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Remy Maria1598-
Gregorie John159831 March 1653
Nowlin Cahirabout 1598-
Andrews Joanna1598-
Stuart Margaret24 December 1598MAR 1599/00
Currie Issobellabout 1599-
Claiborne Thomas1599-
Remy Peter1599-
Longbottom Mary159926 JAN 1686/87
Harris Chrisman1599-
Spencer Nocholas15991668
Horwell Mary Annabout 1599after 1645
Bind Marie15991630
Fisher Cornelius19 August 1599-
Carr Peregrine1600-
Iwain Isobella1600-
Gamer Andrew1600-
Carr William160020 December 1644
Powhatan Nekotowanse16001649
Ruftheade Elizabeth Anne1600-
Fraser Alexander1600MAR 1654/55
Meldrum Mariaabout 1600-
Andrews Anna1600-
Andrews Anna1600-
Claiborne William C.10 August 1600MAR 1676/77
Remy PierreOctober 160020 JAN 1680/81
Stuart Charles19 November 160030 JAN 1648/49
Greville Frances16011633
Fisher Hesterabout 1601-
Bletsoe William1601-
Harris Frances1602-
Landgrave George160211 June 1661
Remy Wilhelm1602-
Hubbard Robertabout 1602before 1663
Claiborne Sara1602-
Carr Elizabeth1602-
Gamer Lydia18 May 160223 July 1669
James Ellen16031703
Hodgson William1603-
Claiborne Katherine1603-
Fiske Abria1604-
Sands David1604-
Carr Susan1604-
von Leiningen-Westerb Grafin Magdalena Elisabeth30 June 160413 August 1667
Wickersham RichardOctober 160416 November 1657
Cochrane William16051685
Cobb Agnes1605-
Reynolds Cecily160512 September 1660
Word Peter1605-
Mallory Thomas160521 November 1671
Holland Jane160512 FEB 1638/39
Hodgson Arnold1605-
Claiborne Blanche1605-
Stuart Mary8 April 160516 September 1607
Oliver William30 June 160513 September 1677
Johanna 16061688
Hodgson Susan1606-
Batte John George16061652
Knapp Nicholasabout 160616 April 1670
Evans Elizabeth1606-
Andrews William1606-
Andrews William1606-
West Joane16 April 160618 May 1654
Bartell Jane18 June 160616 June 1683
Stuart Sophia22 June 160622 June 1606
Clifton Thomas RichardDecember 16069 July 1681

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