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Hartshorn Edward17681836
Kidd Deborah17681853
Clifton Jamesabout 1768-
Connell William B.about 1768about 1815
Fisher Anice1768-
Fisher Alice176811 April 1837
Willis Vincent1768-
Linville John1768-
Goodnight Jacob176819 February 1843
Cates Marjorie1768-
Gossett Sophia17681841
Mitchelson Elizabethabout 176810 September 1817
Woodcock Catherine1768-
McCaslin Nancyabout 1768-
Bledsoe Martha Nancy17681845
Roberts Ruth17681847
Gilmore Jane17681842
Jamison Samuelabout 17684 November 1856
Boone Rebecca1768-
Hollis William17681 September 1846
Beasley Maryabout 1768-
Jamison Robert2 February 176812 October 1840
Meador Hannah Anna2 March 176816 October 1823
Hogg Williamabout May 1768about June 1817
Jameson Jane9 May 17681840
Skelding Rebbecca14 June 1768-
Hooper Matthew Brooks16 June 1768-
Jameson Dorothea Grayham 'Dolly'27 July 176818 April 1848
Andrews Joseph8 August 1768-
Jamison Benjamin15 August 1768-
Harris Elizabeth16 August 17681843
Hawkins Jameson21 August 176816 September 1840
Andrews Drury10 October 1768-
Word Thomas Adams12 October 176812 February 1831
Winkler David17691822
Jameson. Thomas1769-
Vance Hannah1769-
Boone Daniel Bryan1769-
Bradley Matthewabout 1769-
Jameson child I1769-
Winchester David1769-
Woodcock Thomas1769-
Wood Martha 'Patty' D.17691840
Jameson Williamabout 1769-
Boyd Nathan1769-
Boone Infant1769-
Gregory Lupricia1769-
Blankenship Williamabout 1769-
Hargis William26 February 176911 August 1852
Andrews Ephiram28 February 1769-
Word ThomasMarch 1769May 1858
Brown Archibald31 March 176915 November 1862
Krigbaum Georg Jacob1 April 17691835
Jamison Oliver R.12 April 176930 January 1845
Boyd John1 July 176912 May 1831
Adams Horace Hopewell22 July 1769-
Merwither Martha30 July 1769-
Jamison Grizelda10 October 1769-
Andrews Ellis1 December 1769-
Jameson Thomas Robinson22 December 1769-
Graves Catherine17701840
Givens William17701861
Price Sarahabout 1770-
Claiborne George R.about 1770about 1845
Fowlkes\Fulks Archibald177016 July 1834
Kirkham William Hodgen1770-
Pruitt Maryabout 1770about 1815
Dillehay Elizabeth Jones1770-
Coughran Esther1770-
Winkler Abraham1770-
Rucker Bennettabout 1770-
Ely Eliabout 1770-
Dillehay Nancy Gilliam1770-
Edgar Agnes Nancy17701838
Word Martha M.1770-
Shaw Johnabout 1770-
Jameson Margaretabout 1770-
Jameson William 'Will'17701835
Fisher Thomas1770-
Howell Hannah177019 July 1844
Fisher Thomas1770-
Jameson Williamabout 1770-
Sullivan Maryabout 1770-
Gilmore Samuel1770-
Rawls Barbara A.17701850
Simpson George17701845
Jamison Johnabout 1770-
Jameson Rebeccaabout 17701833
Spencer Patience17701831
Tennison Jacobbefore 1770before 1840
Jameson John1770-
Grier Jamesabout 1770-
Kirkham Elizabethabout 1770-
Fulks Johnbefore 17701809
Gregory Mary1770-
Coughran Izebel1770-
Claibourne George R.1770-
Reeds Jaley17701834
Clifton Benjaminabout 1770-
Briggs Elizabethabout 1770April 1865
Cothron Estherabout 1770about 1855
Boyd Aaron17701852
Andrews Mary 'Polly'about 1770-
Griswold Eunice9 February 177012 May 1849
Ellis Willis Pressmill5 March 17701871
Meador Rhoda10 March 17704 May 1862
Jameson Nancy L.6 April 1770-
Hawkins Philemon13 July 177022 November 1825
Brandon George2 August 177012 May 1844
Trigg Mary Johns 'Polly'8 August 17701817
Winkler Ephraim14 August 1770about 1826
Moorer Jacob15 September 177018 February 1878
Birdand Abner22 September 1770-
Jamison Frances28 November 1770-
Jameson Mary3 December 1770-

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