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Quarles John166512 April 1751
Awbrey Mary Francis16651721
Stodgill John Daniel16651725
Mallory Jane16651719
Unknown Dorthy1665-
Harris John1665-
Gregory Mary Bishop1665-
Ellis Mary1665-
Turner Mary166527 April 1733
Armstrong Mary1665-
Claiborne Leonard1666-
Dunkin Ann1666-
Jones Peter16661727
Fiske Martha1666-
Tennisson Absalomabout 1666-
Taylor Martha166618 MAR 1704/05
Shelton John16661726
Ball Lettice1666-
Wolcott Simon24 June 166628 October 1732
Sherwill William16 November 1666before 1736
Collins John16671751
Mallory Roger1667-
Harris Thomas1667-
Gregory John1667-
McKnitt Abigailabout 16671726
Cleaver Peter1667JAN 1727/28
Gregory Patrick26 July 1667-
Maugridge Mary Milton23 December 16672 FEB 1739/40
Beasley Francisabout 1668-
Chiles John1668-
Vance Andrew1668-
Oliverson Richard16681712
Batte Mary Martha16681745
Holcombe Benajah16 April 166830 JAN 1715/16
Wolcott Joanna30 June 1668-
Gregory Infant Son13 September 1668-
Gregory Richard1669-
Gregory Robert1669-
Cockrell John Samuel 'Cottrill'1669-
Fiske Elizabeth1669-
Blackledge Sarah Ellen16691735
Fisher Eleazer18 September 166918 FEB 1720/21
Gaines Georgeabout 1670-
Jamison Williamabout 1670-
Gregory Roger16701730
Jamison Robertabout 1670-
Walker Thomas16701716
Jarman Margaret Elizabeth16701731
Montague William1670-
Todd Isabella Minor1670after 1706
Heflin William Fraser16701750
Jameson John Jamesabout 1670about 1743
Irvine Robert James1670-
Morgan Edward16701736
Irvine David Erwin1670-
Smith Land Grave Thomas16701738
Holland Mary Elizabeth1670-
Mallory John1670-
Janeabout 1670-
Wolcott (Lt.) Henry20 May 167017 November 1747
Jamison Mary30 August 1670-
Jarman Margaret ElizabethOctober 16707 December 1731
Andrews John30 October 1670-
Oldham Richard16711731
Presley Elizabeth Summers1671-
Truitt Tabithaabout 1671-
Lloyd Thomas167118 September 1748
Gregory Jonathan1671-
Griswold Benjamin16 April 16714 April 1747
Gregory Infant DaughterOctober 1671-
Holcombe James13 October 167111 FEB 1680/81

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