Smalling James William 'Willie'_ + Hargis Mollie Lela_
Smalling Thelma_

Jamison James Edmon_ + Jacobs Dora Elizabeth_
Jamison Deborah_
Jamison James Houston__
Jamison Vicki_Jamison Gail_Jamison James Houston_

Jamison James Houston_ + Marlin Sarah_
Jamison Vicki_
Jamison Gail_
Jamison James Houston_

Gregory Hardin 'Harley'_ + Cox Lucretia_
Gregory John_
Gregory Susannah_
Gregory Zinniah_

Gregory Hardin 'Harley'_ + Curtis Hannah_
Gregory John__
Gregory Bryd 'Bird'__
Gregory Brown Lee_Gregory Green Clay_Gregory Raleigh Harden_Gregory Sarah Ellen_Gregory John Benton_Gregory Felix Grundy_Gregory Martha Ann_
Gregory Sarah M._

George Presley_ + Unknown Mary_
George Isaac__
George Elizabeth 'Betsy'__George William__George Presley_

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