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Unknown Catharineabout 1806-
Word Jane1806-
Cline Susannah1806-
Jones Ruth18061890
Jemison Elizabeth1806-
Nash Catherine Kate'1806-
Krigbaum Frances Annie1806-
Anthony Henry1806-
Uhles James Harveyabout 1806-
Brawner Betsy1806-
Winkler Abram18061891
Hawkins Alfred J.1806-
Word Nancyabout 1806-
Shoulders John Bishop Jack1806-
Jamison Robert1806-
Cothron Hesterabout 18061824
Hargis Frances1806-
Scott Robertabout 1806-
Ross Margaret18061846
Brawner Betsy1806-
Brandon James Adams18061894
Lee Samuel1806-
Jetton Mary1806-
Beasley Joanna1806-
Andrews Mary 'Polly'1806-
Bell Williamabout 1806-
Kelly Elizabeth 'Betty'1806after 1880
Marthaabout 1806-
Jamison John13 February 180616 March 1865
Bustin Elisha24 February 1806-
Bishop Mary Ann5 March 18069 December 1878
Andrews Robert Lial11 March 1806-
Brown Nancy20 March 1806-
Goodnight Catherine20 May 1806-
Bean George W.22 June 1806-
Jamison Joseph W.7 July 1806-
Patterson Ezekiel S.11 August 1806about 1876
Brandon Jeanne20 August 18061806
Winkler Samuel17 September 1806-
Jamison Elizabeth Jane6 November 18061 October 1890
Jamison Sarah "Sallie" Caldwell28 November 1806May 1877
Connell Lucinds29 November 1806-
Andrews Jessey B.about 1807-
Jamison Isabella1807-
Boyd Sarah18071860
Griswold Alexander Howard18071839
Beasley Gabriel Dillard1807-
Crutcher Bartlett18071882
Jamieson Susanabout 1807-
Gammon John18071890
Jameson Malindaabout 1807-
Oldham Samuel M.1807-
Smith Sarah1807-
Oldham Samuel M.1807-
Bailey Jane C.18071880
Sampson Johnsonabout 1807before 1850
Andrews Andrew Jackson 'Jack'about 1807about 1880
Jamison John1807UNKNOWN
Gregory George O.1807-
Shoulders Samuelabout 1807-
Fisher Cornelius Neil18071866
Savage John Mulkey1807-
Bourne Son18071847
Anthony Mary1807-
Fulks Letty1807-
Givens Merritt18071886
Alston Sarah Kearney1807-
Hargis William Asa6 January 1807-
Meacham Barnabus17 January 1807-
Jamison Margaret14 February 180713 December 1877
Burrus Phillip Jophnson26 February 1807-
Knapp Charles Sumner7 April 180714 May 1894
Sullivan Joel19 April 180729 December 1891
Douglass John9 May 1807-
Bennett Laura Diana2 June 180714 November 1892
Word Sarah21 July 18076 June 1883
Roark William22 July 18072 May 1882
Bryan David Barton4 August 180716 March 1867
Hargis Washington Green8 September 1807-
Banton Susan Wright18 September 180710 June 1878
Jamison William29 September 1807-
Jamison James J.11 October 18073 May 1861
Kelly Mary Ann24 October 1807-
Shoulders Levi29 October 180716 November 1859
Jameson Thomas Hamilton16 November 180721 August 1863
Prather James Russell17 November 180725 January 1850
Cooper John20 November 1807-
Brandon Thomas McGuire5 December 1807about 1870
Jameson Rhoda9 December 1807-
Taylor Elizabeth Lovelace30 December 1807-

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