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Weston Mildred15138 JAN 1566/67
Sweet Margaret15131565
Stewart Alexander1514-
Unknown Janeabout 15141587
Knollys Francis Bart15141596
Clifton Thomas15151601
Montgomerie Christain15159 August 1575
Howell Catherine Mostyn1515-
Griffith Rhys1515-
Von Cleves Anne Duke of15151558
Burgess Alice15151566
Hohenzollern John George11 September 15158 JAN 1596/97
Douglas Margaret8 October 15157 MAR 1577/78
Guise Mary of22 November 151511 June 1560
Dreher Lucia15161575
Cooke John Carewe15163 MAR 1574/75
Stewart Matthew21 September 15164 September 1571
Townsend Sarah1517-
Godwyn John1517-
Gray Patrick15181564
Kellogg Johnabout 1519-
de Valois Henri15191559
Fitzroy Henry1519-
de Medici Catherine15191589
Dawe Elizabeth15191621
Carter Alice Maria10 April 1519about 1592
de Busancy Beatrix de Rosieres15201554
Staples John Cookeabout 15201549
Driver Robert1520-
La Warr William West 1st Baron De152030 December 1595
Fisher John William15204 July 1591
Howard Catherine15201542
Bishop John15201552
Hemingham Anne152121 JAN 1566/67
Fiske Robertabout 152128 July 1600
Owen Henry15211575
Markham Anna15211581
Blair John15211570
Gould Sybilabout 152213 FEB 1599/00
Unknown Joane1523May 1588
Hawker John "The elder"about 1523-
Unknown 1524-
Lyndfield Edward15241567
Nowlin Donough Hugh15241584
Gwyn Elizabeth15241639
Carey Catherine19 May 152415 JAN 1568/69
Mallory William152522 MAR 1602/03
Haselwood Alice15251612
Smythe Thomas15251591
Cooke Unknownabout 1525about 1550
Harris Authur15261597
Unknown Alice15261587
Cunningham Margaret15261573
Claude Duke of Aumale18 August 1526-
Petre Elizabeth15271638
de Lippe Bernard15271563
Louis I21 October 1527-
Catherine Countess of Waldeck-Eisenberg152818 June 1583
Stewart James1529-
Hudson William15291570
Hamilton Isabel15301604
Saunders Dorthy15306 JAN 1567/68
Waldegrave Dorthy15301626
Stewart James Stuartabout 1530-
Gale Ursula Ann15301603
Bert Margaret Joan15309 August 1591

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