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McClean Margaret170622 August 1767
Linville Thomas17061773
Jones Agnes17061730
Jamison Samuel17061788
McNeely Martha1706-
Spencer William D.1706March 1794
Jamison William1706-
Tennison Matthewabout 1706-
Word William1706-
Jamison Alexander1706October 1797
Word William C.1706-
Deloatch Samuel1706-
Wolcott Elizabeth10 April 170616 July 1776
Holcombe Martha10 September 1706-
Delahay Charlesabout 170720 September 1773
Jamison John17073 May 1751
Hill Sarah1707-
Kirkham James1707-
Clarke Mary Janeabout 1707about 1781
Deloatch Anne1707-
Fisher Ezra1707-
Harris Jacob1707-
Armstrong Mary Ann 'Marian'17071779
Bradley John13 July 1707-
Hi-ok-a-too Gardeau1708November 1811
Deloatch Charlotte1708-
Robertson Jannette Elizabethabout 17081810
Word James1708-
Word James1708-
Tennison Anneabout 1708-
Fisher Nathaniel1708-
Gregory James Thomasbefore 1708-
Jamison Thomeson1708-
Jamison Mary1708-
Barnes Nathanabout 17081777
Fosdick Mercy28 March 1708about 1804
Fosdick Mary28 March 1708-
Holcombe Parnell5 July 170815 July 1757
Harris Robert1709August 1786
Harris Martin1709-
Boyd Robert1709-
Crockett William10 August 1709-
Holcombe Daughter11 September 1709-
Clifton John30 September 170921 MAR 1725/26
Calthorpe Charles8 October 17091763
Word Sarah1710-
Rucker Margaretabout 1710-
Jamison Samuelabout 17101788
Jamison Samuel1710-
Jameson Samuelabout 17101788
Tennison Maryabout 1710-
Jameson Samuelabout 1710about 1788
Jamison Sarah1710-
Jamison John17101 July 1776
Perdieu Williamabout 1710about 1789
Unknown Janeabout 1710-
Fisher Mary1710-
Pittard Samuelabout 1710about 1785
Goodwin Johnabout 17101798
Kirkham William1710-
Deloatch Benjamin1710-
Jamison Robertabout 1710about 1802
Kirkham Sarah1710-
Harris James1710-
Fisher Friedrich17101766
Claiborne Leonard1710-
Chappell Benjaminabout 1710-
Collins Sarah17108 April 1752
Chappell Sarah171017 August 1781
Andrews Josephabout 171022 August 1774
Word Charles14 May 17101792
Jamison Abigail18 May 1710-
Holcombe Sgt. Benajah10 July 17101736
Wolcott Jane20 October 171016 MAR 1710/11
Gregorie Margaretabout 21 December 1710-
Winchester William22 December 17102 September 1790

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