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Shelby Reesbefore 1721before 1811
Snyder Martinabout 17211810
West Robin17211804
Shelby Rachel1721-
Fisher Benjamin1721-
Crockett Martha Bandridge3 August 1721-
Martin Sarah Margaret17221760
Jetton Jacob1722-
Gaines Mary Muse172218 July 1806
Keeling Mary "Molly"about 1722-
Heflin William Beaufort Heffernon172221 April 1803
Brevard Elizabeth17222 September 1813
Andrews Margaret1722-
Crockett Sarah Jane9 May 1722-
Wolcott Erastus21 September 172214 September 1793
Fosdick John7 November 1722-
Fosdick Jesse7 November 17222 January 1786
Jameson George5 December 172211 October 1799
Macon Francesabout 1723-
Jameson Jonathan 'John'about 1723March 1776
Jamison Samuel17231772
Jameson William17233 January 1797
Erwin Jean 'Jane'1723-
Shelby Capt. John17231809
Godwin Patience1723-
Dixon Nancy Agnes172324 September 1804
Andrews Mary14 April 1723-
Sherrill William1 May 1723-
Andrews Winifred1 June 172316 September 1724
Doughty Edward1724-
Langston Rachelabout 1724-
Somers Millicentabout 1724-
Fitzhugh Ann1724-
Lockhart Jacob1724-
Jameson Jamesabout 1724-
Alling Phoebe17246 August 1784
Brevard Zebulon29 March 1724-
Beasley John Thomas Henry7 June 1724-
Fosdick Susanna11 October 172412 December 1801
Wolcott Ursula30 October 17245 April 1788
Smallwood Susanah17251780
Sartain Amy17251810
McCaslin Patrick17251769
Rucker John1725-
Tennison Absolom1725-
Cockrell Moses17251798
McKee Sarahabout 1725about 1802
Rousey James1725-
Dr. Phelps Hezekiah17259 June 1752
Jameson Georgeabout 1725-
Jameson Andrew1725-
Woodcock Thomas17251777
Bradley Terry Thomas17251785
Andrews Abrahambefore 17251779
Griswold Phineas15 November 17251760
Griswold Ezra1 December 17252 May 1726
Gregory John4 December 17251798
Griswold Lydia17 December 17251 October 1801
Garnsey Samuelabout 1726-
Rucker Annabout 1726-
Jones Priscillaabout 1726about 1802
Jameson Davidabout 1726-
Vance Samuel1726-
Proctor Elizabethabout 1726-
Carr Aley1726-
Jones Elizabeth Robertson17261750
Frye Jacob172625 February 1808
Bradley Edward1726-
Jamison Esther29 May 1726-
Andrews Elizabeth11 November 1726-
Wolcott Oliver20 November 17261 December 1797
Ellis Sarah22 December 1726-

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