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Thornton Sheila1975-
McQuawn Jamie1975-
Gregory Jeremy1975-
Jones Jenifer21 January 1975-
Harris Daniel Benjamin10 March 1975-
Begor Alison Paige14 March 1975-
Laxson Rebecca Marie15 April 1975-
Haas Brian Robert27 May 1975-
LaCook Leslie Renee6 June 1975-
Boyd Jamie22 June 1975-
Garvin Amanda Leigh2 July 1975-
Haynes Jamie5 July 1975-
Reed Larry Jason15 August 1975-
LaCook John Robert15 August 1975-
Shockley Tonda Marie21 August 1975-
Reynolds Heather Lynn26 August 1975-
Dickerson Christopher Wayne29 August 1975-
Akins Griff Elliott7 September 1975-
McQuown Jamie Martha21 September 1975-
Speck Cythia Diane23 September 1975-
Jamison LeAndia Jenene11 November 1975-
Lynn Wendy13 November 1975-
Jamison Vesta "Nichole"3 February 1976-
Williams Charles26 February 1976-
Dickerson Jimmie Lee16 March 1976-
Young Emily Evelyn17 April 1976-
Catalona Gina Venessa24 April 1976-
Brown Matthew Clark1 May 1976-
Richardson Brandie DanetteJune 1976-
Nehrmeyer Lindsay Ann21 August 1976-
Nearmyer Lindsay Ann21 August 1976-
Dillehay Glenn "Woody" Woodrow31 August 1976-
Sneed Charles Jason3 September 1976-
Taylor Joshua James12 October 1976-
Shelton Joseph Wayne15 October 1976-
Purcell Holly Brook29 November 1976-
Gregory Tonya Lynnette4 December 1976-
Derby Brian Michael7 December 1976-
Pentecost Bobby Kein1977-
Free Andrew Neil6 January 1977-
Anderson Leigh Ellen20 January 1977-
Cothran Brock Allen3 March 1977-
Winkler Rickie Marshall6 March 1977-
Taylor Sam Duane6 March 1977-
Taylor Lisa Marie25 March 1977-
Hass Shannon Leigh18 April 1977-
Bell Stephan Mark28 April 1977-
Havron Jamie M.7 May 1977-
Roddy Thomas Edward15 June 1977-
Richardson Misty Lynn1 July 1977-
Hubbard Adam22 July 1977-
Watson Jamie Ann17 November 1977-
Harris Katie1978-
Reed Cynthia Denise10 January 1978-
Shelton Paul Douglas28 February 1978-
Pitts Sara Kathryn7 May 1978-
Churchman James Michael12 May 1978-
Dement Abbie Marie1 June 1978-
Carolyn Lucinda 'Lucy'23 June 1978-
Pitts Michael John16 July 1978-
Williams Daniel6 August 1978-
Taylor William Edward16 September 1978-
Richardson Jason Scott24 September 1978-
Therman Sherry Fay1979-
Therman Sheila Kay1979-
Andrews Michelle Dawn19 March 1979-
England Holly Ann16 May 1979-
Parker Susan19 May 1979-
McQuown Kathryn Jewel22 May 1979-
Coles Elizabeth Temple28 May 1979-
Hunt Snowi Dawn26 July 1979-
Taylor Nicole Ranee13 September 1979-
Taylor Lucas Lee13 September 1979-
McDonagh James Richard13 September 1979-
Prince Teron Seth6 October 1979-
Dickerson Megan26 October 1979-
Johson Michael Anderson21 December 1979-

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