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United States of America - TN Tennessee - Macon CO.

Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 Marriage30 March 1929Patterson Leslie Idell "Odell" with Brawner Ida Grayton



United States of America - TN Tennessee - Macon Co.

Event TypeDateIndividual
20 century
 Death19 April 1929Sullivan Margaret Louise Kathryn
 Death1 December 1929West Mary Susan
 Death26 January 1930Shrum Margarette
 Birth31 March 1930Gregory L. C.
 Death9 June 1930Cothron James Franklin
 Death26 June 1930Word Cordella Elizabeth 'Della'
 Death16 August 1930Robinson Louisa Amanda
 Marriage30 August 1930Patterson Miles 'Pierce' with Stafford Obera Francis
 Death13 December 1930Andrews Martha Ann
 Death1930Andrews James Albert
 Birth10 September 1931Patterson Dorthy Dean
 Marriage17 September 1931Patterson George Washington with Leath Sarah Ann
 Birth28 October 1931Gammon James E.
 Death24 November 1931Gregory Laura Frances
 Death1 December 1931Parker Sarah F.
 Death19 December 1931Sullivan Josephus
 Birth12 January 1932Gregory Ella Gertrude
 Birth14 February 1932Sloan Billy Vance
 Birth19 April 1932Woodcock Thomas N. 'Tom'
 Birth29 April 1932Andrews Parnell
 Birth2 June 1932Andrews Jessie Lee
 Birth2 August 1932Gammon Henry D.
 Death24 May 1933Andrews Dennis
 Birth4 June 1933Andrews Opal C.
 Birth9 July 1933Cothron Bobby Gene
 Death4 September 1933Cothron Pervie Dewey
 Death20 November 1933Gammons James William
 Death11 December 1933Shoulders Sarah Alice
 Death13 December 1933Cothron Lambert Wilson
 Birth15 December 1933McDuffee Bettie Jo
 Death16 April 1934Goad Isadora 'Dora'
 Birth26 December 1934Sloan Robert Thomas 'Bobby'
 Birth31 December 1934Morgan Windel G.
 Death22 February 1935Woodcock Vickie H.
 Birth2 June 1935Patterson Lillian B.
 Death21 June 1935Bratton Mahala F.
 Birth27 September 1935Andrews Ottis Wilson
 Death5 November 1935Bohanon Ester Pauline
 Death21 November 1935Smothers Sarah Jane
 Death24 November 1935Bandy Elizabeth Jane 'Betty' Meador
 Birthabout 1935Doss Billy
 Birth1935Andrews Ottis Wilson
 Death20 January 1936Gregory Angeline Euphemia 'Cis' Beatrice
 Death11 May 1936Hargis Clancy A. "Tena"
 Death23 May 1936Hargis Martha Elizabeth
 Birth2 June 1936Moss Olene
 Birth11 July 1936Andrews Robert Lewis
 Birth21 July 1936Patterson Hollis Gene
 Birth11 August 1936Herald Velma Dean
 Birth11 August 1936Herald Velma Dean
 Birth25 March 1937McClard Wiley Eugene
 Death1 April 1937Gregory Larkin
 Death18 May 1937Gregory Henry Byron
 Death8 February 1938Andrews Luverna Susan
 Birth19 March 1938Andrews Earl C.
 Birth12 July 1938Andrews Elzie Ray
 Death2 August 1938Andrews Elzie Ray
 Death30 September 1938Perdue Lydia Jane 'Sis'
 Birth13 May 1939Fuqua Lena
 Death15 May 1939Gammon Thomas Duncan
 Death25 May 1939Dixon Lavina Belle 'Dale'
 Death8 July 1939Woodcock Wiley N.
 Birth29 July 1939Gammon Vivian Jeanell
 Birth10 August 1939Gammon Betty Lou
 Marriage16 September 1939Blankenship Herman Haskel with Driver Leona B.
 Marriage14 October 1939Mungle James L. with Patterson Novella
 Death15 November 1939Cothron James Monroe 'Jim'
 Death1939Woodcock Beatrice
 Birth26 February 1940Cothron Shirley Ann
 Birth29 February 1940Gregory Audie Lee
 Death8 March 1940Cothron Shirley Ann
 Death20 July 1940McDuffee Nancy Jane
 Death20 July 1940Shrum Clarissa Mae
 Death24 December 1940Sloan Archibald William
 Birth28 March 1941Sloan Jarvis Wilkie
 Birth7 October 1941McDuffee Jimmie Garrett
 Death9 November 1941Cothron Cornelius Vernon
 Birth28 February 1942Andrews William C.
 Death1 April 1942Andrews William C.
 Death1 April 1942McDuffee Jimmie Garrett
 Birth27 August 1942Patterson Delmer
 Marriage19 December 1942Gregory Audie Willard with Andrews Betty Irene
 Death6 March 1943Cothron Louisa "Lou" Gamila
 Birth4 July 1943Hauskins Judy Lane
 Death22 July 1943Morgan Willie
 Birth20 December 1943Patterson Elmer Glenn
 Death13 January 1944Morgan Aaron Raymond
 Birth19 January 1944Gregory Douglas
 Birth15 July 1944Carr Ronnie Dale
 Death1944Sloan Ira Jason
 Death14 February 1945Cothron Mary Abam
 Birth15 April 1945Cothran Wayne Johnson
 Death26 April 1945Grisson William Campbelle
 Death12 June 1945Driver Allie L.
 Death6 March 1946Hargis Mahala Jane 'Mahaley'
 Birth23 June 1947Sloan Eva June
 Death26 September 1947Russell Erastus Rufus "Ras"
 Birth27 September 1947Brawner Rebecca J.
 Death1 November 1947Cothron John Wesley
 Birth1 April 1948Ellis Barbara Sue
 Birth11 May 1948Andrews Linda 'Maxine'
 Birth7 October 1948Patterson Dewey
 Death19 November 1948Cartwright Aldora
 Death19 November 1948Cartwright Aldoria
 Birth3 August 1949Kirby Janie Carol
 Birth15 December 1949Gregory Jamie Sue
 Death15 December 1949Gregory Jamie Sue
 Death29 December 1949Cothron Walter Eugene
 Death2 February 1950Hargis Minnie Lee
 Death18 February 1950Cothron Drury Biance
 Marriage12 February 1951Woodcock Sydney Greene with Seagraves Larinda Elizabeth
 Death18 November 1951Cothron Issac Marion
 Death7 January 1952Gregory Virginia Belle 'Jennie'
 Death15 March 1952Kemp Marlin Murphy
 Death4 September 1952Langford William Lee
 Death10 February 1953Andrews LeRoy Franklin
 Death7 April 1954Cothron Willis Benton
 Death14 April 1955Andrews Henry Alvis
 Death8 June 1955Mason Matilda Alice
 Death28 August 1955Smith Samuel Calvin
 Death16 January 1956Shrum Martha Littie Alice 'Mattie'
 Death13 July 1956Gregory Ludora
 Birth12 September 1957Sircy Barbara Lou
 Death7 January 1958Gregory James Clinton
 Death25 March 1959Andrews Lucy Frances
 Death25 April 1959Clark Jane Elizabeth
 Death18 June 1959Smalling Docia Etta
 Death27 November 1959Hargis Robert A.
 Death21 December 1959Gregory Ada
 Birth9 December 1960Gammon Carolyn
 Death16 December 1960Law Mary Flora Emaline
 Death18 June 1961Gregory Orthey Lillard
 Death18 June 1961Gregory Otha Lillard
 Death6 July 1963McDuffee Eli Curtis
 Death20 March 1964Patterson Miles 'Pierce'
 Death11 March 1965Bransford William Haley
 Death9 April 1965Brawner James Earl
 Birth2 June 1965Cothron Barry Lee
 Death30 November 1965Tuck Bertha Trude
 Death26 October 1966Gammon Willard Mitchell
 Death28 July 1967Gregory Marlin Jefferson
 Death2 April 1968Kemp Lurley C.
 Death21 October 1968Cassetty Bailey Peyton
 Death12 October 1970Gammon William Henry
 Death23 June 1972Russell Armintie
 Death3 January 1973Tuck Mildred Ann
 Death30 January 1973Andrews Ara Hatton
 Death4 June 1973Gregory J. T.
 Death17 June 1973Kemp Wiley Woodford
 Death5 August 1974Cothron Willis Monroe
 Death13 January 1975Sloan Robert Thomas 'Bobby'
 Death4 April 1975Harper Herman
 Death23 June 1975Sloan Jarvis Wilkie
 Death5 October 1975Cothron William Dailey
 Death19 January 1976Hargis Mollie Lela
 Death25 December 1976Seagraves Hannah E.
 Death26 February 1979Gregory Ora Cleamon
 DeathDecember 1979Haley Charles Franklin
 Death22 January 1981Kemp Dodger W.
 Death18 July 1982Patterson Georgia C.
 Death1 March 1985Andrews Bud
 Death8 April 1985Gregory Almar Gracie
 Death30 October 1985Gregory Hettie Mai
 Death15 June 1986Ellis William Odell
 Death22 May 1987Stafford Obera Francis
 Death2 June 1987Cothron Elisha
 Death13 January 1988Vance Susan Catherine 'Sookie'
 Death26 June 1988Brawner Milton Omer
 Death20 December 1988Gregory Prentice William
 Death20 December 1988Gregory William Prentice
 Death5 April 1990Brawner Louil Simpson
 Death17 January 1991Tuck Lillie Daffinie
 Death21 October 1992Gregory Evie L.
 Death10 January 1996Andrews Clifton Ray
 Death2 September 1996Gammon James E.
 Death2 September 1996Patterson Lillian B.
 Death14 January 1997Hughes Mary Frances
 Death18 October 1999Woodcock Floyd Allen
21 century
 Death7 June 2004Cothron Howard Clinton
 Death21 October 2006Patterson Elmer Glenn
 Death29 October 2006Brawner Ida Grayton
 Death14 February 2007Gammon Vivian Jeanell
 Death1 March 2007Gammon Dorthy
 Death17 September 2007Cothron Anna Fay
 Death12 July 2008Gammon Neftie Alexander
 Death7 January 2009Cothron Carl Ray
 Death1 November 2009Hauskins Judy Lane
 Death8 May 2010Gregory Frances Lillian
 Death23 December 2012Andrews Robert Lewis
 Death27 August 2013Williamson Vauda Mai
 Death14 March 2015Robinson Gerald D.
 Marriage8 October 2017King Tod with Darnell Lori
300 century
 Death9 OCTCothron Charles Franklin 'Charlie'

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