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Harris George1701-
Ellis William170128 December 1761
Claiborne Peggy 'Lucy'1701-
Cornwell Mary1701-
Parker Georgeabout 1701about 1770
Montague Abraham1701July 1740
Harris Martha1701-
Harris David1701-
Fisher William28 June 17014 November 1745
Lloyd Sarah14 July 17011747
Macon James28 October 1701-
Brandon George170214 December 1772
Branthwaite Margery17021787
White Margaretabout 1702-
Deloatch William1702-
Winborne Elizabeth17021793
Tennison Josephabout 1702-
Hudgens Frances170217 October 1774
Cochran Sarah17026 February 1785
Quarles Aaron1702-
Claiborne Daniel1702-
Blackburn Jean170223 October 1764
Wolcott (Lt.) Thomas1 April 1702-
Gaylord Esther8 April 17023 September 1776
Crockett Joseph Lewis6 May 1702-
Claiborne William 'Billy'1703-
Bledsoe Isaac17031760
Swinley Alice17031781
Sampson Stephenabout 1703about 1768
Shelton Maryabout 1703-
Daniels Elizabeth1703-
Dickey John170313 February 1789
Shelton Samuelabout 17031792
Fisher Jemima1703-
Armstrong Sarah17031749
Andrews Ameyabout 1703-
Skelding Thomas11 June 1703-
Jones John17041743
Tribble Johnabout 1704about 1749
West Virginia Agnes17041734
Claiborne Thomas1704-
Parker Mary17041790
Claiborne John17046 June 1766
Wilson Hannah17041748
Deloatch Martha1704-
Jamison James1704-
Tennison Joshuaabout 1704-
Chappell Robert1704-
Hudson Elizabeth16 July 1704-
Wolcott Roger14 September 170410 October 1759
Bradley Thomasabout 1705-
Shelton Davidabout 17051797
Johnson Mary1705-
Harris Henry1705-
Fisher David1705-
Shelton Thomasabout 17051778
Stodgehill Daniel17051766
Claiborne Sarah1705-
Kirkham Mary1705-
Locke Elizabeth Patton170510 August 1760
Bland Elizabeth17051751
Bradley Isaac18 May 1705-
Boyd William24 June 17058 September 1767
Brown Mary5 October 1705-

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