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Coker Elizabeth18171880
Larcker Mathis1817-
Andrews John A.about 1817-
Jetton Jane O.about 1817-
Boyd Jane1817-
Dixon Nancy Brinson1817-
Malone James C.1817-
Beall James18171908
Malone Josiah W.1817-
Hargis Carminta Cardua Camilla181718 March 1885
Jamison Annabout 1817-
Prichard William D.1817-
Yardley Emily A.1817-
Tennison Absolom18171862
Phillips Nathan Wheeler18171882
Connel\Conell Mary Annabout 1817-
Jamison Isaacabout 1817-
Johnson Naomi18171884
Meacham Almira Janettabout 1817-
Jeffries Nancy1817-
Crocker Sherwood C.18171896
Dean Rachel Ann18171897
Mitchell Mary Bibb18171880
Hargis Joseph1817-
Malone Yancey A.1817about 1863
Tennisson Thomas1817-
Lee Robert1817-
Tennpenny Joseph1817-
Ledbetter Isaac H.181719 March 1861
Pitts Ezekialabout 1817-
Manuell Elizabeth18171852
Hancock Sarah18171899
Brandon Sabella18171860
Kirkham Henry H\K18171881
Kinnaird James1817-
Blankenship Elizabeth E.18171870
Humphreys Olivia1817-
Tennison Martha1817-
Brandon Sarah 'Sallie'18171850
Gregory Permettaabout 1817after 1867
Faulkner Thomas Anderson1817-
Andrews Elizabeth1817-
McDuffee Eli Burton6 January 181725 January 1870
Griswold Fredonia Elvira6 February 181714 October 1823
Baugh James Martin6 February 181726 April 1889
Donnelly Lucy10 February 18178 February 1874
Johnson Wealthy11 February 1817-
Smith Drucilla Claiborn16 February 18178 April 1894
Ford Sophronia25 February 181720 March 1886
Hogg Johnabout March 1817about April 1817
Bredbeck Johann Dietrich2 March 181726 September 1903
Fisher Malinda P.12 March 181719 August 1882
Scales Eliza B. Morton22 March 181725 October 1868
Shelton Stephen5 April 1817-
Winkler Arthur M. 'Arter'6 April 1817-
McCall Henry M.6 April 18172 May 1880
McHaney Mary Ann12 April 1817-
Boyd Rosannah E.20 April 1817-
Rountree Mary23 April 181720 July 1865
Fisher Thomas24 April 18178 September 1880
Ogilvie Richard Haley31 May 1817-
Gaskill James1 June 181720 January 1856
Word Elizabeth11 June 1817-
Castleman Lydia22 June 181710 November 1903
Perdue Rhonda22 July 181711 November 1906
Crockett John Anthony "John Ant"11 August 1817-
Jemison Mary Marise11 September 1817-
Underwood Elizabeth W.17 September 181713 June 1873
Fisher William25 September 18171862
Jamison John27 September 181726 December 1848
Gregory Jathan8 October 1817-
Keown Elizabeth26 October 1817-
Heath Anna K.31 October 181731 January 1892
Goodnight Thomas McMurray4 November 1817-
Yelser Philip D.14 November 1817-
Lockwood Nancy Brown14 November 181714 November 1817
Russell James F.15 November 1817-
Brown Martha Ann15 November 181715 October 1887
Carothers William B.18 November 181718 March 1850
Jamison David22 November 181731 January 1894
Bell Jeremiah24 November 181720 September 1895
Capt. Jacob Lockhart Jamison.6 December 181720 October 1894

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