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Note NI16985 :

Individuals : Fulks Frederick Wayne


Note NI16986 :

Individuals : Fisher Cicero


Note NI16987 :

Individuals : Hays


Note NI16988 :

Individuals : Michael Janet


Note NI16989 :

Individuals : McCammon Michael


Note NI16990 :

Individuals : Evelyn


Note NI16991 :

Individuals : Fulks Logan Gerald
Hendersonville Memorial Gardens, Hendersonville, TN
FULKS, Logan G.Age 54 of Hendersonville. July 19, 2012. Preceded in deathby father, Logan G . Fulks, Sr. Survived by wife, Melanie Fulks; son,Taylor Fulks; daughter, Rachael Fulks; moth er, Janet Fulk s;step-daughter, Tiffany Pasquale; brother, Michael Fulks. Logan was anattorne y for State Volunteer Mutual. Visitation will be from 3 - 7 p.m.Monday, July 23, 2012 in Bixl er Chapel of Madison Churc h of Christ, 106N. Gallatin Road, with funeral to follow at 7 p.m. , with Bro. Phil Barnesofficiating. Interment Hendersonville Memory Gardens. Donations may be made to the Davis House Child Advocacy Center, 101 Forrest CrossingBlvd., Suite 106, Franklin , TN 37064. CREMATION AND FUNERAL SERVICES OFNASHVILLE, (615) 885-0012. Chris Neighbours, Fun eral Director.


Note NI16992 :

Individuals : Fulks Michael Warren


Note NI16993 :

Individuals : Melanie


Note NI16994 :

Individuals : Fulks Rachael Nicole


Note NI16995 :

Individuals : Fulks Logan Taylor


Note NI16997 :

Individuals : Fulks Kathryn Michelle


Note NI16998 :

Individuals : Lee George Wesley


Note NI16999 :

Individuals : Fisher Myra Eliza


Note NI17000 :

Individuals : Fulks Jacqueline Monique


Note NI17001 :

Individuals : Jamison Benjamin
4 yrs. 1 mo. 19 ds


Note NI17002 :

Individuals : Fulks Howard Leon
Portland ,Or.


Note NI17003 :

Individuals : Fulks
Unknown of any relationship but of interest:
Web Site:
The Descendants of John Fulks
John Fulks
First Generaton
t Generaton
JOHN FULKS was born Abt 1750 in Wythe County,Virginia.
CONC County,Virginia.
View John Fulks' Will @@
Children of JOHN FULKS are:
1. SAMUEL FULKS, b. Abt 1776, Wythe Co., Va..
2. JOHN FULKS, b. Abt 1778
3. WILLIAM FULKS, b. Abt 1780.
4. MARY FULKS, b. Abt 1782.
5. LETTICE FULKS, b. Abt 1784.
6. SALLY FULKS, b. Abt 1786.
ONT 6. SALLY FULKS, b. Abt 1786.
Second Generation
SAMUEL FULKS, a son of John Fulks, was born Abt 1776 in WytheCounty, Virginia. He
married LEAH.
1 CONT married LEAH.
Children of Samuel FULKS and Leah are:
1. WILLIAM FULKS, b. Abt 1802, Wythe Co., Va..
2. HANNAH FULKS, b. Abt 1799, Wythe Co., Va..
3. POLY FULKS, b. Abt 1800.
4. NANCY FULKS, b. Abt 1805, Va..
5. JOHN FULKS, b. Abt 1801, Wythe Co., Va..
6. JOSEPH FULKS, b. Abt 1806, Va.
6. JOSEPH FULKS, b. Abt 1806, Va.
Third Generation
WILLIAM FULKS, a son of Samuel & Leah Fulks, was born Abt 1802 inWythe Co., Va. He
married ELIZABETH.
Children of William FULKS and Elizabeth are:
1. RUBEN HAROLD FULKS, b. Abt 1847, Wythe Co., Va.
2. JAMES C. FULKS, b. Abt 1830, Wythe Co., Va. d. April06, 1895, Braxton Co. , W. Va..
3. SALLY FULKS, b. Abt 1837.
4. VIRGINIA FULKS, b. Abt 1841.
5. WILLIAM FULKS, b. Abt 1831, Virginia.


Note NI17004 :

Individuals : Woodcock Mary


Note NI17005 :

Individuals : Pitts Murrel Matthew
Murrell M. Jr. PITTS
June 10, 2001
Brentwood, TN
Lt. Colonel U.S. Air Forces (Retired). Died June 10, 2001. BornDecember5, 1915 in Murfreesbor o, Rutherford County, Tennessee. He graduated fromEast Nashville High School, as he states , a little late r than his peers.He was inducted into U.S. Army in 1942 from Vultee Air Craf t inNashville. He received his commission in the Army Air Corps from YaleUniversity in 1943 . Colonel Pitts served in Wor ld War II and during theKorean and Vietnam eras. He retired i n 1966, received the AsiatiacTheater, American Theater, European Occupation Theater with Berl inAirlift device, Humane Action, National D efense Service, Korean (UnitedNations) Medals. H e received letters of commendation from the UN Commandin Korea and from the 13th Air Force i n the Phillipine Islands forservices performed in South E ast Asia. He was employed as Direct or ofInmate Records for the Tenn. Department of Corrections and later servedas Court Office r in the Circuit and Chancery Courts of Williamson County,Tennessee. C olonel Pitts was a Cha rter Member of Concord Road Church ofChrist, American Legion Post 5, Legion of Honor of Al Me nah ShrineTemple, National Sojourners, Heroes of "76, the Retired Officers Association and Mi litary Order of World Wars. He received the Air ForceCommendation Medal upon his retirement . Preceded in death in May of 1999by his wife of 58 1/2 years, Mary Elizabeth Pitts; parents , Mu rrell M.and Lola Pearl Zumbro Pitts Sr.; brothers, Karl B. and Eugene A. Pitts;sisters , Fannie Ruth Sanders and Cora Virginia Carson. His remains are atWoodlawn Funeral Home wher e services will b e conducted 10 a.m.,Tuesday, June 12, 2001 by Brother Harold Baker and Brot her Phil Sanders.Interment to follow in Woodlawn Memorial Park. Honorary Couch, Dr. DavidHoro witz, Dr. Howard Rosen, Dr. P eter Kaplan, Lee Tomberlain, StevePitts, Tommy Pitts, Darden Da vis, Rod Thomas, Jeff Thomas, Members of AlMenah Legion of Honor, Auditorium Class of Concor d Road Church of Christ,Brentwood Country Club Seniors, Middle Tennessee Senior Golf Associa tionand the Elders and Deacons of Concord Road Church of Christ. Visitationwith the family 4- 8 p.m., Monday and one hour prior to the service on Tuesday at WOODLAWN FUNERAL HOME, 660 Th ompson Lane, 383-4754.


Note NI17006 :

Individuals : Swindle Benton


Note NI17007 :

Individuals : Kirkham Michael


Note NI17008 :

Individuals : Swindle Rex Allen


Note NI17009 :

Individuals : Nipper Betty Joyce
Thanks to Betty Nipper Free Norris for information concerning Joe'sfamily and children. - bjn


Note NI17010 :

Individuals : Swindle Charles Edward


Note NI17011 :

Individuals : Brown Lee


Note NI17012 :

Individuals : Miller


Note NI17013 :

Individuals : Swindle Carolyn


Note NI17014 :

Individuals : Swindle June


Note NI17015 :

Individuals : Wood


Note NI17016 :

Individuals : Swindle Brenda


Note NI17017 :

Individuals : West


Note NI17018 :

Individuals : Jamison Cordelia


Note NI17019 :

Individuals : Jamison Sophonia


Note NI17020 :

Individuals : Free Jason Eric


Note NI17021 :

Individuals : Jamison James Hume


Note NI17022 :

Individuals : Jamison William Marshall


Note NI17023 :

Individuals : Brown Herman


Note NI17024 :

Individuals : McKay Eveline


Note NI17025 :

Individuals : Jamison Joseph F.


Note NI17026 :

Individuals : Woodcock Catherine


Note NI17027 :

Individuals : Woodcock Sarah


Note NI17028 :

Individuals : Keen Asberry Hurston


Note NI17029 :

Individuals : Woodcock Thomas


Note NI17030 :

Individuals : Keen Lois Estelle
Lois was a native of Macon County, Tennessee. She was a homemaker and amember of Haysville Mi ssionary Baptist Church. She was proceeded indeath by two sons, Billy Wayne Swindle and Jimm y Patrick Sw indle and abrother Lloyd Keen.
Pallbearers were Troy Dickens, Derrick Dickens, Joseph East, Chris Carr,Paul "Tiger" Wood II I and Chad Swindle.
1 CONC Carr,Paul "Tiger" Wood II I and Chad Swindle.
Services were at Alexander-Goad Funeral Home on Saturday, March 11, 2000conducted by Eld. G . W. Knight. Lois was 81.


Note NI17031 :

Individuals : Free Andrew Neil


Note NI17032 :

Individuals : Keen LLoyd


Note NI17033 :

Individuals : Morgan Lassie


Note NI17035 :

Individuals : Brown Lawson


Note NI17036 :

Individuals : Woodcock William


Note NI17038 :

Individuals : Woodcock Melissa A.
Move to Hanible, MO.
Had a huge gorder. Photo of her at a fence.


Note NI17039 :

Individuals : Woodcock Vickie H.
Never married


Note NI17040 :

Individuals : Woodcock Smith


Note NI17042 :

Individuals : Norris


Note NI17044 :

Individuals : Woodcock Thomas
In the name of God Amen - I Henry Woodcock of Smith County being of soundand perfect memory t hanks be given to Almighty God do make & ordain thismy last will Testament in manne form foll owing I reco mmend my soul toGod who gave it hoping through the merits of my savior Jesus Chr ist toreceive pardon forgiveness for all my sins my body I desire it to bedecently buried a t the discretion of my exe cutors hereafter I havedisposed of my estate which it hath please d God to bless me with in thisworld in the following manner form Viz: Item I give bequeath t o mybeloved wife Eleanor Woodcock my pla ntation where on I now live duringher natural life a fter her decease it is my desire is that my land bedivided between John Woodcock and Betsy Wo odcock my daughter PollyDillon. John Woodcock part t o twenty one acres to be laid off acros s theland Polly Dillon to have twenty five acres next to Johns my daughterBetsey Woodcock hav e my orchard the Balance of my land. Item I give andbequeath to my daughter Betsey Woodcoc k one feather bed furniture oneBlack Walnut chest also one black Walnut cupboard also my blac k mare.Item all the rest of my personal estate I give to my beloved wife or asmuch of it as m ay be thought sufficient for a support for my wife andDaughter my Desire is that John Woodcoc k work my wagon to pay off myDebts & if he can't make out to pay then my executors must se l l thewagon to pay the Debts. Item I Do ordain constitute appoint my Trustyfriends John Woodco ck, Thomas Woodcock my whole and sole executor of thismy last will & Testament In Witness whe reof I the said Henry Woodcockhave to this my last Will &Testament set my hands Seals this 29 th day ofJuly 1819 sealed signed delivered by the said Henry Woodcock for hislast Will test ament no other in pr esence of. Item the rest of mychildren to have no more that what the y have already had.
last Will &Testament set my hands Seals this 29
Henry Woodcock
Test: Reuben Ragland, Martin Hire, Anthony Epperson
State of Tennessee February Term 1819 Smith County
[Smith County, TN Will Book 4, page 297]
have already had.
Woodcocks in the 1820 Census for Smith Co., TN
Woodcock Chesley
Woodcock Mark
Woodcock Elizabeth
Woodcock Eleanor
Woodcock Parish
Woodcock John Sen.FamilyTreeMaker Genealogy for Shirley "Woodcock" Jackson


Note NI17047 :

Individuals : Dickens Moses


Note NI17049 :

Individuals : Jamison John W.
A John Patterson of the same birth date has the following notes:
NOTES:born 1786 according to Debbie Schmidt. Children mentioned in JohnPatterson's Will.
BIRTH: Short, An Early VA Family by Josephine Short Lynch page 348 saysJohn Jamison was bor n in Madison County, Kentucky not Franklin.
Madison County, Kentucky not Franklin.
BIRTH: Short, An Early VA Family by Josephine Short Lynch page 348 alsotells us that these ch ildren were probably children of the 2nd marriage,but this is without proof.
rriage,but this is without proof.
John married Jane (Polly) Patterson, daughter of John Patterson andKeziah Horneday, in 1805 . (Jane (Polly) Patterson was born in 1796 inAnderson, Pendleton
Dist., SC.)Notes for John W Jamison by Russell Jameson (1972) :
n W Jamison by Russell Jameson (1972) :
John settled in Morgan Co. 1828 (Richland Township) The Jamion's weremembers of Bethelhem Bap tist Church near Florence. John moved to MillCreek in 1836 and kept a tavern at Pacific Cit y on the Stage and Freightroad (Booneville & Springfield Road). Pacific City, a frontier outp ostland mark westward travelers. The railroad reached there in 1854. a depotand constructio n camp was built and named Syracuse. Pop, 450-500 (PacificCity renamed). The John Jamison pla ce was about 1 mile southwest ofSyracuse.
City renamed). The John Jamison pla ce was about 1 mile southwest
Children from Lisa-G-Moorman Family Tree Maker files. There arenumerious other version of ch ildren's names and dates probably due tomultiple marriages and common names of period.


Note NI17051 :

Individuals : Woodcock Dora Frances


Note NI17052 :

Individuals : Woodcock Edna B.


Note NI17053 :

Individuals : Shelton Mary Ann


Note NI17054 :

Individuals : Leathers


Note NI17055 :

Individuals : Jamison William Marshall


Note NI17056 :

Individuals : Woodcock Aley C.


Note NI17058 :

Individuals : Woodcock Walter Clarence


Note NI17059 :

Individuals : Woodcock Della G.


Note NI17060 :

Individuals : Woody Charlie Thomasine "Tommie"


Note NI17061 :

Individuals : Dickens Cammie


Note NI17062 :

Individuals : Jamison Joseph


Note NI17063 :

Individuals : Jamison Robert Peyton


Note NI17064 :

Individuals : Jamison Harrison
Moved to Texas.
Buried Ware Cemetery, Prosper, Collin Co. Tx(near Walnut Grove)
Family came to Texas 1848 with Peter's Colony. Homesteaded near Prosperin Collin Co.
Two children died in infancy. He was issued a land certificate by ThomasWilliam Ward in 185 0 and patented 640 acres in Collin County (FanninThird Class No. 983 ).He is listed on the ce ncus of 1850 (Collin County,family No. 173( as a 56 year old farmer, born in Kentucky, with t enchildren and
apparently the family came to Texas from Missouri.(info Peter's Colony bySeymour Cannon)
family came to Texas from Missouri.(info Peter's Colony
From War of 1812 Veterans in Texas by Mary Smith Fay
812 Veterans in Texas by Mary Smith Fay
Service: Private in Captain Ben Cooper's Company of Missouri Militia
Pension: W.C. 15,155
Bounty Land: 40,075-160-55
Comments; National Archives service records: 1855,Collin County,Tx,veteran appeared before Ge orge H. Pegues, J.P. 1878,Collin County, widowfiled application, identified by g.R.Yantis. wi tnesses
were rachel Rue and Louis Rue.Her character witnesses were w.G.Barnes andM.H.Jameson, John B . Martin and William Beverly witnessed signatures.
H.Jameson, John B . Martin and William Beverly witnessed signatures.
other sources: McElwee,genealogy of Shadrack Barnes of Rowan County,North Carolina; 1812 Ance stor Index, p.272
Ance stor Index, p.272
Notes for Ellender Barnes:
Buried Ware Cemetery near Walnut Grove, Collin Co. Tx


Note NI17065 :

Individuals : Anderson James Wendell


Note NI17066 :

Individuals : Meador Martha H.
The information concerning Martha and her family is taken in part from atyped Obituary that A unt Mollie kept.
Its states that:
states that:
Malichi and Susan Chaffin Meador came from Virginia and settled inJackson county, in the earl y history of the State, and in later yearsmoved to Macon county. Martha died at 80 years-thre e months and sevendays.
ears-thre e months and sevendays.
It records the children as:
Mrs. Joseph Griffin, Hannibal, Missouri, Mrs. W. H. Hesson, South Tunnel,Tenn., Mrs. G.W.M. C handler, Nashville, Tenn., G.G. and W.C. Woodcock ofLafayette, Tenn., Mrs. F.F. Stinson Westm oreland, Ten n., and WylieWoodcock who died in infancy. ... She leaves twenty two grandchildr en andtwenty-nine great-grand-children.
The full text of the Obituary follows:
NT The full text of the Obituary follows:
Martha Meador Woodcock was born Oct. 5, 1847 and departed this life Jan.12, 1928. Age eight y years-three months and seven days. She was the daughter of Malichi and Susan Chaffin Meador who came from Virginia andsettled in Jackson county in the early history if the State, an d inlater years moved to Macon county.
he early history if the State, an d
She was married to Thomas J. Woodcock Aug. 17, 1865, who was called torest Jan, 29, 1906. T o this union were born seven children: Mrs. JosephGriffin, Hannibal, Missouri, Mrs. W.H, Hess on, South Tunn el, Tenn., Mrs.G.W.M. Chandler, Nashvi1le, Tenn., S.G. and W.C. Woodcock of La fayette,Tenn., Mrs. F.F. Stinson Westmoreland, Tenn., and Wylie Woodcock who diedin infancy.
1 CONC La fayette,Tenn., Mrs. F.F. Stinson Westmoreland, Tenn., and Wylie
Besides these bereaved ones, she leaves twenty-two grand-children,twenty-nine great-grand-chi ldren, and a host of devoted friends to mournher departure.
i ldren, and a host of devoted
She became a christian at an early date, and joined the Methodist Church,and lived a consiste nt christian life to the end. Her daily life provedher love and devotion to God and her fello w-men. She w as loving and kindtoward all. The young as well as the old loved and adored her.
To her children she was ever all that a true mother should be, and shealways instructed them in everything that was noble, kind and good. Her smiling, cheerful face will be greatly miss ed by those who know her best.
as noble, kind and good.
During her short illness, which lasted only seven days, she boresuffering patiently and man y times spoke phrases which proved herreadiness to submit herself into the hands of her dea r heavenly Fathe r.She was conscious of her passing over the great Sea of Death, having mader eference to the waters being deep, but she was nearly across.
On this passage she lent us the blessed assurance that she was not goingalone, but felt the t ouch of her motherOs hand in passing, togetherwith the loving hand of Jesus, who was waitin g to pilot h er over intothe beautiful City she spoke of seeing, and today she is happilyrejo icing with all the redeemed ones of heaven, becoming us to come andenjoy the unending rapture s of heaven.


Note NI17067 :

Individuals : Woodcock Purvis Othneal
Sally I. Woodcock noted Purvis as Pervis. Members of the family believe his name is Purvis.


Note NI17069 :

Individuals : Billingsley Samuel
From: "Kay Martin"
Subject: [BLACK-DUTCH-L] Our Family Lines?
Date: Sat, 9 Oct 1999 14:16:14 -0500
4:16:14 -0500
You all have gotten me "started" this morning! I posted my MANN line tothe list because ou r Mann's had an "Indian Story" (Great Grandpa Manntold Mom she was part Indian), and Mom an d I have the Ana tolian Bump (ifthat means anything). I posted my half sister's RAINE's becau se my halfsis has believed for a long time that she is Jewish - she'd thought thatwas throug h another line, but since lea rning more about her family inVA, I wonder.
er line, but since lea rning more about her
Our real "Black Dutch" line is on my husband's side. Wish there was a wayto put a chart on a n e-mail message! But our Black Dutch family:
hart on a n e-mail message! But our Black Dutch family:
Sallie Elizabeth HELTON, b. 14 Sept 1899 in Rutherford Co., TN Lived inMadison Co., AL unti l her mother died in 1910 and then her Dad took his 4children and moved to Pittsburg Co., OK . Sallie was th e daughter ofJames E. HELTON and Emma HELTON (2nd cousins)
ames E. HELTON and Emma HELTON (2nd cousins)
James E. HELTON was the son of Andrew Peter HELTON and Nancy Liza JAMISON(Andrew the son of W illiam Helton and Nancy Yearwood SHIPP, and Nancy L.the daughter of Thomas Allen Jamison an d Caroline FUL KS.) All thesepeople lived Rutherford Co., TN.
1 CONC thesepeople lived Rutherford Co., TN.
Emma HELTON was the daughter of Joseph Marion Helton and TennesseeBillingsley (Joseph the so n of Joshua D. Helton and Nancy WILLIAMS, andTennessee the daughter of Anderson W. Billingsle y and Louisa BRYANT.) Allof these people lived Rutherford Co., TN.
Allof these people lived Rutherford Co., TN.
I wish I knew more about Louisa BRYANT's family. She m. Anderson W.Billingsley in Clark Co. , AR in about 1855, but they were living inRutherford Co., TN when he died in 1870. Anderso n was the son of SamuelBillingsley and Almira Tennessee WHITESIDE. Almira born 9 April 1816 i nOverton Co., TN. When she married Samuel Billingsley she was living at
Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., TN. Almira was the daughter of JonathanWhiteside and Thankful ANDE RSON (Jonathan the son of Robert Whiteside andElizabeth COFFEY, and Thankful the daughter o f James Anders on and SallyHall LYMAN.)
eside andElizabeth COFFEY, and Thankful the daughter o f James Anders
If any of you see any names here that you might connect to, I will behappy to share what I ha ve.
nect to, I will
Would you all post a family group sheet, or the ancestry of your "BlackDutch" ancestor, o r a member of that ancestor's family? Maybe that way wecould find some connections in our lin es and get a lit tle closer toknowing what Black Dutch means - at least for some of us. Thank s!


Note NI17070 :

Individuals : Woodcock Virginia
Molley & Virginia originally purchased a pump organ. After years they gave it to their nephew, Earl who gave it to Louis Morgan. After they did not want it, it was passed on to Lynnette Winkler Jamison who currently has it.


Note NI17071 :

Individuals : Woodcock Molley Ann
Feb 12, 2003 - We visited Aunt Mollye today when she was almost 97 years old. She was getting around slow using a cane but still in good spiritsand with her traditional sense of humor . She said she taught school fora while but really was cut out for teaching. She went to Nashville andtook a business school and went to work for a lawyer. After a while she said she could write a brief. She mentioned on time some one came in wanting a divorce. The lawyer was not in so she said she got out a pencil and started writing it up. She said she didn't have to wait for the boss.
nd started writing it up. She said she didn't have to wait for
Molley & Virginia originally purchased a pump organ. After years they gave it to their nephew, Earl who gave it to Louis Morgan. After they did not want it, it was passed on to Lynnette Winkler Jamison who currently has it.
on to Lynnette Winkler Jamison who
Some family sources say her name was Mollie Woodcock


Note NI17072 :

Individuals : Pitts Edward Marian


Note NI17073 :

Individuals : Dickens Others


Note NI17074 :

Individuals : Pitts William 'Bill' A.


Note NI17075 :

Individuals : Pitts Martha Pearre


Note NI17076 :

Individuals : Hopkins Clemmie


Note NI17077 :

Individuals : Rucker Benjamine
Benjamine is said to be baptized in Amherst Co., VA. He was a planter, attorney, High Sherif f of Amherst, Justice of Amherst and trustee ofWarminister Academy. He was a soldier in th e Revolutionar y War and aEpiscopalian.

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