamison William
Notes from Brown & Jameson Family of Bourbon Co., KY
by Bob Orr
Dated 4 September 1817
tember 1817
Court of Common Pleas of Madison Co., OH, held in London on 2 September 1816, Ira Jameson, son of William Jameson, dec'd came into Court and choose William Irwin, his guardian; Zela Jameson, daughter of the said William choose Jonathan Minshall, her guardian and at the same time and place Jonathan Minshall and William Irwin was appointed by the said Court guardians of Cynthea Jameson, Pryor Jameson, Louvisa Jameson and William Jameson. The bond in the amount of $500.00 was signed on 11 September 1816 with Jonathan Minshall, William Erwin and Robert Nicholson signing the bond. {Irwin is spelled with an I and an E in the document.)
obert Nicholson signing
Ref: History of Madison Co., Ohio, 1883, Chicage, W. H. Beers & Co. pg. 841; "The first settler that we have been able to gain any account of within the precincts of Oak Run Twp. was William Jamison, who came to this county from Kentucky and located just south of the mouth of Glade Run, about 1805. He purchased 200 acres of land, upon which he resided until his death. He became quite a prominent and prosperous farmer of that day. He md. Ann Brown of Brown Co., OH by whom he had 3 sons and 3 daughters; Ira the eldest son, became a Minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church and died in Hancock Co., OH. The second son d. young and William the youngest son arriving at manhood, emigrated west and is now a resident of Mt. Pleasant, IA. The three daughters were named Zelah, who md. a man by the name of Ferguson; Cynthia md. Levi Poulston, and the 3rd dau. (name forgotten) md. a man by the name of Foster. All three of the daughters are now deceased."
were named Zelah, who
{The article may be in error in that Ann Brown md. William Jamison in Bourbon Co., KY and there is no record that she ever lived in Brown Co., KY; however her parents may have moved to Clermont Co., OH after 1806 from Bourbon Co., KY. Ann had four brothers who lived in Clermont Co., OH.}

Ref: William Jamison b. ca 1777 was the son of William Jamison b. ca 1746, Philadelphia, PA., d. 2 Dec. 1804, Ross Co., OH (will dated 29 Nov. 1804, on file at Ross Co., OH Courthouse); William b. ca 1746 was the s/o Robert & Sarah (McKee) Jamison who was md. ca 1771 to Susannah Lockhart b. ca 1750, Morland Twp. PA, d. 9 Feb. 1824, Ross Co., OH; children: Charles, William, John, George, Mathew, Jacob, Samuel, Merit, Sarah, Elizabeth, and Margaret. After the Revolutionary War, they settled in Bourbon County, Kentucky. They were living there during the years when the Indians were attempting to massacre all white settlers in that area. William was part of a party of surveyors led by Nathaniel Massie into Ohio. (Massie later wrote a book about the dangers they encountered during that trip, and mentioned William Jamison as being part of that party.) William and Massie both settled on land near Chillicothe, Ohio and the Jamisons moved most of their family to Ohio. (Evidently, some of the older children remained in Kentucky). William was one of the first white men to raise corn in that part of the country, known at that time as Station Prairie, in Ross County. They later moved to another farm, near Frankfort, still in Ross County. They were both buried in the family graveyard on that farm.
ear Chillicothe, Ohio
Account from
of their family to Ohio. (Evidently, some of
17 October 1814, Madison County Court, London, Ohio
o raise corn in that part of the country, known at that time
Know all men by these presents that we Ana Jamison Wm Ervin Benjamin Melvin and Jonathan Minshall held and firmly bound unto Levi H. Post, Treasurer of Madison County and his successors in office, in the penal sum of Eight hundred dollars -- dollars current money of the United States.
Witness our hands and seals this 17th day of October 1814. The condition of this obligation is such, that if the above bound Anna Jamison & Wm Erwin -- do make or cause to be made a true inventory of all and singular, the goods, chattels, rights and credits of William Jamison, deceased which have or shall come into their possession or knowledge or possesion on of any other person or persons for them and make return thereof to the clerk of the court of common pleas in this office within three months from the date thereof, and the same goods, chattels, rights and credits and all other goods, chattels, rights and credits of the said deceased at the time of his death which shall come into their possession or the possession of any other person for them do well and truly administer according to law, and further do made a true and full account of their administration within twelve months and all the rest and residue of the said goods, chattels, rights and credits which shall be found remaining upon the administrators accounts the same being first examined and approved of by the court. Shall deliver and pay to such person or persons, respectively as the Court pursuant to the true intent and meaning of the law, shall direct and if it shall hereafter appear that any last will and testament was made by the said deceased and the executor, executors, executrix or executrixes, therein named shall prove the same agreeable to law and obtain letters testamentary thereon if the within bounded, on being by the court required to deliver up the said letters of administration, then his obligation to be void and of none effect otherwise to remain in full force and virtue, sealed with our seals and dated this 17th day of October 1814.
s, respectively as the Court pursuant to the true intent and
Attest Signed: Anna Jameson
Ack on open court Wm Erwin
N. Hume Benjamin Melvin
$800 bond to Levi H. Post Jonathan Minshall


Note NI12635 :

Individuals : Jamison Sarah


Note NI12636 :

Individuals : Jamison Elizabeth
Elizabeth Jamison married a Mr. Kimbrough and had four sons and one daughter. Mrs. Kimbrough died in Harrison Co. KY April 9, 1808 aged thirty years.
ONC thirty years.
History by Jacob Jamison in 1863


Note NI12637 :

Individuals : Jamison Isabel


Note NI12638 :

Individuals : Jamison Margaret


Note NI12639 :

Individuals : McKnight Bradford Thomas


Note NI12640 :

Individuals : Jamison Jacob Lockhart
Jacob Jamison married Isabella Hopkins in Ross County, Ohio in 1808. She died near Washington, Fayette Co., Ohio in 1812 leaving two daughters and one son. The oldest daughter, Mrs. Margaret Stickey died Spt. 3, 1863 leaving one daughter Isabell and three sons Samuel, John and Mathew. The youngest daughter died at the age of twelve. Mathew lives in Boone Co., IN. In 1815 Jacob Jamison was married the second time to Drucilla Harrison. She died April 11, 1861, leaving one daughter named Isabell, who married Hopkin Shivere. They live in Toulon, IL. She also left several sons. Jacob resides near the same place and has sons and daughters.
1 CONC several sons. Jacob resides near the same place and has sons and
History told by Jacob Jamison in 1863


Note NI12641 :

Individuals : Jamison Merritt
Samuel and Merritt are twin brothers. Merritt lives near Beardstown, Sullivan Co., MO.


Note NI12642 :

Individuals : Lockhart Jacob
Info from


Note NI12643 :

Individuals : Brown Anna 'Anny'
Some sources say: Anna or Annie Brown


Note NI12644 :

Individuals : Jamison Ira


Note NI12645 :

Individuals : Hix\Hicks William
Several records indicate different spelling of William's last name. TheWFT Vol, 1 #3933 reco rds it as Hicks. Charolotte Rowden, Idaho cousinsays its Hix.


Note NI12646 :

Individuals : Jamison Cynthia


Note NI12647 :

Individuals : Jamison Lucretia


Note NI12648 :

Individuals : Jamison Celia


Note NI12649 :

Individuals : Jamison William D.


Note NI12650 :

Individuals : Dato David


Note NI12651 :

Individuals : Seeds Isabella


Note NI12652 :

Individuals : Jamison Jennie P.


Note NI12653 :

Individuals : Cook Elizabeth Brown


Note NI12654 :

Individuals : Jamison Samuel


Note NI12655 :

Individuals : Jamison James


Note NI12656 :

Individuals : White Margaret


Note NI12657 :

Individuals : Jones Lockey
Cousin Charlotte Rowden believes Lockey's name is James and not Jones.Jones is recorded in WF T #1 Vol 3933.


Note NI12658 :

Individuals : Jamison Ella


Note NI12660 :

Individuals : McWilliams Elizabeth
WikiTree by Gloria Lange:
Elizabeth (Elizabeth First Wife) Jamison formerly Harris
Wife at john jamisons death was Ellen, but elizabeth was the likely mother of sarah sally jamison.


Note NI12661 :

Individuals : Inglis Regina


Note NI12662 :

Individuals : Holmes Jane Ann


Note NI12663 :

Individuals : Jemison Henry


Note NI12664 :

Individuals : Tolson Mary James


Note NI12665 :

Individuals : Jemison Eugene Levert


Note NI12666 :

Individuals : Jemison Adelaide


Note NI12667 :

Individuals : Jemison Amanda Irene


Note NI12668 :

Individuals : Jemison Annie Maury


Note NI12669 :

Individuals : Lovelace Tabitha


Note NI12670 :

Individuals : Jemison Margaret Tolson


Note NI12671 :

Individuals : Jemison Henry


Note NI12672 :

Individuals : Dato Heather Ashley


Note NI12673 :

Individuals : Kirkham Henry Robert
Augusta Co., VA/Ireland
Augusta Co., VA
Some source indicate Henry was born in 1720 in Ireland.
0 in Ireland. id=I0123
ID: I0123
Name: Samuel K KIRKHAM
Sex: M
Birth: ABT. 1744 in Augusta Co,Va
Death: AFT. 6 DEC 1821 in Daviess Co,Ky
Father: Henry KIRKHAM b: ABT. 1720 in Ireland?
Mother: Margaret HALL-KIRKHAM b: ABT. 1725 in Orange Co,Va?
1 CONT Mother: Margaret HALL-KIRKHAM b: ABT. 1725 in Orange Co,Va?
Marriage 1 Prudence CAMPBELL-KIRKHAM b: ABT. 1750 in ?
. 1750 in ?
Married: ABT. 1767 in ?
. 1767 in ?
NT Children
1. Elizabeth KIRKHAM-MORE b: ABT. 1769 in ?
2. Nancy KIRKHAM-JAMISON b: ABT. 1776 in ?
3. Lucy KIRKHAM-KELLY b: ABT. 1778 in ?
4. James KIRKHAM b: ABT. 1782 in ?
5. Henry KIRKHAM b: ABT. 1784 in ?
6. Sally KIRKHAM-FOWLER b: ABT. 1786 in ?
7. Jenny KIRKHAM-WRIGHT b: ABT. 1788 in ?
ID: I0250
Name: Henry KIRKHAM
Sex: M
Birth: ABT. 1720 in Ireland?
Death: ABT. MAR 1765 in Augusta Co,Va?
Event: Comment 1 See copy of will
eath: ABT. MAR 1765 in Augusta Co,Va?
Father: Thomas KIRKHAM b: ABT. 1690 in England
Mother: Jane BUTLER-KIRKHAM b: ABT. 1695 in ?
Marriage 1 Margaret HALL-KIRKHAM b: ABT. 1725 in Orange Co,Va?
CONT Marriage 1 Margaret HALL-KIRKHAM b: ABT. 1725 in Orange Co,Va?
Married: ABT. 1740 in Augusta Va?
Augusta Va?
NT Children
1. Robert K KIRKHAM b: ABT. 1742 in Augusta Co,Va
2. Samuel K KIRKHAM b: ABT. 1744 in Augusta Co,Va
3. Michael K KIRKHAM b: 29 AUG 1746 in Augusta Co,VA
4. Elizabeth KIRKHAM-MIMS b: ABT. 1748 in Augusta Co,Va
5. John KIRKHAM b: ABT. 1749 in Augusta Co,Va
6. Jane KIRKHAM-KELLY b: ABT. 1750 in Augusta Co,Va
RKHAM-KELLY b: ABT. 1750 in Augusta Co,Va
Marriage 2 Mary KEGLEY-KIRKHAM b: ABT. 1735 in ?
. 1735 in ?
Married: ABT. 1755 in Va
1755 in Va
NT Children
1. Henery KIRKHAM b: ABT. 1757 in Va?
2. Margaret KIRKHAM b: ABT. 1759 in Va?
3. Joseph KIRKHAM b: ABT. 1761 in Va?
4. Benjamin KIRKHAM b: ABT. 1765


Note NI12674 :

Individuals : Campbell Nancy Agness


Note NI12675 :

Individuals : Kirkham Samuel


Note NI12676 :

Individuals : Cambell Samuel R.


Note NI12677 :

Individuals : Alexander Sarah


Note NI12678 :

Individuals : Harrison Drusilla


Note NI12679 :

Individuals : Jamison William


Note NI12680 :

Individuals : Jamison Margaret
Mrs. Margaret Stickey died Spt. 3, 1863 leaving one daughter Isabell and three sons Samuel, John and Mathew. The youngest daughter died at the age of twelve.


Note NI12681 :

Individuals : Dillon\Pillow Susannah
WFT Vol. 1 #3933 records Susannah's name as Dillon while Idaho cousinCharlotte says the nam e is Pillow.

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