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Robins Mary17361791
Jamison Robert173613 September 1811
Shelton Samuel173624 October 1822
Jamison John173627 March 1796
Saunders Betseyabout 1736about 1830
Christopher Frances17362 February 1816
Hogg Thomasabout 1736about October 1814
Fisher Anna Maria1736-
Brandon Georgeabout 1736about 1826
Sloan Maryabout 1736-
Burton William F.1736-
Boone Mary 'Polly'1736-
Dexter Esther27 May 173622 March 1840
Young Nancy Janeabout 1737about 1788
Baugh John1737about 1789
Sampson Williamabout 1737-
Winkler Hans Domas 'Thomas'about 1737-
Jemison John William1737-
Fisher Asa1737-
Bernardoe Jane17371835
Calthorpe Frances1737-
Barlow Elizabeth17371820
Bolling John Blair24 June 17371792
Benton Mary Elizabeth4 July 17371818
Merwither Francis 'Frank'31 October 17372 January 1803
Jamison Thomas7 November 17376 September 1823
Blankenship Ishamabout 1738-
Ragsdale William17381815
Jameson Johnabout 1738-
Pittard Johnabout 173811 December 1820
Brandon Christopher173826 November 1806
Collins Williamabout 17381781
Jamison Jane1738-
Head Elizabeth1738-
Winkler Nicholas1738March 1802
Anderson Judith Clough17381792
Skelding James15 April 17383 August 1805
Sprague Jesse29 August 1738before 13 February 1810
Word Charles12 September 17381764
Word John22 October 17381 August 1821
Jameson William17391820
Winckler Conradt17391789
Calthorpe Elizabeth1739-
Jemison Elizabeth Betsy17396 April 1758
Cates Robert M.17391821
Linville David1739-
Boone George1739-
Winkler Conradt5 June 17399 April 1859
Andrews William1740August 1772
Calthorpe James Butts1740-
Jamison Isabelabout 1740-
Robertson Elizabeth17401810
Jamison Benjaminabout 1740-
Tennison Abraham17401825
Hoyt Maryabout 1740-
Holmes Mary Elleanor17401810
Barclay Johnabout 1740-
Parker Saul17401786
Jamison Annabout 1740-
Fisher Eunice1740-
Smith Virginia Lithneyabout 1740after 1794
Harper John17401816
Yardley Benjamin17401801
Wilkinson Sarah1740-
Andrews Richardbefore 1740-
Keown Thomas17408 June 1808
Connell Giles17402 June 1804
Clifton Benjamin1740-
Trindle Jane 'Jennie'17401792
Boone Edward 'Neddie'1740-
Darr Barbara17401810
Shelton Clough17401817
Andrews Mark17401820
Word Charles9 July 17407 October 1780
Sloan John2 August 1740-
Parker John24 September 1740-
Andrews Frederick26 October 1740-
Kearse Elizabeth10 November 17406 June 1807
Boyd John21 November 174011 June 1815

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