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[Sackett, Abigail] - [Saunders, Thomas]
[Saunders, William (Bud)] - [Sharpe, John Ive]
[Sharpe, Kathryn] - [Sherrill, Sarah]
[Sherrill, William] - [Sloan, Ann Elizabeth]
[Sloan, Archibald] - [Smith, James Jasper]
[Smith, James Michael] - [Staab, Jacob]
[Staab, Joseph P.] - [Stroud, Margaret]
[Stroud, Robert Allen] - [Swor, Albert Gallatin]

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Sackett, Abigail
Sackett, John
Sadler, Martha
Sadler, William Henry (b. 8 SEP 1912 - d. SEP 1967)
Sadler, William Thurman (b. --Not Shown--)
Saffal, Eliza
Sage, Richard Wyn (b. --Not Shown--)
Sage, Samuel Wyn (b. --Not Shown--)
Sain, Angela Hope (b. --Not Shown--)
Salavens, Unknown
Sallie, Sarah Holsclaw
Salzman, Anna-Margaretha
Sampson, Anna
Sampson, Arramint
Sampson, Belle
Sampson, Benjamin F.
Sampson, Cassie Lee
Sampson, Charles
Sampson, Coleman Sims
Sampson, David
Sampson, Drucilla J.
Sampson, Elizabeth
Sampson, Elizabeth
Sampson, Emmie (b. 20 JUN 1899 - d. 26 AUG 1994)
Sampson, Fanny G.
Sampson, Floretta
Sampson, Frances Marion (b. 27 NOV 1747 - d. 2 SEP 1832)
Sampson, Francis
Sampson, Francoise (b. ABT. 1679 - d. AFT. 1738)
Sampson, Frank
Sampson, George W.
Sampson, Glen
Sampson, Harvey
Sampson, James
Sampson, James W.
Sampson, James Wilburn
Sampson, Jesse
Sampson, Joan
Sampson, Joel
Sampson, John
Sampson, John ( d. 1703)
Sampson, John
Sampson, John
Sampson, Johnson (b. ABT. 1807 - d. BEF. 1850)
Sampson, Judith
Sampson, Judith
Sampson, Judith (b. BEF. 1741)
Sampson, Karen
Sampson, Lem
Sampson, Letty
Sampson, Lucy
Sampson, Lucy A.
Sampson, Lucy Francis (b. ABT. 1873)
Sampson, Luncida
Sampson, Martha
Sampson, Martha
Sampson, Mary
Sampson, Mary
Sampson, Mary Jane (b. 11 OCT 1852 - d. 12 JAN 1918)
Sampson, Mollie
Sampson, Nancy
Sampson, Nancy
Sampson, Nancy G. ( d. 1856)
Sampson, Pricilla
Sampson, Richard
Sampson, Robert
Sampson, Samuel
Sampson, Sarah
Sampson, Sarah
Sampson, Stephen (b. 16 AUG 1729)
Sampson, Stephen A. (b. ABT. 1773 - d. 10 JUN 1850)
Sampson, Stephen (b. ABT. 1703 - d. ABT. 1768)
Sampson, Steven A.
Sampson, Thomas
Sampson, Thomas Jefferson (b. 1845)
Sampson, Wade
Sampson, Wade
Sampson, William
Sampson, William
Sampson, William
Sampson, William
Sampson, William (b. ABT. 1737)
Sampson, William Mury (b. 18 SEP 1920 - d. 11 JAN 2010)
Sampson, Zeffie Susan
Samuel, Catherine Fauntleroy (b. 20 MAY 1802)
Samuel, Fielding Eason (b. 11 OCT 1812)
Samuel, Henry (b. 1783 - d. ABT. APR 1813)
Samuel, Henry Fauntleroy (b. 13 JUL 1809)
Samuel, John (b. 4 AUG 1804)
Sanborn, Charles Hubert (b. 6 JAN 1877 - d. 14 SEP 1941)
Sanborn, Lela Louis (b. 14 APR 1904 - d. 25 NOV 1932)
Sandeman, Margaret
Sanders, Amanda M. (b. 1829)
Sanders, Annie Marguerite (b. 4 OCT 1909 - d. 1912)
Sanders, Berilla Beatrice (b. ABT. 1827)
Sanders, Brian
Sanders, Charles Stephen
Sanders, Christine
Sanders, Dorthy Elaine
Sanders, Dorthy Mae
Sanders, Elizabeth
Sanders, Ella Carmine (b. 8 FEB 1915 - d. 11 MAR 1990)
Sanders, Frank Jarman
Sanders, Frank Jarman
Sanders, Howard Ellis (b. APR 1911 - d. 2 MAR 1990)
Sanders, John Bernice
Sanders, John Clayton (b. JUN 1885 - d. 1961)
Sanders, John David
Sanders, Mary Pope
Sanders, Nadine
Sanders, Palmer
Sanders, Robert Andrew
Sanders, Robert Clinton
Sanders, Steve
Sanders, Will
Sanderson, Dorothy
Sanderson, Edward
Sanderson, Sarah L. (b. ABT. 1826)
Sands, David (b. 1604)
Sands, George (b. 1645)
Sands, Thomas (b. 1631)
Sanford, ?
Sanford, Anne (b. 1675 - d. 1763)
Sanford, James
Sanford, Joseph
Sanford, Margaret L. (b. 15 MAR 1858 - d. 29 OCT 1914)
Sanford, Tennessee 'Tennie' Elmira (b. 29 SEP 1856 - d. 4 APR 1925)
Sanford, Willis (b. 1766)
Saoghaileach, Sirna Siorna
'Sarad', Sarah
Sarkesian, Donald
Sarkesian, Edith
Sarkesian, George
Sarkesian, Timothy
Sarkesian, Unknown
Sartain, Amy (b. 1725 - d. 1810)
Sartain, Caroline
Sartain, Elysabeth
Sartain, Joel
Sartain, Lucinda
Sartain, Polly Ann
Sartin, Elizabeth (b. 7 JUN 1793 - d. 17 FEB 1860)
Sartin, Joel
Sartin, John
Sasser, Emily
Sasser, George
Sasser, Janice (b. 5 JUN 1948 - d. 8 JUL 2011)
Sasser, Mary
Sasser, Sarah
Satterfield, Barry Neal
Satterfield, Charles Moore (b. 1891)
Satterfield, Earl T. (b. 31 JAN 1936 - d. 19 FEB 1985)
Satterfield, Gary Lee
Satterfield, James Lee (b. 1901)
Satterfield, Jesse Louis (b. 1908)
Satterfield, Larry Wayne
Satterfield, Leona (b. 1898)
Satterfield, Marion Fernando
Satterfield, Mary
Satterfield, Mattie Ligon (b. 23 JUL 1886 - d. 5 FEB 1926)
Satterfield, Molly (b. ABT. 1757)
Satterfield, Pamela Kay
Satterfield, Ruben S.
Satterfield, Sarah Victoria (b. 1881)
Satterfield, Tony Dale
Satterfield, William 'Bill' (b. 27 OCT 1852 - d. 8 MAR 1932)
Sauls, James Ervin
Sauls, James Ervin
Sauls, Joe David (b. 1941 - d. 12 AUG 1943)
Sauls, Joyce (b. --Not Shown--)
Saunders, Angeline (b. ABT. 1831)
Saunders, Betsey (b. ABT. 1736 - d. ABT. 1830)
Saunders, Elizabeth
Saunders, Elizabeth (b. 1584 - d. 5 JUL 1655)
Saunders, Elizie C
Saunders, Hannah
Saunders, Hiram (b. 1809)
Saunders, Isaac (b. ABT. 1808)
Saunders, Jane (b. ABT. 1841)
Saunders, Jesse Bean (b. ABT. 1802)
Saunders, John Philip (b. ABT. 1836)
Saunders, Lydia (b. ABT. 1808)
Saunders, Marshall Hale (b. ABT. 1803 - d. 17 OCT 1874)
Saunders, Mary Ann (b. 1824)
Saunders, Mary Margaret (b. ABT. 1847)
Saunders, Morgan
Saunders, Nancy (b. ABT. 1838)
Saunders, Philip
Saunders, Philip (b. ABT. 1756 - d. APR 1823)
Saunders, Phillip (b. 1819)
Saunders, Robert (b. 14 DEC 1797)
Saunders, Ruamah Elizabeth (b. 7 SEP 1833 - d. 25 JAN 1901)
Saunders, Ruby M.
Saunders, Sally (b. ABT. 1843)
Saunders, Sarah B. (b. ABT. 1800)
Saunders, Thomas

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