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Noland Philipabout 1656-
Gregory Jean27 March 1656-
Jennings Margaretabout 165710 April 1736
Combs Sarah16571696
Holland Elizabeth16581695
Masters Robert165815 MAR 1714/15
Noland Williamabout 1658-
Noland Pierce165820 JAN 1714/15
Fiske Margaret1658-
Ellis Sarahabout 1658-
Goodwin Margaret2 July 16581740
Meador John M.31 July 165821 November 1721
Griswold Thomas29 September 16581689
Harris Elizabeth Ann2 November 16581770
Jones Robert16591703
Rundle Williamabout 1659-
Holland James1659-
Gregory David3 June 1659-
Clifton Benjamin Calthorp1660July 1713
Mills Abigaleabout 1660-
Croft Jamesabout 1660-
Rowzee Ralph16601714
Hyde Margaret1660-
Rucker Peterabout 1660about 1742
Woolchurch Rebecca16601710
Woodson Robert1660FEB 1728/29
Mallory Elizabeth1660-
Hoge Jane1660-
Darrell Kathrineabout 16601711
Madison John1660about 1728
Mallory William1660-
White Elizabeth166017 August 1696
Morgan Edward1660FEB 1735/36
Clifton Benjamin Calthorp1660-
Gregory William12 July 1660-
Brewster Mary10 December 166025 August 1751
Fiske Mary1661-
Holland Joseph1661-
Oliver Eleanor16611743
Ellis William16611719
Gregory Isabel18 July 1661-
Watkins Elizabeth1662-
Brandon John1662-
Harris Ann1662-
Blankenship Ralph1662-
Ball Thomasabout 1662-
Gregory Janet10 August 1662-
Wolcott Elizabeth19 August 166213 JAN 1705/06
Keeney Susannah6 September 166213 December 1748
Castleman John Dietrichabout 13 November 16621729
Holland Stephen1663-
Fiske William1663-
Lockwood Josephabout 1663-
Randolph Constance1663May 1754
Holland Henry 'of John'1663-
Boone Henry1663-
Andrews Thomas29 March 166321 August 1731
Harris Edward20 December 166320 April 1734
Holland Michael1664-
Thomas Elizabeth 'Jane'about 1664-
Fielding Elizabeth1664about 1752
Ashton Sarah Priscilla16641701
Tennisson Justinian (Jesse)about 1664-
Holland John1664-
Harris Jane1664-
Ellis Elizabeth1664-
Brent Elinor166422 MAR 1716/17
Andrews Robert1664-
Wolcott Martha17 May 1664-

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