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Note NI11472 :

Individuals : Kirkham Elizabeth


Note NI11473 :

Individuals : Helton James M.
Spring Hill Cemetery


Note NI11474 :

Individuals : Smiley Fruzella


Note NI11475 :

Individuals : Helton Paul M.
Name: James M. Helton
Event: Death
Event Date: 05 Oct 1938
Event Place: Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Race or Color: White
Age: 26
Birth Date: 26 Nov 1911
Birthplace: Tennessee
Spouse: Fruzelle Smiley
Father: Paul M. Helton
Father's Birthplace: Tennessee
Mother: Ella Jamison
Mother's Birthplace: Tennessee
Occupation: Textile Worker
Burial Date: 07 Oct 1938
Digital Folder Number: 4183433
Image Number: 1840
Film Number: 1876867
Volume/Page/Certificate Number: cn 21134


Note NI11476 :

Individuals : Jamison Ella


Note NI11477 :

Individuals : Jamison William


Note NI11478 :

Individuals : Underwood Elizabeth W.


Note NI11479 :

Individuals : Burnette Thomas Jefferson


Note NI11481 :

Individuals : Jamison Harold L.


Note NI11482 :

Individuals : Arms Millard J.


Note NI11483 :

Individuals : Cherry Lona


Note NI11484 :

Individuals : Edwards Thomas


Note NI11485 :

Individuals : Honeycutt Louis


Note NI11486 :

Individuals : Edwards Anna
Chadwick Cemetery, Hoovers Gap, TN
Name: Anna Edwards Jamison
Event: Death
Event Date: 29 Jun 1946
Event Place: Rutherford, Tennessee
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Widowed
Race or Color: White
Age: 80
Birth Date: 06 Jun 1866
Birthplace: Rutherford, Tenn.
Father: Thomas Edwards
Father's Birthplace: N. C.
Mother: Louise Honeycutt
Mother's Birthplace: N. C.
Occupation: Housekeeper
Street Address: Rural
Residence: Rutherford, Tenn.
Cemetery: Chadwick
Burial Place: Hoovers Gap
Burial Date: 01 Jul 1946
Digital Folder Number: 4184912
Image Number: 668
Film Number: 2137372
Volume/Page/Certificate Number: cn 13091


Note NI11487 :

Individuals : Jamison


Note NI11488 :

Individuals : Condra Maggie


Note NI11489 :

Individuals : Jones J. C.


Note NI11490 :

Individuals : Cantrell Rachel


Note NI11491 :

Individuals : Word Elvira Caroline


Note NI11492 :

Individuals : Jamison Walter Wick
Coleman Cemetery, Rutherford Co., TN
Name: Walter Wick Jamison
Event: Death
Event Date: 07 Jan 1948
Event Place: Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Race or Color: White
Age: 40
Birth Date: 20 May 1907
Birthplace: Nashville, Tenn.
Spouse: Elizabeth Henderson
Father: Sam Allen Jamison
Father's Birthplace: Rutherford, Tenn.
Mother: Mattie Arnett
Mother's Birthplace: Rutherford, Tenn.
Occupation: Cook
Street Address: Bell Holel
Residence: Nashville, Davidson, Tenn.
Cemetery: Colemand Br.
Burial Place: Rutherford Co.
Burial Date: 09 Jan 1948
Digital Folder Number: 4184929
Image Number: 399
Film Number: 2137391
Volume/Page/Certificate Number: cn 271


Note NI11493 :

Individuals : Henderson Elizabeth


Note NI11494 :

Individuals : Jamison Edman D.


Note NI11495 :

Individuals : Smith Joe


Note NI11496 :

Individuals : Brachias Mary


Note NI11497 :

Individuals : Smith Birdie


Note NI11498 :

Individuals : Putman John


Note NI11499 :

Individuals : Sanford


Note NI11501 :

Individuals : Cooney Martin Fryar


Note NI11502 :

Individuals : Fletcher May J.


Note NI11503 :

Individuals : Redwine Lewis Parks


Note NI11504 :

Individuals : Jamison W. S.


Note NI11505 :

Individuals : Jamison S. A.


Note NI11506 :

Individuals : Arnette


Note NI11507 :

Individuals : Jamison Gladstone


Note NI11508 :

Individuals : Jamison Woodrow Wilson
Woodrow Jamison was born on December 19, 1912 and died on February 01, 1975 at the age of 62. This person last resided in Nashville, Tennessee in Davidson County. Woodrow Jamison was assigned the social security number (SSN) of: 415-20-3322


Note NI11510 :

Individuals : Jamison Unknown


Note NI11511 :

Individuals : Davidson Bill


Note NI11512 :

Individuals : Johnson Nancy Almira
Abernathy Cemetery
Abernathy Cemetery


Note NI11513 :

Individuals : Jamison Thomas


Note NI11514 :

Individuals : Jamison William


Note NI11515 :

Individuals : Redwine Edward Milton


Note NI11516 :

Individuals : Jameson Scott
Name: Scott Jameson
Civil District 20, Rutherford, Tennessee
Birth Date: Nov 1993
Relationship to Head of Household:
Father's Birthplace: Tennessee
Mother's Birthplace: Tennessee
Race or Color (expanded): White
Head-of-household Name: Samuel Daniel
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
1 CONT Gender: Male
Enumeration District: 0120
Page: 3
Sheet Letter: A
Family Number: 46
Reference Number: 16
Film Number: 1241594
Image Number: 01115


Note NI11517 :

Individuals : Jameson Maggie
Name: Maggie Jameson
Titles & Terms:
Residence:Civil District 20, Rutherford, Tennessee
Birth Date: Jun 1889
Birthplace: Tennessee
Relationship to Head of Household: Orphan
ip to Head of Household: Orphan
Father's Titles & Terms:
Father's Birthplace: Tennessee
hplace: Tennessee
Mother's Titles & Terms:
s Titles & Terms:
Mother's Birthplace: Tennessee
Race or Color (expanded):White
Head-of-household Name:Samuel Daniel
Marital Status:Single
Enumeration District: 0120
Sheet Letter:A
Family Number:46
Reference Number: 15
Film Number: 1241594
Image Number: 01115
erence Number: 15
Self Samuel Daniel M Tennessee
Wife Sophia Daniel F Tennessee
Daughter Lula Daniel F Tennessee
Orphan Maggie Jameson F Tennessee
Orphan Scott Jameson M Tennessee
Orphan Oliver C Miller M Tennessee


Note NI11518 :

Individuals : Miller Oliver C.


Note NI11519 :

Individuals : Jamison John Alexander


Note NI11520 :

Individuals : Orand Maggie O.


Note NI11521 :

Individuals : Jamison Hattie Lee


Note NI11522 :

Individuals : Jamison Thomas Goodnight


Note NI11523 :

Individuals : Noland George
George Noland served in the Revolutionary War of 1776. He is listed inthe South Carolina Inde nts 265 Book R.
LDS Ancestral File 4/2/99


Note NI11524 :

Individuals : Jamison William T.


Note NI11525 :

Individuals : Gay S.


Note NI11526 :

Individuals : Jameson\Jamison Samuel Jackson
Jameson Cemetery 32630740, Cannon Co., TN
Aparently the Jamison name was changed to Jameson in Cannon Co., TN
Co., TN
Jameson Cemetery
Cannon County
Tennessee, USA
Find A Grave Memorial# 32630740


Note NI11527 :

Individuals : Jamison Mary Ella "Ellie"


Note NI11528 :

Individuals : Cook Daisy May


Note NI11529 :

Individuals : Jamison Thomas S.


Note NI11530 :

Individuals : Jamison Mammie J.


Note NI11531 :

Individuals : Jamison Ceburn F.


Note NI11532 :

Individuals : Jameson Eliza Pearl
Jameson Cemetery 32630674, Cannon Co., TN


Note NI11533 :

Individuals : Jamison Peter T.


Note NI11534 :

Individuals : Nolen Nancy


Note NI11535 :

Individuals : Delilah


Note NI11536 :

Individuals : Jamison


Note NI11537 :

Individuals : Jamison Nile T.


Note NI11538 :

Individuals : Jamison John H.


Note NI11539 :

Individuals : Jamison Warren C.


Note NI11540 :

Individuals : Redwine Eugene Word


Note NI11541 :

Individuals : Jamison Minnie G.


Note NI11542 :

Individuals : Jamison N.
Name:N Jamison
Residence:Rutherford, Tennessee
Age:71 years
Estimated Birth Year: 1789
Family Number:296
Film Number:805271
DGS Number:4297413
Image Number:00257
NARA Number:M653


Note NI11543 :

Individuals : Jamison James


Note NI11544 :

Individuals : Jamison William A.


Note NI11545 :

Individuals : Hames Donna


Note NI11546 :

Individuals : Jamison Sarah


Note NI11547 :

Individuals : Jamison


Note NI11548 :

Individuals : Jamison Nancy


Note NI11549 :

Individuals : Brady Charles
He succumbed to an attack of typhoid fever on October 18th, 1854, hepeacefully "went home", a t the early age of 52y-10m-12d.
Son of Thomas Anderson Brady
b. 18 Apr 1774 in King George County, VA
m. Elizabeth Bailey 04 Jun 1796, Madison County, KY
d. 1858 in Washington County, KY


Note NI11550 :

Individuals : Jamison Bobby Gene
Military service: January 06, 1944, USNR - Gunner's Mate 3rd Class
Nationality: December 13, 1926, Scotch, Irish, Cherokee
Occupation: May 15, 1956, Electrician
Religion: 1948, Roman Catholic
Residence: September 30, 1997, Danville, Indiana
Retirement: 1988, Retired from Delta Electric (at Vista (Conoco))


Note NI11551 :

Individuals : Robertson Clarence


Note NI11552 :

Individuals : Redwine Lewis Cook


Note NI11553 :

Individuals : Jamison John Carter
13738Evergreen Cemetery, Rutherford Co., TN


Note NI11554 :

Individuals : Jamison Robert David
Evergreen Cemetery, Murfreesboro, Rutherford Co., TN
From Woodlief Thomas, Jr.: "Record of the Thomas Family 1772-1903," by Mary Ann Thomas Pope, p .7: "Robert David, son of H. D. and Sarah W.Jamison, was born April 13, 1838; was married t o Camilla Patt ersonDecember 26, 1860. They had seven children: Atha Thomas, Eris Campbell,Sa muel Patterson, Henry Downs, Ella Patterson, Maddie Woodlief and J.Carter. Samuel P. died i n 1887 at the age of eightee n; J. Caretr died in infancy." Note that Cornelia Susan Jamison , Robert David Jamison, andSallie Ganaway Jamison were all married on 26 December, 1860.
CONC Jamison, andSallie Ganaway Jamison were all married on 26 December, 1860.
From the records of Elliston Thomas, dated Feb. 1966 -- "Robert David,born April 13, 1838; di ed Aug. 12, 1912. Married Camilla Patterson Dec.26, 1860; They made their home on a farm nea r Murfreesbor o, Tenn. Hetaught school in the building of the Union University for several ye ars,later moving to Brookville, Mississipps, teaching schools several yearsin that section o f the state. He served fou r years in the Army of theConfederacy, and was in 14 major battles , including Chattanooga, Shilohand Atlanata; he died at the home of his son Eris, Brookville , Miss. andis buried beside his wife in Evergreen Cemetery, Murfreesboro. They wereBaptists."
No established connection proved between R. D. and Thomas Allen Jamisonhowever this record i s recorded for researchers.
T No established connection proved between R. D. and Thomas Allen
nhowever this record i s recorded for researchers.
Names is shown as Jamerson in marriage records.


Note NI11556 :

Individuals : Miller Mary Alice


Note NI11557 :

Individuals : Maulden Jimmy


Note NI11558 :

Individuals : Herald Bertha Mae


Note NI11559 :

Individuals : Andrews Regina Lynn


Note NI11560 :

Individuals : Cothron Randy Joe


Note NI11561 :

Individuals : Maulden Virginia


Note NI11562 :

Individuals : Ponder Kenney


Note NI11563 :

Individuals : Cothron J. C.
Dixon Springs Cemetery, Smith Co., TN
Mr. J.C. Cothron, age 91, of Lafayette, died Sunday morning, Dec. 11,2011 at Alive Hospice a t Saint Thomas in Nashville.
omas in Nashville.
He is survived by wife, Mrs. Rosie Cothron (Lafayette); six sons Mr. Jessand wife Rita Cothro n (Indianapolis), Mr. Billy and wife Denise Cothron(Bradenton, Fla.), Mr. Bobby and wife Bren da Cothron ( Wyoming), Mr. Mikeand wife Reba Cothron (Westmoreland), Mr. Calvin Cothron (Spri ngfield,Tenn.), and Mr. Bruce Cothron (Hartsville); three daughters Mrs. TheresaAnn and husba nd Charles Sullivan (Pen nsylvania), Mrs. Pamela and husbandTommy Belcher (Hartsville) and Mr s. Michelle and husband Doug Maggard(Springfield, Tenn.); numerous grandchildren and great gr andchildren; anda brother Mr. Fred a nd wife Jean Cothron (Indianapolis).
n and great gr
Funeral services were held at one p.m. Wed., Dec. 14, 2011 in the chapelof Anthony Funeral Ho me with services conducted by Eld. Dean Dyer andBro. Greg Wilson.
Honorary Pallbearers: Phillip Hunt, Bethany Smith, and Nick Rice.
ean Dyer
Pallbearers: Terry Smith, Chad, Eric and David Cothron, Joel Huffines andDoug Maggard.
Smith, and Nick Rice.
Interment followed in the Dixon Springs Cemetery.
nd David Cothron, Joel Huffines
Visitation with the family was held from 4-8 p.m. on Tue., Dec. 13 at 11a.m. until service ti me Wednesday.
Visitation with the family was held from 4-8 p.m. on Tue., Dec. 13 at
Read more: Macon County Times - J C Cothron


Note NI11564 :

Individuals : Tibbs Jo Margie


Note NI11565 :

Individuals : Rosie


Note NI11566 :

Individuals : Cothron Jess


Note NI11567 :

Individuals : Richardson Fannie
Jamison Cemetery near Readyville, TN
Jamison Cemetery, Rutherford County, Tn.
The tombstone in the Jamison Cemetery is marked: "Fannie RichardsonPitts"


Note NI11568 :

Individuals : Cothron Billy


Note NI11569 :

Individuals : Cothron Bobby


Note NI11570 :

Individuals : Cothron Mike


Note NI11571 :

Individuals : Cothron Calvin


Note NI11572 :

Individuals : Cothron Bruce


Note NI11573 :

Individuals : Cothron Theresa Ann


Note NI11574 :

Individuals : Cothron Pamela


Note NI11575 :

Individuals : Cothron Michelle


Note NI11576 :

Individuals : Redwine Clara May


Note NI11577 :

Individuals : Cothron Fred


Note NI11578 :

Individuals : Jamison Josh


Note NI11579 :

Individuals : Jean


Note NI11580 :

Individuals : Cothron Lewis Gregory


Note NI11581 :

Individuals : Dallas Earlene
Earlene Cothron, age 83 of Lafayette passed away on Monday morning, June4, 2012 at Macon Coun ty General Hospital. Funeral services for EarleneCothron were conducted on Wednesday, Jun e 6 at 4 p.m. f rom the Chapel ofAlexander Funeral Home with Joel Plunkett and Andy Alexander officiating. Jason Cothron, Adam Cothron, James Cothron, John Cothron,April Cothron, and Bil l Stephens served as Pallbe arers. Intermentfollowed in the Macon County Memorial Gardens.
Dorothy Earlene Cothron was born on November 2, 1928 in Macon County,Tennessee to the late Jo hn Jackson Dallas and Lydia Ruth Green Dallas.She was one of eight children born to this unio n.
On February 2, 1945, she was married to the love of her life, LewisGregory Cothron. They mad e a home and started a family, raising threesons.
Earlene started out as a seamstress and later went to work managing theMacon County Drive-i n for a few years. Then Earlene and Lewis decided tostart their own business, Cothron©ØOØs Gro cery working s ide by side,until retiring in 1990. After they sold the store, she stayed hom e andtook care of Lewis, whose health had begun to deteriorate. Lewis passedaway on August 2 7, 1992. Besides Earlene©Ø OØs husband and parents; onebrother, Donald Dallas also preceded h er in death.
Earlene enjoyed working in her vegetable garden each year and putting upher harvest.
She continued to do some sewing in her retirement years, but what sheloved most of all was be ing a volunteer at the Nursing Home. Earleneloved being with the residents there and helpin g out.
Earlene was the kind of person you always enjoyed being around. She wasa very caring and ded icated, wife, mother, grandmother, sister, andfriend.
She was a member of Walton©ØOØs Chapel Church of Christ.
Earlene will be greatly missed by her family, church family, and manyfriends.
Earlene is survived by; Sons, Steve (Judy) Cothron of Lafayette, TN,Terry (Heather) Cothron o f Oak Ridge, TN, and Tim Cothron of Lafayette,TN, Grandchildren, Jason and Vicki Cothron of L afayette, TN , Adam andLacey Cothron of Hermitage, TN, James Cothron of Mt. Juliet, TN, JohnC othron of Gainesville, GA, April Cothron of Mt. Juliet, TN, Ryan Whitlowof Indian Harbor Beac h, FL, Great Grandchildr en, Cody & Megan Cothron ofLafayette, TN, Sebastian Cothron of Hermi tage, TN, Jonna Cothron ofGainesville, GA, Serena Cothron of Murfreesboro, TN, GreatGreat-Gra nddaughter, Mikayla Troutt of Gaines ville, GA, Sisters, HildaWoods of Lafayette, TN, Mauree n Clark of Pegram, TN, & Juanita Lane ofHermitage, TN, Brothers, Kenneth (Evelyn) Dallas of N ashville, TN, Hollis(Betty) Dallas of Hendersonv ille, TN, Leonard Dallas of Lafayette, TN,Je sse Woodmore of Lafayette, TN, Sister-in-law, Connie Dallas of Raleigh,NC.
Alexander Funeral Home, Directors, in charge of arrangements.
(615)666-2189 or


Note NI11582 :

Individuals : Dallas John Jackson


Note NI11583 :

Individuals : Green Ruth


Note NI11584 :

Individuals : Cothron Steve


Note NI11585 :

Individuals : Cothron Terry


Note NI11586 :

Individuals : Cothron Tim


Note NI11587 :

Individuals : Dallas Hilda


Note NI11588 :

Individuals : Redwine Anette


Note NI11590 :

Individuals : Dallas Mauren


Note NI11591 :

Individuals : Dallas Juanita


Note NI11592 :

Individuals : Dallas Kenneth


Note NI11593 :

Individuals : Dallas Hollis


Note NI11594 :

Individuals : Dallas Leonard


Note NI11595 :

Individuals : Woodmore Jesse


Note NI11596 :

Individuals : Gregory Oshal Carmon
Mr. Oshal Carmon Gregory was born on August 15, 1920 in Macon County, Tennessee to the late Bervie Gregory and Bessie Kemp Gregory. He was one of nine children born to this union.
On December 26, 1941, Oshal married the love of his life, the former Merline Brawner.
He went into the Army in November of 1942, serving during World War II. Oshal returned home three years later.
Seventy-two years Oshal and Merline spent together, raising a family of two sons, Clarence Gregory and Bill Gregory and wife Patricia, two daughters, Patsy Rush and husband Larry and Pamela Agee and husband Michael, with seven grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. He is also survived by; brother, Edward Gregory and wife Christine and sisters, Lavada Merry and husband Chuck, and Frances Gregory.
Oshal was a school bus driver, working for the Macon County Board of Education for thirty years. He also was a farmer, making his bus routes during the day and farming in between. Oshal loved raising cattle, cutting hay and working in his tobacco crops.
his bus routes
He was a hard-working and loving husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. His life revolved around providing for his family.
1 CONT He was a hard-working and loving husband, father, grandfather, and
Being around nature and the outdoors were things Oshal enjoyed. As a young man, he liked hunting and especially fishing.
utdoors were things Oshal enjoyed. As a
Oshal loved his Master and was a faithful member at Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church.
His wife, Merline passed away this year on January 12, 2014. Besides Merline and parents; daughter-in-law, Connie Gregory, sisters, Ovie Smith, Jana Dickens, Gertrude Patterson, Mary Lou Barnsfield, and Clara Gregory also preceded Oshal in death.
NC Smith, Jana Dickens, Gertrude Patterson, Mary Lou Barnsfield, and Clara
On Thursday, June 5, 2014, at the age of 93, the Lord called his faithful servant home. Oshal is now basking in the wonders of Heaven with Merline by his side.
shal is now basking in the wonders of Heaven with Merline
Funeral services for Mr. Oshal Gregory were conducted Sunday, June 5, 2014 at 11 am from the Chapel of Alexander Funeral Home with Elder J.E. Shoulders officiating. Serving as pallbearers were, Cody Gregory, James Agee, Jonathon Agee, Lanny Gregory , Scotty Gregory, and Cory Thompson. Interment followed in the Anderson Memorial Park.
nd Cory Thompson.
Alexander Funeral Home, Directors, in charge of arrangements.
(615)666-2189 or 6432

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